Saturday, July 27, 2013

Let's Practice ABC!

The bombing incident that recently shocked the Kagay-anons is something that all of us should be aware of. Taking precautions perhaps is the right thing to do. Crowded places is the usual target of the people behind this heinous crime. So for us individual, we should avoid going on those crowded places as much as possible. We must also be vigilant in our surroundings. Avoid giving prank jokes relating to bombs because there's a law that totally restrict it and offenders will be liable upon doing so. Not to mention the fear that it will surely cause to other people around you. 
from Google images
If you'll ask me where's the safest place to stay that won't put your life in jeopardy, I guess there's none, I mean, there's no definite answer to that. Or you might insist that home is the safest place, it could be possible but not really guaranteed. A life-threatening accident could happen anytime,  anywhere and our home could never be an exemption to that. That is why we should be careful in everything and anything that we do. Let us practice ABC as in Always Be Careful.

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Inspirational Saturday: The Days Are Evil...

Ephesians 5:15 (52 kb)
Life is unpredictable.We do not know what may lie ahead of us. If we listen to the news, we heard untoward incidents like natural calamities that affects many families, news about killing, suicidal missions, breakups, and a whole lot more! As a Christian, God warned us along the way. It was clearly written on His book all the things that we have to expect-specifically the worst case scenario. Indeed, the days are evil. That is why we should live our life to the fullest. Love, care and share while we still have time. We should be cautious enough on whom to mingle with. Let us try to influence others instead of the other way around unless it is for the better. Life is a gift, we should treasure it in such a way that when the time for us has come to leave this Earth, we have some legacy to impart with. Perhaps, the best legacy that we could leave here on Earth is knowing the fact that some lives are blessed because you existed and made a difference.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

What's the Fuzz?


So what if Kate Middleton dares to appear in public and unable to conceal her post pregnancy belly? Is that really a big deal? She just gave birth and there's no way she can hide it given the fact that what she wore is just a plain maternity dress and her beautiful locks. I so love this girl! No matter what she wears, she's a real beauty to me. And I truly admire her simplicity. Unlike other celebrities who forced themselves to please the public with the way they look, Kate really doesn't have to put so much effort to do so. The world knew he just gave birth to the future heir of the throne and whoever tries to comment about her belly is such a naive, close minded individual who probably don't get the chance (and will never be) to become a mother.

So to the royal couple, congratulations!

Welcome to the world, Prince George Alexander Louis!

Oh by the way, we should give credit to the late Princess Diana for this because without her, there'll be no Prince William and no Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge!

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The Friday Five: Blog Love

I love visiting those blogs that could really inspire me that much and among those is Wanda's of The Watered Soul. I have been following her more than a year ago, in fact I put her widget on my side bar so that I could just simply click it once I want to visit her blog. However, it's been awhile already that I haven't paid her a visit due to limited access so now that I have the chance, I visited her blog once again and was inspired to join her weekly round-up entitled The Friday Five: Blog Love about posts that have inspired us in one way or another. I never hesitated to join because I want to share my best read this week as follows:

How much do you love Mickey Mouse? Be more inspired as you read  God is Better Than Mickey Mouse by Carol Hatcher of Internet Cafe Devotion.

If you think you've done nothing to deserve God's love, then read Inseparable Bond by Karlene Jacobsen of Undaunted Devotion.

Do you know about the Mesquite Tree and how can we relate our life with it?  This is such a good read then The Mesquite Tree - by Rachael DeBruin of Diamonds in the Rough.

God indeed provides ALL our NEEDS, need proof? then it's Testimony Time by Dineen Miller of Spiritually Unequal Marriage.

Finally, sharing God's word is not only for those who are mentally and physically fit. All of us can do it if we truly love God. Let us be challenged as we read the story of Katie at We Love 

To be honest, there are lots of inspirational reads that you can find in the blogosphere, let's read and share them so that others will be blessed as well.
  •  Have a blessed Friday everyone!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gear Up for the Rain!

Ever since the University entrance gate was transferred to the old gate to give way to the on-going construction of another edifice, I have so much apprehension. One, it was quite a distance from the office which means more time to travel (by foot). Just imagine the distance I need to walk upon boarding off from the jeepney which was by the previous entrance gate to the CEA Faculty office! Well, don't think about it if you've never been there. Second, it's already rainy season and the entrance gate is just adjacent to the creek thus when there's a heavy rain, I made it sure that I won't stay long in school for fear of flood. It would be until next year that I have to endure all these things. Anyway, according to, there will be more rains to expect in the coming days... I need to replace my worn out umbrella and perhaps I will be needing a rain boots too. Oh by the way, the rumors about snow in the Philippines is nothing but just a rumor! Check it out here. But believe me, when I was still in Grade 3 and 6, it did rain some ice in Musuan Bukidnon (of course it's crushed or else!)


Check the latest CDO weather update at

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Must-Have From Firmoo

Summer Must-have Item- Tinted Rx Sunnies
bloger glasses
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