Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Secure Your Machinery with Knobs, Handles and Hand Wheels

I've been thinking on a business that would help us financially. I want something that needs only low capital yet highly demanded in the market. But of course, everything is a mind conception yet because I do not have enough resources. Food cart is a good idea but again, I still have to save for the investment. Another business idea in mind is the t-shirt printing. I once bought a shirt for my son with an iron-on print. I just love how easily the in-charge maneuvered and operated the machines

Putting up a business is not easy. You need to invest from human resources down to machinery. Big industries need huge machinery and all of them should be properly secured. Not all machines, even brand new ones, comes with safety handling paraphernalia especially if the machine was acquired through auction. As a newbie in industrial business it's okay to use second hand machinery as long as it is still functioning well. Some machines were being auctioned when being replaced by upgraded version. To secure your machinery, it is best idea to invest on industrial handles, knobs, and hand wheels especially if the machine is movable type and has to be used everyday. You can find quality industrial handles at reidsupply.com. They also have control levers available.

from reidsupply.com

If there's one thing that every business-minded people should take into consideration, it is investing on resources that should last long and one way of doing so is securing them in every possible means.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Looking Forward For A Better NAIA

So far, I traveled via airplane only once and that was six years ago when my sister and I went to Manila for a weekend getaway. We landed at NAIA and if I were to assessed NAIA during that time, I can say that somehow they have the 4C's that every airport should have:comfort, convenience, cleanliness and customer service. If I were to compare NAIA to our then Lumbia Airport, there is really a big difference. I am just wondering why NAIA was voted as one of the world's worst airport! How did it happened? When I was there 6 years ago, I appreciated a lot of things except for the fact that all the items being sold inside the airport were very expensive. Other than that, I enjoyed the moment we linger there while waiting for our flight.

Well, I cannot really assess that far considering that the 6 years span of time can really make a huge difference. Well I just hope that the government, specifically the Department where NAIA's concern belongs to shall do something to make NAIA a better airport the next time they will have their worldwide annual assessment. I believe that airport should be the first thing to consider when it comes to development IF we aim to lure more foreign investors here in the Philippines. How could they pour and entrust their resources with us when by the time they landed at the tarmac, all they can see and feel are the negative feed backs.
Passengers arrive at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 in Manila
image NOT mine :)

I am positive that the government have already plans to address this issue. And hopefully, if given another chance to take another flight for Manila, I could only hope that the 4C's that I have experienced before with NAIA will be the same or much more better then.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Avail Gift Baskets for Any Occasions at BisketBaskets.com

Christmas is indeed in the air. Most of our local radio stations played Christmas jingles. Some residents in our community have already decorated their home with Christmas lanterns. And as expected, Christmas presents should not be absent during Christmas celebration. I wonder what will I receive this year. Last year, somebody gave me a perfume and I just love it. as for me, I didn't get to do some Christmas shopping because I have a baby and at the same time I was pregnant too during that time and I was too lazy to beat the Christmas rush. It never occurred to me then that I could do shopping online.

For me, online shopping is good especially for busy Moms like me. At least with just few clicks, you'll get your order without going through the long queue. Just do it ahead of time, considering the delivery period. With online Christmas shopping or even on other occasions  you can really choose what you want in accordance with what you can afford. You can also get to have a unique Christmas presents just like dog gift baskets. Isn't it unique? Who would have thought that pets can have their share of gift baskets too? I am pretty sure, pet lovers out there will be delighted upon knowing this.

If you are wondering where you can have this dog gift basket, just visit www.bisketbaskets.com. They specialized in hand-created gift baskets in variety of categories including gourmet Christmas gift baskets, new baby gift baskets, and of course like what I have mentioned, they also sell pet gift baskets. BisketBaskets company has been operating for more than thirteen years so you can have a guarantee that they sell nothing but the best. For now they offer a limited free GROUND shipping for orders above $125. You can avail their products by paying through credit cards or PayPal. By the way, all their gift baskets comes with a beautiful presentations.

Party Animal Dog Gift Baskets at $88.99

Oh how about these:

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Shattered History

My parents were both raised from Bohol and among us five siblings, it is only me who didn't get the chance to explore the wonders of that place. Now that I have my own family, I vowed to myself that we will visit Bohol in two to three years from now. The last time that I was there was more or less eight yeas ago during the death of my grandpa.

I've never been to Chocolate Hills, nor to the famous old churches. I never saw a real tarsier. But I promised myself that sooner than later I will conquer them all.

But this morning's 7.2 magnitude earthquakes seems to tell me that there'll be no sooner than later because they were gone.

