Thursday, March 14, 2013

Round the Clock Plumbing Services

Home for the majority is the safest and best place to stay. However, if convenience becomes a question because you've got clogged drains, busted air conditioner and problematic sewerage system, home could be the last place that you want to stay with. Problems involving plumbing maintenance, sewer maintenance, and air conditioning maintenance as well as drain cleaning and furnace repair will greatly cause stress-related dilemma especially if the needs come when our budget is limited. We rarely find plumbing services that opens 24/7 not unless you are living in Canada where plumbing Calgary is not a problem at all. Why? Because they understand well that plumbing problems could come anytime yet our money doesn't so they have a financing scheme that would help those who badly need their services. They offer hassle-free, low-interest, same-day financing loan approval and easy payment plans. So even if all those problems relating to plumbing come at once, it won’t be too stressful with their financing schemes. If you've got a problem like dysfunctional hot water tanks, you can rely with company like the one offered by Clearview Plumbing where they prioritize quality services more than anything else. Hotwater tanks Calgary is just one of the services that they could offer. Aside from that, they have certified plumbing professionals whom you can really rely on. So, if what you need is a repair, a maintenance or a replacement, they are readily available round the clock!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WW: A Note To Remember

I used to write notes to anyone without their knowledge. Whenever there's opportunity, I love scribbling down on somebody's notebook and write just about anything. Then I forget about them... I was just reminded by the owner when they happened to read it... just like this one:

Xy-zsa was one of my students (first batch) back in 2005. I totally forgot about this note and she reminded me by posting this to Facebook. :)

An entry for


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Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Ate Loida!

Today is the 34th birthday of my sister in law. She might not be that perfect but she is such a good sister-in-law. She is not only a loving wife to my brother, she is also a very supportive Mom to her son and daughter. She dutifully guide my nephew and niece while my brother is working abroad. She is also a caring Aunt to my son, Gregory!

with my babie Gregory

To you Ate Loi, Happy happy birthday!

God bless you more and more!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WW: All White, All Smile

I just miss this picture. I miss my two sisters...

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Monday, March 4, 2013

We Moved Again!

Yes, we moved again (for the 7th time) We are now living with my mother-in-law. There are lots of adjustments to make... I know it would be different but again, I still prefer if it was just the three of us. But we just left with no other choice so far. I am still reconsidering about the offer of my friend (check my post: Windows of Opportunity). 

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Friday, March 1, 2013

progeCAD: An AutoCAD Alternative

Last week we were invited in a product demo held in our school. It is all about progeCAD, an AutoCAD alternative. ProgeCAD is much cheaper compared to AutoCAD and it has almost similar interface with the latter. As CAD teacher, we were given free CD (30-day trial period). You can also download it at

Try for yourself if you like it better than AutoCAD. As for me, I haven't tried it yet because my computer didn't pass the minimum given specifications. :)

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