Thursday, May 9, 2013

BSU Summer Class Journey...

Well, forget about the days we've gone so far. Let me share to you the activities that they have performed:

Ortho & Iso Exercise 1
This is their first activity for Isometric and Orthographic Projection. Sad to say, after so much explanation and demonstration I've done for them, only few got it right. I am all the more frustrated with the result of their project:
Ortho & Iso Project 1

 They have different version of the figure.With my utmost desire to really let them learn it well, I gave them another activity related to our topic after a thorough review of our lesson. I let them have a hands-on exercise first. I called those student whom I found out to be really struggling to check if they understood the lesson well. The result improves somehow but again there were still some who just didn't get it right. I do not know what I should I do with them. And so tomorrow, another project awaits them and hopefully that time, they will have it done right!

Ortho & Iso Project 2
 Until then! 

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Are You Ready for the Coming Election?

This is what PhilStar got for me on my inbox today:
Well, I really didn't find time to dig on the issue, all I know is that it's barely one week to cast our votes. Almost all the local candidates in our District are busy with their campaigns. Early in the morning you could be awaken with their jingles. They also have their house to house campaign, you could rarely see them again after the election doing this so you better catch them, hand shake with them and respond to their smiles.
As for me, I haven't prepared a list yet in whom to vote. I do have some in mind but I just have to finalize it (hopefully I can do it tonight). All you can hear from most of the politicians are their promises, their platforms. As an ordinary citizens you just have to listen and think wisely. Not all politicians run for the sake of serving the country. Undeniably, there are politicians whose personal interest comes first before the interest of its constituent. Well, I just hope that the people who will be elected this May 13 will be able to firmly keep their promises and will not fail us.

How about you, are you ready to cast your vote?

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HAve You Heard About Gewurztraminer Wine?

Am not really into wine drinking. I have tried some of the ladies' drinks and that includes tequila and red wine on the list. I never thought that there are different varieties of wine, some are mild while most are strong, well, it really depends on its alcohol content. But have you heard about Gewurztraminer Wine? Notice how it was spelled, kinda hard, isn't it? So, What is Gewurztraminer Wine? This is one question that sought to be answered. Well, as I go into not-so-deeper research, I learned that Gewurztraminer Wine is an aromatic grape wine (though with a funny name) that is used for making white wine. And considering that it is aromatic, surely as I can see it, it has beneficial effect to our health. They grows in cool climate regions only which includes Canada, Germany, Italy and United States. And mind you, it is best served with spicy Asian cuisine and so much compatible with smoked salmon. Why don't you give it a try?

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BSU Summer Class Journey...

Day 13

Well, my students today performed their 5th activity with no sweat at all! The objective of the exercise is to familiarize themselves with the different object snaps.Sorry for those who came in late because they have some difficulty in moving their object to the given template. Hmm, I need to impose discipline when it comes to tardiness. Those who will arrive at 30 minutes beyond the time should no longer be allowed to attend the class. Would it be fair then? Just a thought though...

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Choose Your Stylish Glasses Wisely

It's summer indeed and the scorching heat of the sun is inevitable! Per advise, it's not only our skin that should get protected, we must take into consideration as well the windows of our soul, our eyes! The more we spend our time under the heat of the sun, we need to wear sun glasses or any protective glasses that will save us from the glaring sun rays. Well, if wearing one makes you feel weird or nerd, then try stylishglasses.
In choosing stylish glasses, see to it that it has anti-scratch and anti-explosion features. Sounds new to you? Well, you may ask your optometrist about it.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

BSU Summer Class Journey...

Day 12...

Another challenges to take. They are now working on their Project No. 4. Well, the figure is quite complicated and only few really got it right...;)

My objective is not really to put pressure on them, I just want them to apply all the lessons we had about drawing and modifying commands. However, a little twist of the figure somehow left them wondering on what to do and how should they go about it...

By the way, am done computing their grades... those who failed to submit even just one project got a failing marks though I am still giving them a chance to submit it :)

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