Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Online Car Shopping Made Easier

Online shop for cars
Shopping for a car is easy with online technology. These days, auto dealers have professional websites that list all of the vehicles that are for sale in the showroom or lot of a dealership. When visiting a car dealer website, people can easily navigate through a user friendly layout. For example, a main section may feature a selection of all models of a particular auto manufacturer. After clicking on a certain model, users are directed to a catalog style listing featuring detailed information and content.
Multiple colorful photographs provide great views of a car that's posted for sale online. Additionally, some online auto dealerships also offer 360 degree virtual tours as well as video walking tours. A car listing also has essential information such as Vehicle Identification Number and odometer reading of current mileage. Of course, all of the technical specifications of a car are also listed. It's easy to see information such as body type, engine, transmission, fuel type, fuel efficiency and much more. Brand new vehicles that are on sale may have detailed online fact sheets provided by the auto makers.
A "shop now" button on an online auto dealer is an example of a link that can take people towards a listing of cars that are for sale or lease. Some advanced online tools available on online car dealerships include financing calculators that break down monthly payments for leasing or purchasing a vehicle. Shoppers can also schedule an appointment to test drive a vehicle that's listed online.

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It Pays To Be Honest

Breaking News:

Three Civil Engineering students from Mindanao University of Science and Technology found and turned over a bag of money worth P54,000.00 to one of the local radio stations here in Cagayan de Oro City. As a teacher, I am so proud to say that in spite of the fact that most teenagers/students now are quite unmanageable, there are still some who uphold to the right values and honesty. 

To you dear students, keep it up! 

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Perfect Drum Set To Try For My Hubby and Baby!

We've been to a friend's house last Sunday after the church service and we stayed there til evening because both kids were so busy playing. My friend lend her daughter's toy drum to my son and I can really see that my son will love playing musical instruments too just like his father. He playfully beat the drum with the stick obviously enjoying what he did. Then it occurred to me that someday when my son will have proper school training, I will also let him study about musical instruments like the drums. I know his father can teach him too. I remember also one time when my Hubby brought home a new set of drum sticks, my son insisted of playing with it beating it anywhere like the wall, table and chairs. Well, I could only hope to myself that my son will excel on whatever skills he would love to develop. And when he will consider learning the drums, I would love him to try the classic ludwig junior outfit drum set at guitar center. For sure both father and son will enjoy it. 
Oh by the way, here's what the drum set looks like:
Perfect drum set indeed!

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Learning The Hard Way

Fidelity. This word spells easily but quite difficult to hold on to--- for some.

The issue between Vhong and Deniece Cornejo/Cedric Lee has been dominating on my FB wall lately. I felt sorry for Vhong because he has to go through all these things before he will realize that being faithful to his partner, who gave him another chance by the way,really really matters. What if the said incident didn't took place? Will Vhong continue that secret affair (as I presumed based on his statement) with this beautiful young lady? Who could resist Deniece's beauty? Only the real men who are faithful to their partners. Oops don't get me wrong about this, I just want to emphasize that had Vhong been really really faithful and honest to his girlfriend, he won't be troubled by his case right now;had he wouldn't give in to Deniece's "invitation", he would be living peacefully right now, he wouldn't been a victim of "extortion" and he should have been maintaining that friendly face, unblemished.

Am not defending anyone's side for I know that the truth will come out in the right time. But such incident would be a lesson for both parties. The difficult is that, they learned it the hard way.

This is a reminder to all of us specially those who are in a relationship to remain faithful and honest as much as possible. If you are not happy with your present, have a heart to confess it and end the relationship first before taking another else.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Get Ready To Jam With This Travel Acoustic Guitar

After browsing and surfing on cool guitar online for my Hubby, we found this really cool guitar for him. It's vamd 02 mini dreadnought. What makes it cool is the fact that it is fold-able! Oh how I wish I could save such amount for me to buy it. This is indeed so great for him and so perfect for out of town engagement. If you like this, you can purchase vamd 02 mini dreadnought at musicians friend. It is acoustic therefore very ideal for traveling.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Son Turns 2!

This is an evidence that indeed time goes by and I am not getting any younger, so does my son. He just turned 2 and I am so thankful with his life. My role as a Mom taught me a lot of things. My son and daughter is indeed my bundles of joy. The feeling when you are a Mom is too different. Before, I spent time with my nieces and nephew playing with them but my patience for them is not as stretched and as extended as what I am now to my son though sometimes I cannot stop myself from punishing him like spanking when he did something that really needs to be corrected or else he will grow up not knowing the difference between bad and good AND okay or not okay.

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