I felt sorry for all Boholanons, to my Mom and my relatives, who treasured much those memories that were ruined by the earthquake, especially the historical churches.

The said churches may hold a special place in our Philippine heritage and history, but let us not be totally devastated because the churches maybe gone but our faith shall remain intact to our Lord Jesus Christ who will be back soon. The churches were just an edifice, built by human hands and was entrusted to us by our ancestors. Its ruin doesn't mean that our personal relationship with our Lord and Savior goes with the damage. NO. Let us not forget that it is not the home that matters most, but rather it is the owner of that home. Meaning, it's not the building but to whom we built that for. If Jesus Christ really is the occupant of that churches, let us be at peace to remember that Jesus' final home is not here on Earth but in heaven.

History is a history. They were already written on history books. What happened recently will mark another history for the next generation. Let us not lose heart because it has already been known that nothing will last on Earth- indeed, that historical churches just finally come to its end. Let's learn to accept that. :)

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Finally Got My Tablet From Lazada

Lazada gave me a discount voucher worth 1K that will expire soon after accomplishing their offer. And I'm not gonna let that happen so I ordered for a cheaper Tablet that will only get me to pay less than 2K. And because of that, my monthly budget for regular expenditures was adjusted and somehow it causes me some stress LOL! Well, anyway, I got my tablet and so far I love it, my son love it too because he'll get to see his favorite educational videos.

I ordered the tablet last Monday and I received it 3 days after! I thought it will took them 10 days to deliver for orders from outside Manila area. Anyway, thanks Lazada for that expedite delivery.

I still have a P300 worth discount voucher that will expire soon too. But it has a required minimum purchase of 3K. Just in case you are interested just inform me because it is transferable anyway :)

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Are You Ready to Host the Next Party At Your Home?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of BISSELL Homecare, Inc. for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Hosting a party right at the comfort of your home is a sure fun. Want to have an exclusive, close door reunion with old friends way back in College? Why not? Gathering of such kind not only reminisce the good old times together, it is also the right time to know each other's life update. When you will host a home party, you should prepare not only good food, but good ambiance as well!
However, when you are already a Mom and a working type of Mom, preparing the house all by yourself can be tedious. Well, you can actually ask for some assistance from your family members who are willing and able but what if they too are pre-occupied as well? No, you don't have to cancel in hosting the party because there's one sure solution to every problem. And when it comes to cleaning up mess, BISSEL PowerGlide with Lift-off Technology is just the right answer. 
How powerful is BISSEL PowerGlide with Lift-off Technology?
If you used to ignore hard-to-reach places before when cleaning like ceiling corners, underneath furniture, window and door frames, behind the bathroom toilet or even the stairs and railings because you find it too difficult and too tedious, try cleaning it up with BISSEL PowerGlide. Its key features are as follows:
No loss of suction and sealed system- which means more convenient to use.
One-step removable pod for portable cleaning- can clean up the mess faster
Long-stretch hose- for those hard to reach places

Lightweight - less tedious, more convenient

Swivel steering for maneuverability - flexible and convenient

Adjustable handle for easy use and storage - flexible and convenient

12-inch foot for stability - and durability!

Large capacity dirt cup - more space for all those mess

27-foot cord - the longer the better especially for higher areas to be cleaned

Included TurboBrush® and crevice tool- more value for what you pay!
BISSEL is a trusted brand in home deep cleaning tools and you can be rest assured that all their products are all about durability and convenience. Cleaning up mess can be fun if you are using such powerful tool as BISSEL PowerGlide. So, whether you will be hosting a party, or just simply doing your daily cleaning routine, or cleaning up the mess left by your kids or your pets, just trust PowerGlide. Furthermore, PowerGlide is indeed a powerful tool because it also has the capability to clean up all those overlook dirts like those that are found in your computer keyboards, ceiling fans, vents, artworks decorations. Therefore, BISSEL PowerGlide is not just limited to floors anymore. It is so versatile that it could be your great assistant in tidying up your home in less time.
Want to learn more about BISSEL PowerGlide with Lift-off Technology? Visit their facebook page and learn more home cleaning tips. Also, get a chance to win on their newest contest online: All you need to do is just simply enter to win their "The Celebrate Everyday  Messes Contest".

Plus, avail their products now for a $20 off with free shipping just use the promo code:POWERGLIDE valid until November 30, 2013.

So, if you are a Mom and very much concerned about hosting a party, or very meticulous when it comes to cleanliness in your home or even in your cars, or just want to prepare your home for the upcoming Holidays by cleaning up your home decorations, do it all with ease with the help of BISSEL PowerGlide with Lift-off Technology.

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