Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eyeing for Pandora's Earrings

My Christmas wishlist for this year goes longer and majority on my list are not actually for me but for my babies. I want an inflatable swimming pool for my eldest baby to play on together with his cousins. I also want complete collections of Barney DVD and Leap Frog because it was through these shows that my son learned his numbers and alphabet. As for my baby girl, I want a complete hair accessories for her short and thick hair. I also want a new shaver for my hubby who looks like one of those Arabians because of his mustaches.

Pandora Purple Fascinating Beauty Earring Charms
Pandora Purple Fascinating Beauty Earring Charms
The only thing that I want for myself this Christmas is a pair of Pandora earrings from Reeds.com to complement my new haircut. I love their purple earring. I love its shade. Do you think it really looks good with my new hairstyle?

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

An Open Letter for Ms Kim Henares (Can't Get Over Yet With PacMan vs BIR Issue)

While browsing on my FB account, I stumbled upon this post, read it, shared it on my wall and finally decided to post it here so the world will also know. I know many has been following on Manny Pacquiao's tax case not only by us, Filipinos but to the whole world also who believe on PacMan's integrity and ability.

Dear Kim Henares,

I do not doubt your sincerity to collect taxes from every Filipino, living or dead.

I do not even doubt your integrity in making sure that you are able to collect the proper taxes from everyone.

I am however questioning your motives and arbitrary choice in the personalities you choose to prosecute.

I am going to cite one particular person who has been on the BIR's radar as a perennial tax evader for the last 20-years with cases going in and out of court.

His name is Lucio Tan and he owes the country more than 5-billion pesos in tax liabilities decided on numerous times by the Supreme Court as executory stand final and yet no garnishment order was ever made until his petition in the SC reversed their decisions time and again.

Lucio Tan was never known for his philanthropy or good business practices. He authored the contractualization of PAL and Asia Brewery employees which was not only detrimental to Filipino Labor but also to taxes that could be collected from these workers had they been regular employees.

Lucio Tan is also accused of ill-gotten wealth from his Marcos days, and yet he continues to enjoy his money.

Congressman Manny Pacquiao's case is not even at the High Court and his earnings have already been garnished.

You have been given certified true copies of Pacman's tax payments in the US and yet you refuse to recognize this and insist on originals which I believe, but I may be mistaken, even ?US citizens have no access to.

And to think that Pacquiao earned his money through honest, literally blood, sweat and tears. And he is one of about ten persons who insist in keeping his money in the Philippines because he is a patriot.

He could have stashed it somewhere you cannot reach it if he had things to hide, but he kept it here, so our economy can make use of it.

You cannot even freeze the money of politicians involved in the PDAF scam but you can do this to an ordinary man who managed to rise above all of you through hard work, guts, integrity and the work of his own hands.

And that is why your integrity is rapidly being eroded, because you don't seem to think anymore. You just grab the first victim that cannot fight you.

Because even if Pacquiao is a Congressman, he is not connected to the old boys club and so does not have the clout of the Tan's, Sy's, Dy's and others.

Oh, and Lucio Tan did give over 100 million to Noynoy's election kitty while Pacquiao was with the opposition.

I guess we know now the motivations don't we?

Yours disgustedly,

Your Boss's Boss
-Author Unknown-

Oh there you have it. For me, I would agree on what PacMan said when he was interviewed on television, this is another case of crab mentality.

Sigh ;-(

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Remembering Andres Bonifacio

He may not be our National hero, but Andres Bonifacio contributed much in the history of the Philippines. Until now, some people insist that it should be him who deserve the title of a National Hero. However, Dr. Jose Rizal's educational achievement were given much emphasis as well as his non-violent ways of seeking for freedom. But for me, whether he is our national hero or not, Andres Bonifacio is a good example of how Filipinos are willing to risk their lives for our country's ultimate freedom from foreign colonization.

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The Singing Machine I Will Surely Love

I may not be gifted with such a powerful voice but mind you I really love to sing. In fact, I was so confident that I joined Glee Club in my high school days and I was also once a church choir member. Every time we celebrated special occasions like birthdays, sing-along will never be forgotten in our list of activities. Almost every members in my family are trying hard singers. We do have collections of Karaoke songs and we don't mind the neighborhood as long as we are happy LOL! Oh by the way, have you heard about the singing machine at musicians friend? Oh my, they have my favorite songs also on their collections! I am Kelly Clarkson's fan and I do love her songs. Hmm I'll save my penny for this.

The Singing Machine Pop Culture Top Hits Volume 1 Karaoke CD+G   

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The New Visa® Black Card™ - Made of Stainless Steel℠

Visa Black Card made of stainless steel? This is a great innovation to make cards last longer or probably, this was designed to last for a lifetime. If this is already available here in the Philippines, I am pretty sure many were already a subscribers. I am just wondering if an appropriate swiping machine was designed exclusively for this card? Well, Visa Black Card is ideal for those who traveled a lot. With the rewards program that are simply irresistible plus all the benefits that comes with it, I can say that this card is a great traveling companion. Aside from the fact that it's gonna be a cashless transactions, problems about breakage or dilapidated card will now be gone. Wish I could own one so I could avail all those benefits plus the luxury gifts from the world's leading brands.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

PacMan's Fight Outside the Boxing Ring

The Philippine's Pride, Rep. Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao, faces yet another fight of his life: the tax evasion case. Now that some of his properties and all of his bank accounts will about to be frozen and garnish, PacMan showed his greatest disappointments with how the BIR put such pressure on him.

For me, I am not in the right position to question the decision of the BIR. However, such decision was so abrupt and too publicize that one can really react out of it. Besides, we all know that PacMan's wealth is not an ill-gotten wealth. He earned it by risking his health and life. There are lots of businessmen, politicians, entertainers who are obviously "tax evaders" yet they remained untouched. Another thing, there are lot of measures that can be done to check whether PacMan is really doing his responsibility as law-abiding Filipino citizen. Why not the BIR directly ask the IRS of USA for the documents that proves PacMan was indeed paying his taxes. 

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