Thursday, January 7, 2010

TT: Being Empowered

I've got so many things to thank God for...I wanted to make up with those times I wasted in the past year...So I made it a point to start doing the things that I ought to do... He gave me this kind of burden that I do not want to diminish, the burden of sharing His goodness and unfailing love...
To name a few for this week alone:
1. Monday- Prayer accountability at work... it felt so good knowing that somebody has been praying for you
2. Tuesday- Our core group at the office finally started (this will be done regularly)
3.Wednesday- Good news: A Great Favor from God (an answered prayer)
4. Thursday-  I started my class for this year sharing beautiful insights about life and the immeasurable love of God

These are just among the things that I am really grateful. God empowered me and I know He will continue to do so! To God be the glory!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Optimizing the Search Experience

Internet really plays a very significant role in the life of every individuals especially the students and researchers. There are many facts that cannot be easily found on the books, good thing there's a search engine that will light up the burden. Based on my personal experience, I have tried so many search engines and lately I discovered about Rapidshare Search Engine just like any other search engines, you just simply type and you will be given varied search results available for downloading. You can just simply choose among those results that suits to what you really need. Rapidshare is one of the largest file hosting sites. You can find books, audio, video and any other applications which you can easily share also. It is rally very convenient. From Science down to Technology you will really find it there. I can really say that it is a very helpful tool especially for a teacher like me. In fact I tried to search for my subject which is AutoCAD as shown above. I have two options for downloading, Trusted Downloading and High Speed Downloading, there is also a full download option. Indeed it is really very convenient and easy to use. With Rapidshare Search Engine, you can maximize and optimize your search experience. Try it now so you can experience what I am talking about.

WFW: Quench Your Thirst

As the New Year unfolds, let's start it with a refreshed spirit. Quench your thirst for God's love. Go back to the basic and go back to your first love...
Have a refreshing NEw Year!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Professional Logo Contest

One way of promoting your business is to have a remarkable and professional- looking logo. The logo design has something to do with the company and usually that is what attracts most the customer. In Realty business for instance, since the competition is higher then a quality logo should be taken into much consideration. As a realtor, one must able to design a Realtor Logo that really speaks for the company. If you think you cannot design your own then maybe its time to consult the expertise of some renowned logo designers. For professional help just visit and there you can see many customized design that is available for purchase. The designs were all authentic. You can also start launching a logo contest for a mandatory price of $200.00 open to all creative designers worldwide and expect to have a quality original outputs that will surely captivate your taste and preferences. You can receive Industry Standard Vector Logo Files that can be used in almost any application you choose. (Websites, T-Shirts, Mugs, Pens, Business Cards etc...) All of which are out from those designs that were presented from various designers. Furthermore, you can have a full legal ownership of the logo and a contract will be given to you for free! Just in case your logo contest does not receive at least 40 concepts, you will be assured of the Money Back Guarantee, no question asked. So what are you waiting for? Get into the business of promoting your company by owning a QUALITY customized logo. Visit LogoMyWay now for more details.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bible in 90 Days...

This New Year, let's take the challenge of reading the entire bible within 90 days! How is that? This is possible... If we're able to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy or the Twilight Saga then there's no reason we cannot do this. Head on to their website

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year... A New Beginning

Many of us might be busy writing down our New Year's Resolutions... Others might be in the process of implementing it. Whatever and wherever we are right now on our lists, one thing is certain- and it all boils down with just one conclusion-OUR HEART. It's not really on the lists, but on our desire and will of really doing it. No matter how you desire to change, if you don't have the will of doing it, then nothing will happen.The list will be useless... 

This New Year, let's do away with those list...We can assess ourselves through our failures from the past. Instead of coping up with those list, we must first check our heart. How ready are we to make that change? How determined are we to start a new beginning.. Of course no one aims for negative results.. Everyone of us always look forward to a good results... Maybe we should start by thinking positively that we can really make a difference in our lives for the year 2010. Determination coupled with prayers will surely gets you to where you wanted to be... Postive outlook will result to positive output. Have a blessed 2010! Make a good start. Happy New Year!

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