Wednesday, July 24, 2013

BPC #20: Capturing Sunday's Best

If the newborn baby boy of Prince William and Princess Kate is having a limited exposure, my Baby Jerusha got the opposite! LOL! Am just wondering what life would be in the Royal Kingdom? 
Anyway, the royal baby's exposure is limited because he belongs to the royal blood. My baby does not belong to the royal blood, I'm blood type A positive after all LOL!
These pictures were taken by Lyle, one of our pretty young ladies in our church one Sunday afternoon. She thought my baby is so cute so she kept on taking pictures of her using her tab.

My li'l darling's cute little feet :)
Mama, what have they done to me?

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Looking Good and Feeling Good

After three weeks from giving birth, I made it a point not to look overly stressed physically. Well, students tend to be too observant sometimes with their instructors that you have no idea what will they say about you behind your back. Sigh! I really don't care that much but somehow, being a teacher, you need to look good in order to feel good! Well, who will disagree with me?
I am not really fully made up when going to school. As long as I am comfortable with what I wear, I already felt good about it. A light make up using BB cream and a natural foundation will already do. Sometimes, I only wear BB cream alone. I seldom use lipstick because it will only cause my lips to crack but the one that my sister gave me suits me. It's NYC and the color is Blue Rose. I like the shade pretty much and I felt good wearing it.
This BB cream could last up to 6 months!

Blue Rose shade   

I also tried using All-in-One foundation from Maybelline. I bought the small one just in case my skin won't suit to it. Before, I do have lots of pimples and thinking that it was caused by my cosmetics (BB Cream and pressed powder).  This one is said to be non- comedogenic plus it's a shine free foundation  (for oily type of skin like mine!).

Before, I tried using Amway's Dovera Pressed powder in Honey comb shade. It claimed to be organic so I use it hoping it will heal my blemishes. So far, I thought it really kept its promises because my face somehow improves upon using it. Well, that was what I'm really thinking because since then, there were no more breakouts on my face to my delight! However, Amway replaced it with another brand thus I cannot avail of such kind anymore. Well, hopefully, this All-in-One foundation from Maybelline will work equally good with Dovera. :). Well, it feels good to look good!
my face during my first pregnancy
My latest photo with my 3 weeks old baby (blemish aren't that too visible anymore :)

How about yours, care to share your choice of cosmetics?

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Painful Monday

Oops don't get me wrong. I am not being attacked with emotional outburst that made me think of giving the title Painful Monday for this post. Actually, I mean it literally as a result of post op dilemma. It was only this morning that I feel it. I was not suffering this kind of pain last week when I resumed working. I wish this won't affect my class this afternoon. And I am equally wishing that my students won't give me any headache today. :(

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Praying for Four Wheels ;)

It's been three weeks already that the four of us joined the Sunday Fellowship and we're all full packed with our two babies' stuff. My hubby has to carry the bag, the baby's carrier and sometimes has to carry Kuya as well since I am not yet allowed to carry heavier things as post op no-nos. And it's been three Sundays as well that we were left with no other choice but to ride a taxi forth and back. That is why we've been praying for four wheels! Yeah I am so dead serious about it. There are four of us now and transporting in public vehicle is not only time consuming but very tasking as well.
Well, we just need to pray about it starting today. Who knows, God may consider it as a need and not a wants and eventually He will grant it in our most unexpected way! They said, when we pray, we have to be specific. Me and my hubby thought that models like that of Cherry QQ (the cutie one) is good enough as a start or perhaps a multicab will do so that we can also bring along with us our extended family whenever necessary, what d'you think?^-^ 
soon to park, Amen!

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Inspirational Saturday

Hebrews 13:5 (230 kb)

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Friday, July 19, 2013


I am so glad it's Friday, which means no class tomorrow thus I will have a lot of time to spend with my newborn and her Kuya. My Friday schedule is so hectic which starts from 9:00AM to 6:30PM (straight schedule,literally no break hour in between), all CADD subjects. Most of my students from these classes were my students before in Fundamentals of Drawing. At least I don't have a hard time knowing them all LOL! I still have to think how to have a make up class with them considering that the laboratory schedule is so hectic as well. I will try to innovate for the lectures even if we will use another room. Anyway, CADD subject isn't really that difficult after all. Familiarizing the command is all they need for every activity and project. As of today, we are still on Activity No. 1, Line Exercise and so far they seems to make it right. I am glad that by the time my classes end, the rain stop. It is really inconvenient to commute when it's raining. I dropped by at the Gaisano Mall to buy diapers for my babies earning additional points for our Suki Card. When I arrived home, my li'l girl is already sleeping and my my li'l boy greeted me with a smile :) 

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