Monday, September 26, 2011

How Early Should You Save for Retirement

For individuals who are new in the corporate world or those still climbing the corporate ladder may think that retirement is still at a far distance. This could be true but the question is, how early should you start planning for your retirement? A common mistake that lead a number of people into financial difficulties is the thought that retirement should only be considered once you are getting the retirement age. In the end you’ll wind up with not enough savings for your days ahead. As early as your first day in the job, you should already start thinking of ways on how to save up for the future. It is very important to secure your life after you stop working and making sure that you’ll have enough funds to pay for your bills and expenses. Keep in mind: you may have stopped working but the bills won’t stop coming. The younger working class should know the concept of retirement planning. Start off by monitoring your expenses and keeping your credit card debt at a minimum. It is also ideal to start talking with an investment banker and discuss the options available for you. Determine the type of investments that you can afford with your salary and then go from there. Those in the middle-age group and already with families to support should re- evaluate their priorities while still making sure that their current obligations are satisfied but at the same time, they’re able to save a little for the future. There is actually no set date on when you should start thinking of retirement. But it pays to be ready for the future. Once you are retired be careful and smart about how you spend your money. 

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Do You Know...?


I was just being tagged on this picture on my facebook account and I just can't help but laugh... How about you, do you know what IDK means? Comment back! Lol!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Penny auction at

I have stumbled one site which offers penny auction for almost everything. The good thing about this site is that the merchandise that they are dealing for auction is at a very affordable cost. All you have to do is to bid for your price and wait if you will get it. Their awesome deals includes iPad, iPhone, Kindle Laptops, LED Tvs, PS3, Watches, Jewelry, and Toys. Many are getting crazy about it. Check complaints if you can find some and see for yourself if it will really work for you. Enjoy bidding!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Boost My Blog Friday

Wanna meet new friends in the blogosphere? Then link up and be a part of the Boost My Blog FridayThe rules are quite complicated to follow! (Just kidding) Absolutely, there's no rules to follow! The easiest way to build traffic!Just follow the host so that they will be informed that you have joined them and leave a mark on her comment page! hmmwah!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dealing Irresponsibility

In my entire career as a teacher, dealing students who cannot understand a simple instruction is no longer new to me.Sometimes being too lenient in our class will likely result to being abused by your abusive students (what a term). I am just so disappointed today in my class. I gave them a video project which was supposedly due two weeks ago. However, due to some technicalities I wasn't able to check their work. Last week was University's Intramurals so I extended the deadline today so as not to spoil their week. To my disappointment, all of them were not able to accomplish the task that I gave them. I was really totally dismayed with their attitude that I dismissed them early before I could not hold on my temper. I truly felt disgusted with their irresponsibility. I told them not to tolerate such attitude or they will be the one to suffer in the end.I just hope they will give me positive results by next meeting.Grrr!

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The Importance of Printed Labels

One who engage in product manufacturing needs also to invest in product labeling. Products without labels is not salable considering that people will be hesitant to buy such thing if they cannot see any printed labels that reveals the name of the product as well as the manufacturer. If you have a business like this but you do not have any skills to make your own, then why not avail the services of those companies who can offer it for a minimal cost?

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