Friday, December 10, 2010

Wishful Thinking...

Prince William & Kate Middleton
If I will be given one wish, I would love to travel around the world! I want to go to the United Kingdom, specifically in London. I want to go to Buckingham Palace. It doesn't matter if I cannot avail an  accommodation there anyway there are many apartments in london. I just want to see even just a glimpse of Prince William who will soon tie the knot with her ever-so- lucky fiancĂ©e. Well, I could just wish for more, who knows, God will permit it to happen. Will you come with me then?

The Value of Cheap Venetian Blinds

Roller Venetian Blind
Since we moved our office to a new location, we do not have any problems with flood anymore. We are no longer intimidated with heavy downpour. In other words, we are now confident to stay long in the office whenever there is a heavy rain. The only slight problem that we encountered right now is the sunlight that was emitted by the windows. Since the windows are facing East, we cannot avoid the glaring sunlight. We temporarily use water cellophane but did not solve the problem. So I suggested to my Boss for a Cheap venetian blinds to really solve the problem.

Cheap venetian blinds can be availed in most department stores at the house ware section. Venetian blinds are common in most offices. Aside from the protection that it could give from the glaring sunlight, it is also use as part of the interior decoration. In our school, we use venetian blinds for our glass walls. Since the front part of the office is built out of glass, a venetian blind was installed to have privacy from the outsider. Venetian blinds are more appropriate to use than curtains. It is also more convenient to use with its easy control.
Our purchase request for venetian blind is still on process; meanwhile, we extend our patience to the temporary cellophane. At least we are slightly protected from the direct heat of the sun.

Where Will You Gonna Spend Your Holiday?

Great Experience @ the Ladram Bay
The best way to spend this Holiday season break is by spending it with your love ones. Taking vacation to another place is indeed a great idea. Having family fun activities could be one of the greatest gifts that a parents can give to their children. The best place to consider for a Holiday get away is on the holiday park, beach resorts and so much more.

There are holiday parks that offers great package from indoor swimming to night clubs and evening entertainment programmes. Indeed, the activities at holiday parks are designed to entertain children whilst giving adults the time to enjoy their break. The whole family will surely have a good time.
Being together during special holidays is a good practice to follow. Many children or teenagers nowadays are misguided because parents failed to have a quality time together as family. In most cases, children who grew up in a family with an open environment where time being together is valued are most likely succeeded in life. It is because they can actually feel their value in the family.

There are many ways and venues that family can spend their time together. After all, it is not all about the place or the setting, it is all about love and security that each of the member of the family can actually feel.

So, how about you? Where will you gonna spend your holiday?

Happy Birthday Manoy!

A Family Portrait
Yesterday was my brother's 36th birthday... He is our eldest and he is a very wonderful brother, a loving husband to Ate Rhona and a dotting father to my nieces, Sharmillah and Shaina...

Manoy, continue to live life to the fullest and keep your trust and faith in God.

I love you!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shoot Me: @ the Secluded Paradise

taken @ Mountain Pines,  Kalugmanan, MF Bukidnon

One of the best places I've ever been....

Forever In Blue Jeans

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WFW: John 1: 14

Christmas season is finally here... Once again we will commemorate the birth of our dear Savior. Though many Bible scholars and theologians tries to prove that Jesus was born not on December but on some other month, what is important is the fact that His birth gives us the assurance of the gift of salvation.

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