Friday, November 6, 2009

The Advantage of E-books

The semester break has ended and another new challenges is on my way... Yesterday our department chairman told me to prepare myself in teaching Advanced AutoCADD in 3D! Oops I was quite hesitant! I've been teaching Basic AutoCADD for four years and learn only a few with 3D (self- help learning).. Well, it's got to be challenging. So I went to the bookstore to find new releases of AutoCADD books from AutoDesk company but to MY DISMAY there was no available!Good thing there was an internet and a search engine that is really helpful! I tried search pdf and voila! there's a lot of choices that we can take in different formats aside from pdf (ppt, doc, txt, rtf etc.) and we can also buy via online for real books. There were also e-books available which for me is very advantageous since you do not need space for the book on your shelves but rather just on your mobile usb! amazing isn't it?

Early Wedding

Friday Photo Flashback

I posted this pic few Fridays ago and I am posting it again right now.I just love the vintage look of the pic (Do i say it correctly?) :) This is my huggy's most treasured pic of his parent's wedding.... Isn't this a real flashback? This was taken before he was born (of course!)If we are to compare the wedding style before and as of the present times-it has a very huge difference! If someday, God brought me into this kind of situation, my choice would be a simple but absolutely memorable one! hmmmm

My Kind of Scent....

Who do not love perfume? Ask the boys because obviously for us girls, that’s not a question anymore. Definitely, majority of the women today loves perfumes in fact, some women became so obsessed with perfume that they have a collection of different scents and brands… Personally, I also love collecting different scents. I go for green fruity floral scent with a hint of citrus, floral and woods. It is the kind of scent that really lingers for a day and I really love it!My sister, who is more than obsessed than me, also has a lot of collection of different brands which includes, among others, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci... Women might have different preferences than mine as to the kind of scent,if choosing the perfect scent is quite difficult for you try to check this out: stocking stuffer perfume they offer a great various deal of perfume that would surely suit your needs.Visit their websites now. You will have a lot of brands to choose from. Enjoy shopping via online.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

TT: Second Life

I can't imagine how God loved me that much that aside from the fact that He save me from the eternal condemnation upon surrendering my life to Him, He gave me a second chance to live my life to the fullest! Yes I was referring to my SECOND LIFE. I WROTE about this before, my experience that was quite scary one November day... It was 2nd of November 2005. Because of that experience, God made me realize that I still have unfinished business here on Earth that until now I tried to contemplate if exactly what it could be. But again, I am very much thankful because I have the chance to fulfill my task here on Earth that God is yet to unfold before me.. i might be struggling on some areas but God keep reminding me that I need to pursue because that is exactly the reason why He spare me on that very fateful day of my life.
Glory be upon Him forever and ever!


This past week my life is like a roller coaster! My hands can’t get off from the computer, not with my blog, but with the minutes and other paper works that needs to be done! And take note, every paper work seems a priority… my mind is too preoccupied as well, and my emotion? Well, let’s not go further on that area… sob… Another thing, I need top finish my sis’ assignment about Nonverbal listening patterns (I can’t remember such discussion during my college days)… Anyway, I still wanna thank God for the strength and the wisdom… Got to get going!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WFW: As White As The Snow

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