Friday, August 17, 2012

History of Online Search: From Paid to Paying Search Engines

Watching search engines: google, yahoo, altavista, AOL

The evolution of the search engine is almost as varied as the evolution of the computer.  Over the past 20 years or so the search engine has evolved from one search engine with limited possibilities to hundreds of search engines with almost limitless search capabilities. Almost anything you need to know; any date, any name, at any time right at your fingertips.  Search engines evolved from just one site, to businesses paying to be one of the first listed on different search engines, to actually paying the user for their time.
Surf/Search The Web
Search engines can get the user to just about anything they need to know, from recipes to weekly lotto results and winners. Many people today don't even use libraries, or any other type of written information. There is no need to, when the digital media that is the computer is not only in almost every home in America, the information you get is up to date and, for the most part, the most accurate you will find.
  • 1990 - December of 1990 brought us the WWW prototype search engine. Once people got the workings of the computer down, the need to use it for all types of information made it necessary to find a way to get to the information.
  • 1991 - Of course, necessity being the mother of invention saw the WWW prototype become a viable search engine. We now had a way to harness the world of information known as cyber space. That same year Gopher was introduced and thus the competition begins.
  • 1993 - Jump to 1993 and seven out of the twelve months that year saw new search engines popping up. The need for more and more ways to search for information suddenly made the world of the search engine competitive and profitable.
  • 1998 - As the demand rises, so does the technology. Businesses wishing to advertise on the Internet were now paying to be placed high on the search list. When a single search can show millions of hits, no business wants to be on the last page. What are the chances your advertisement will be seen?
  • 2000 - The turn of the century brought us search engines powered by other search engines, making them more available to the user. The capabilities were growing, and more and more information was becoming available at the click of a mouse.
  • 2005 - In 2005 almost every month of the year introduced a search engine. Search engines were needed and everyone who could create one was throwing their hat into the ring.
  • 2012 - Fast forward to today, and search engines are actually paying people to use them. Search and get paid. Get your friends and family to search and get paid more. There is so much competition out there, and the big companies have to find ways of making you want to use their search engine over another.
Choosing Your Favorite
Whether it is shopping on-line or just checking past sweepstakes results, choose your search engine wisely.  Make sure to use one that works for you.
Who doesn't want to make money for doing what you have to or want to, anyway? Using a search engine that pays you to use them, will help you save more money and stretch those dollars just a little further, something everyone can use once in awhile.  

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WFW: And As Long As I Live...

Genesis 8:22 (82 kb)

failure and success...
hardship and convenience in life...
pain and happiness...
love and hate...
losses and gains.

All these, I have to endure and accept.

An inspiring WFW everyone!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Want Freedom!

Literally, yes! I want freedom from the bondage of stupidity! I just realized I am stupid enough that I messed up the moment that I've been long waiting for- and it's all because of my subtle stupidity! I wasn't able to sleep because of that. But what else can I do? It already happened and I cannot do anything to undo it.

From my FB wall:

I admit I just had the worst moment of my life. I hate being grilled, being on the "hot seat". I don't have that confidence to face them all. I tried but I failed. How I wish I could make it but I doubt I will... I wish I could have it my way but it's impossible. Whatever is the outcome, I entrust it all to the Almighty. 

To those who encouraged me to pursue that thing, I am sorry if I fall short from your expectations. I was just so nervous that I cannot find the right words to say. I only do better with writing but NEVER on that kind of scenario. I have so many shortcomings that so difficult for me to overcome. I knew how stupid I am when I acted such thing. And too stupid to only realized it when I was being reminded then. But it was just my way of overcoming the tension that I felt within me... Nevertheless, I messed up everything! 
I would fully understand if I will not make it that far. Whatever is the result, I will humbly accept it. I've been praying and waiting for it BUT if I cannot make it, there's no one else to be blamed but ME. Shame on me.
Maybe, it's not yet the right time for me... Or maybe yet, this is not really where God intended me to be. I am sick and tired of hoping. If I will only think of myself alone, I wanna give up... But I cannot do that because I have ONE BIG REASON why I need to press on even if it already hurts. 
I wish I could have the power to turn back time.
So sad, but it's too late  

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

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Happy Shopping!

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WFW: Giving What We Ought To Give

I admit, I am not as faithful as one should ought to be in the area of tithing. I have a lot of reasons to give to God why I wasn't able to do what I ought to do, but the bottom line is still the same: 


One obvious reason why I cannot give is that I am running short of money (as always) I do not know why even if how big is the amount that I will receive, still it is not good enough and I wonder why. Then I remember what our Pastor often told us about being faithful in the area of giving. I wonder how big it seems the 10% was when it is for God and so little when we are hoping for a salary augmentation. One particular verse in the Bible that I used to make as my alibi when it comes to giving is the verse in 2 Corinthians 9:7 which says that "Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, NOT RELUCTANTLY or UNDER COMPULSION for God loves a cheerful giver". But I realized that such verse was meant to explain what our attitude should be in the area of giving and TITHING is another thing. It is an obligation. Those times that I missed tithing we experienced a couple of financial crises and I even reach to a point that I blamed God for all those circumstances accusing Him for being so unfair. It was a slap to my face when I realized that all those misfortune I've encountered were the result of my unfaithfulness. I robbed a small amount to God in exchange of vast financial constraint.

 So now, I made it to a point not to commit the same mistake again. I cannot bear anymore the consequences. I should not let anxiety overwhelms me. I have lots of apprehensions but I should not allow all those things to stop me in giving to God what is due to Him. I should allow Him to have the total control of my life, specifically in all my finances. :)

 Linking my way to Word-Filled Wednesday!

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