Thursday, January 31, 2013

Need Carpet Cleaning? Do It Using Organic Method!

With the occurring natural calamities that have been experienced throughout the world like flash floods that caused thousands of homeless families, it is just high time for us to give utmost concern in caring for our environment. Problem relating to Mother Earth’s worsened condition becomes a global threat. As of now, many establishments go for environmental friendly products. In fact, many manufacturers promote this cause. Even department stores require the use of recyclable eco-friendly bag instead of plastic cellophane for their customers. The use of Styrofoam in every food chain was also discouraged. Indeed, people now become aware of saving the environment.

From product packaging down to cleaning agent, the use of organic materials was highly promoted. In fact, in cleaning your carpet or any upholstery, you don’t need to use harsh chemicals. There are already available organic products that will not only save you a lot of money but most importantly, it helps in promoting a green environment. If we think about cleaning our carpet and other heavily soiled cloth products, we always think of harsh chemicals which we thought will really effectively do its job. However, using products that contains harsh chemicals will not only a threat to our environment but to our health as well. Per personal experience, I used to have chemically formulated cleaning agent for my soiled clothes and rugs but decided to stop using it because I experience difficulties in breathing after inhaling the chemicals. Indeed, why should we compromise our health when we can have a very good alternative which is equally or much more effective than those products that we used to have? Now, I go for organic cleaning products because it is safer to use. In that way also, I can be of help in saving our Mother Earth. 

So if you have some concerns about cleaning products, or perhaps you’ve got carpet that needs to be cleaned, you can seek for professional help from those company who promoted environmental way of doing it. If you want to know more on how to get in touch with them, Click here for more info.

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January Is Over...

January 31st...

Whew time flew so fast indeed and my baby bump now is really very much obvious. Well, I've got more or less 6 months before I will give birth to my second bundle of joy. My beloved Gregory now is really very big. He learns very fast as well. He just turned 1 last January 23. If  he will be asked where's the baby, he will immediately point his finger to my tummy, so cute! He can also walk by his own, he giggled a lot. His laughter is a music to our ear. His Papa used to record his laughter and played it to him once he had tantrums LOL!

Tomorrow, it's going to be another month. I've got a lot of things to look forward to. Deadlines to beat, plans to pursue... Oh, may God give me strength. How about you? Do you have any plans ahead? I bet, you too have a lot of things to look forward to!

Oh, before I forgot, it's going to be Lover's month, you might as well include that on your to-do-lists.

God bless!

future court heartthrob ;)

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Are You Up For Long Distance Relocation From Canada?

I've been talking a lot about moving out to a new location on my previous posts because literally, we're moving again to another location for the seventh time! But I guess this time it will be for good, hopefully. Me and my hubby were married for barely two years yet we almost occupied all the parts of the city, be it North, South, West and East LOL! Well, there are just some situations that are beyond our control and we need to adjust to the situation and not the other way around.

That is why I can really relate how it feels like when moving to a new location. It can be exciting but tasking at the same time. It can really drain your energy especially if you are moving on your own without the aid of any transport companies like what demenagement montreal have. My elder sister lives in Canada right now with her hubby and she mentioned once that they will going to move here in the Philippines once her husband will already retire from work. It might not really be for good but they will be staying a lot and spend most of their quality time together here. I bet moving from Canada to Philippines is not as easy as moving from the rural to the urban area here in the Philippines. However, that might be true before but not now because there are moving companies who does not only cater their services within the area. Some moving companies now are well-equipped to move to any point of the globe! It sounds not easy at all considering the papers/ documents to be done in order to move out legally without violating any customs rules. Martell Express in Canada are expert on this area. They provide door-to-door services! Wow, pretty amazing, isn't it? How about you? If you are planning for a long distance moving, residence relocation or commercial move, trust demenageurs montreal. They pretty know well on what to do. You can ask for destination information within Canada and USA free of charge!

