Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's In E-mail Marketing?

Every time I check my emails, I wonder how lots of emails keep pouring on my inbox out from nowhere. Well, not actually because as soon as I open and read them, it's all about tips on how to grow an online business by making use of all available resources in order to have a good return of investments (ROI). One method that was being introduced was e-mail marketing. Honestly, I've been trying to study how e-mail marketing can help me to promote my site and maybe one of these days I will really sit down and learn more about it. How about you?

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How To Overcome Fear?

Yes, this question has been haunting me for this past few days.
I have already overcome it before... and I need to do it again.
Due to rationalization in our institution where I was presently working as a multi-tasking individual (?), I need to undergo an interview tomorrow with the selection committee in order to get their favor (hopefully. Please pray for me.)

 I struggled much in oral communication than written comm. 
I preferred an essay type of exam than being interrogated in front of the panelists.
How disgusting but true.

I still have lots of things to learn... 
The do's and dont's that I need to study further...
Anyway, tomorrow is the moment.


"If God is with me, who can be against me?"

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Need Online Help for Your Online Business?

Are you still a newbie in the techno world of computers but aspiring to become one someday?

If you are an online marketer who wishes to improve your online business, don't settle for less get, a professional help from valid search marketing agency. Their expertise is what you need for to get your business grow and blooming. Success in online marketing starts with maximizing your presence instead of being idle then attract new customers to get into your business, and the rest? Visit Deluxe Website and be a part of them.

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WFW: Are You Tempted?

This is a living truth. In our existence here in this corruptible world, we should take into consideration that our enemy is like a roaring lion who will come anytime to devour us. But by God's faithfulness and grace, HE will NEVER allow us to be consumed by the deadly paws and pangs of the beast.

Let's hold on unto Him. If we happened to stumble, acknowledge our defeat and let God pick us up by surrendering everything to Him. We might have some bruises and pain caused by the enemy's attack but it's not the end of everything. Life must go on, but this time, with God's protection.

Let's cling unto Him for by our strength alone, we can do nothing. 


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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Award To Cherish!

A new friend of mine, Beautiful Dierdra gave this award to me for this blog and to my three other blogs!

It's so nice to note that my blogs somehow inspired others... ♥

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pink is Fun!

Having fun with the young people in our church. This is a picture taken from the worm's eye view lol!

Head on to Mama Rubz of Pink Thoughts for more of Pink Fridays..

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