Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MYM: Edited Pic with Template

I don't know what pic to upload for this week's MYM, then I found this. Here is a picture of my niece, she loves to pose infront of the camera... This was taken during my sister's wedding, she's holding my bouquet actually. I have this edited on the templates offered by www.fototrix.com...

Saturday, December 5, 2009


EdTEch 51 students:
Since this blog is quite congested, I transfered the Mck Llinky to my other blog.  To post your link, please click here. 

Add http://museikcaj.blogspot.com on your bloglist for easier access. Thanks

HTML Tutorial


Sovereign God

Huggybear & Me

Oh Lord I've been calling you in the wilderness
Seeking for your comfort in midst of tears
My life is a constant struggle
Filled with emptiness and trouble
Please hear me My Savior

Oh God, Our Sovereign God
Your love, unfailing love
Take me back to your arms
And hold me close
Never let me go.....


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WFW-Eternal Life

I once was lost, Jesus found me, and now I have life! If He found me, there's no reason HE can't find you! GET A LIFE! BE FOUND BY HIM... Life is worth living when you know that you have a sure destination in the future... If you are fully aware that you are leading to a life that is EVERLASTING!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

TCP: Superheroes

Good day everyone! I'm back! I missed the episode last week! Anyway, today's theme is about Superhero movie.. hmmm.. let me think... I'm not really into superheroes movie but if given the situation, I still love watching it. Among on my lists are those that my nephew also loves! (I could only watch this kind of movie because of them :)

Transformer (I love the first edition-Bumblebee is kinda cute!)
If you somehow forgot this movie here's the trailer:

Second on the list is the Batman movie.. i love the gadgets of Mr. Bruce

Well, maybe that is enough... I'm more into drama movies.. those true-to-life :)
Anyway have fun everyone!

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