Monday, January 28, 2013

Cast Your Votes Conscientiously!

Local Election 2013 is upcoming and it is pretty obvious that many aspiring local politicians are already campaigning subtly for themselves. Most graphics business establishments are already busy with streamers. The last time I went to one of the city ads establishments here in CDO,they are already pre-occupied with campaign ads orders. If you happened to be a radio listener, the deafening voice of some announcers against one or two politicians can be heard. There are exchange of black propaganda which is, for me, an act of immaturity. Most often than not, our way of choosing our local or national officials are overly subjective. We sometimes overlooked their achievements and credibility. Sometimes also, we are greatly influenced by what the media usually told us and the online polls that were created by some group just to give us an idea on who did best during mock-up online polls for selected candidates.

In other country, people do not vote Mr. Personality for what he is, rather, they voted them for what he has done and can still be done to their country. They don't even mind if this certain politician is a womanizer, gambler, an atheist, etc as long as he did his responsibilities well while still in office, he has the great chance of winning the votes of the majority. However, we have different principles here in our country. We tend to choose whom we considered as noble and have a good personality, impressive character and outstanding achievements. But not all voters have that kind of thinking. Still, there are so many of us who tend to dive into vote-buying. We only vote for those candidates who gave us money, those who gave us promises for a permanent position- in short, we have the tendency to sell our votes. These are the disheartening truth during elections here in our country. No wonder, some disgusting candidates won just simply because they have  money. We always forget that the end does not always justify the means.

How about you, what's your stand? Do you think an honest and peaceful election can still be made possible?

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Have Peace of Mind While Relocating

What one thing that makes you paranoid when you try to move out your things to a long distance location? I bet,majority are very much concerned with the safety of their belongings. Well, that's true. Moving out is not an easy task especially if you are moving out for good. You need to see to it that all your belongings are properly transported to its new location. However, if we transport our belongings by ourselves, it would be too risky on our part. If you have your own vehicle that could only accommodate your family and some of your personal things, you will really be needing to hire bigger vans for your furniture, decorations and other bigger valuables that you have. That's how we become paranoid. Why? Because we could not really guarantee if the van that we hire can be trusted enough.

déménagement adt montréal longue distance

ADT Moving and Storage Company is the kind of company that we need. They have the full capacity of moving your furniture, decorations and other valuables with peace of mind. This professional moving company Montreal does not only operates in Montreal, they are also operating in Lasalle. They are the most trusted moving company and their 15 years of experience is the solid proof that they are just the perfect choice in aiding you with your relocation. Whether you will be moving to another residence, or another business location or company within or across the country, they have the right services for you. So, why settle for those fly- by- night van operator and worries a lot when you can just simply be at peace with déménageur montréal. So, call them now at (514) 766-3300 and request for your free quote!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dear Babie Gregory!

Being a Mom is indeed a very challenging yet fulfilling job. Oops, did I just say "job"? Noble job, I guess ;) My son's first birthday celebration was a huge success, well, it's just a very simple celebration yet very satisfying enough because I got the full support from my family. Thank you guys! My son's day started with blowing a candle on his "cupcake"! LOL! My dear hubby took the effort in buying three cupcakes and a candle for his unico hijo. As if our little boy knew that it was his day, he woke up really early!

Photo: HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY JEUSH GREGORY... early morning surprise to my son
cupcake and chocolate all consumed by Mama & Papa :)
cake courtesy of Ate Grace Obedencio

To our baby, it is my prayer that you will grow in accordance to the will of God. We love you so much, Jeush Gregory.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Moving Out Again?

Me and my hubby has been married for almost two years now and you might want to ask how many times did we changed our residential address. Well, for the record, we have moved for six times already! Can you imagine the stress it caused on us? Moving residence is not that easy. Aside from the fact that you need to adjust again to your new environment, packing and unpacking itself already cost your time and energy. Another stressor was the transportation. It is just too difficult to contact a readily available vehicle especially if you need it too bad. It was our experience that we were left with no other choice but to rent a very small vehicle where it needs to transport all our belongings twice! One reason that we moved out was because the owner decided to use the place we have rented and he wants us to move immediately as in literally on the very day that he told us to moved out! The other reason was that I was threatened with the super typhoon during that time because the place where we previously stayed was prone to flash floods so we moved out unexpectedly. Situation like this was indeed stressful.

Well, if I just live in Ottawa, maybe my experience would be a whole lot different. Movers in Ottawa don't find moving out as stressful one. Why? Because Bye Bye Moving company just do it for them. With Bye Bye Moving, you will not only be relieved from stress, you will also be assured that you have made the right choice with them. So if you are from Ottawa and planning to move out your residence or businesses, plan ahead and consider them in your list. The demenageur ottawa knows your moving needs such as packing and unpacking as well as storage of your valuables while moving out. You will never go wrong with them.

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Adios, Mi Amigo Joven!

Life is indeed unpredictable. Another friend/classmate way back in college passed away. We've lost contact since our graduation but somehow my memories with him can't be easily forgotten. We both love to sketch. I remember most of our bonding moments were spent in pencils and papers. That's how my friendship goes with Joven. We are not really that close. We seldom bond but somehow we were able to build connections that doesn't really necessarily requires our time to be together all the time. We both have different circles of best friends but we do have common friends and that's how we keep our friendship alive.
Joe Bacho
Novemeber 21, 1981- January 19, 2012

After college days, we lost contact then. I learned that he was already in Cebu working as call center agent. Then last Saturday, I was shocked by the news that he already passed away. All my memories with him suddenly flashed before me and I realized I have wasted lots of time. I know for sure that he didn't forget me as well, we just both too preoccupied with our lives that we don't bother to get in touch with each other. I was surprised how my other classmates had a constant communications with him. Honestly, am not really good with communications. My best friend in Taiwan, our classmates too, is fully aware of that. 

To you, Joven, may you rest in peace. 

Reunion like this should not be held in a place like this... Just a thought.
L-R: Me and my baby, Genevieive (his friend), Joan, Jergans, Nena, Toni, Elder, Carl (his best friend), Mayfel, Cherryl and Germaine
Sitting: Carl Fallares

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Have You Tried Quick Lockworks Locksmith Services?

Have you been to Southwest Calgary? Perhaps you have noticed how locks of  most of their home and offices there were carefully crafted. Well, you might want to know who's behind those ingenuity. Quick Lockworks did their craft perfectly! They offer both office and residential locksmith services. They don't have any trade secrets, they just simply use quality materials and hired well equipped and well-trained staff.

All of us wants our home and businesses to be really secured and we just could not compromise it. Just imagine losing all what you have worked for just because you have a poor quality of home or office security locks. Nowadays, we should be extra careful in securing our home and businesses. We do not know when the bad elements will attack and we just could not let them rob us. In securing our home, we have to be extra cautious. We should consider the best and the latest dependable security hardware to really ensure our safety. That is exactly what Quick Lockworks offers to their valued customers. Locksmith Calgary SW knows it best. They offer quality services for a very reasonable price. Aside from quality outputs, rest assured that their services was coupled with promptness and professionalism so when you are in emergency need for home and business security, you can fully rely on them. The Locksmith Calgary by Quick Lockworks is something you should try to. If you have any inquiries, just simply visit their site and fill out their contact form and expect for a response within 1-2 days.

So, for home and business security, never settle for less!

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