Oh, by the way, you might be needing this information:

Martel Express Montreal

10105 Henri Bourassa W. - Ville St-Laurent - Quebec - Canada - H4S 1A1

Tel: (514) 331-3311
Fax: (514) 331-0303
E-mail :

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Knowing Your Priorities

As a teacher, it is kinda frustrating when you'll be able to handle students who barely know his priorities in life. Well, am not really expecting that they would be expert on this area but at least I am hoping that they will be keen enough to think of their studies above anything else. Why? Because, it was  such a privilege for them to be in school. If we will try to study the statistic for drop out students (financial reasons) and out-of-school youth, we might find ourselves having a self-pity for them. I felt for those students who have the aspiration to finish studies yet was being denied due to poverty. However, I also felt pity for the parents of those students who just go to school without planning of passing their subjects! Horrible, don't you think? So if you are a student and you happen to read this, and if you felt like somehow you are quite guilty about this, better check and reorganize your priorities.

Just a friendly reminder.

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How's Your Heating Furnace Doing?

When winter comes, most probably all you want to do is to keep yourself always warm. I remember how my sister whined during one of their winter season. Her nose was really bleeding because she cannot stand the coldness, it was her first time then and her body was still adjusting to the new climate. Good thing they have a furnace on their home. Her husband see to it that it was properly working to keep them both warm. Furnace helps a lot especially if it has dual function, cooling and heating furnace. However, furnaces requires regular maintenance to keep it running well. When it comes to furnace cleaning, you have to seek for professional help. Entrust the maintenance services to skilled furnace technicians just like what furnace cleaning Hamilton got. In Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington and Milton area, they've got company there who did furnace cleaning and repair services. Many residents there trusted this company, the R.J. Wiley Heating & A/C & Duct Cleaning because they offer flat hourly rates with no diagnosis fees nor truck charges thus they are the most sought after. If you happened to live on that area, you can avail their services by asking for free estimates first. In that way, you can manage your budget well. Their technicians are factory trained and duly licensed and there's no way you can go wrong with them. They do not only do repairs and cleaning, they also sell furnaces and once you buy it from them, it comes with free duct cleaning as their way of saying thanks to you! They also give privilege for senior discounts so oldies should be very happy about it. So, whether what you want is cooling or heating Hamilton, trust R,J, Wiley Heating & A/C & Duct Cleaning company.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Cast Your Votes Conscientiously!

Local Election 2013 is upcoming and it is pretty obvious that many aspiring local politicians are already campaigning subtly for themselves. Most graphics business establishments are already busy with streamers. The last time I went to one of the city ads establishments here in CDO,they are already pre-occupied with campaign ads orders. If you happened to be a radio listener, the deafening voice of some announcers against one or two politicians can be heard. There are exchange of black propaganda which is, for me, an act of immaturity. Most often than not, our way of choosing our local or national officials are overly subjective. We sometimes overlooked their achievements and credibility. Sometimes also, we are greatly influenced by what the media usually told us and the online polls that were created by some group just to give us an idea on who did best during mock-up online polls for selected candidates.

In other country, people do not vote Mr. Personality for what he is, rather, they voted them for what he has done and can still be done to their country. They don't even mind if this certain politician is a womanizer, gambler, an atheist, etc as long as he did his responsibilities well while still in office, he has the great chance of winning the votes of the majority. However, we have different principles here in our country. We tend to choose whom we considered as noble and have a good personality, impressive character and outstanding achievements. But not all voters have that kind of thinking. Still, there are so many of us who tend to dive into vote-buying. We only vote for those candidates who gave us money, those who gave us promises for a permanent position- in short, we have the tendency to sell our votes. These are the disheartening truth during elections here in our country. No wonder, some disgusting candidates won just simply because they have  money. We always forget that the end does not always justify the means.

How about you, what's your stand? Do you think an honest and peaceful election can still be made possible?

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