Sunday, May 4, 2014

Finding Foods That Is Rich in Omega 3

At my age which is still on my early thirty’s, I already felt excessive joint pains on my knuckles. At first I thought it was just because of too much computer usage but then a friend of mine told me that I probably lack Omega 3. I wonder how does Omega 3 helps in getting rid of all those discomforts on my joints. If I have some questions that needs an immediate answer, I always seek help from the web and this is what I found from
  1. 1.    You do not need to go through the deepest           ocean to catch a fish that is    rich in Omega 3
  2. 2.    Taking Omega 3 is not only through pills or          capsules.
  3. 3.    Omega 3 can be added on the foods we eat.
  4. 4.    We can enjoy Omega 3 without compromising        our sense of taste
  5. 5.    If you have sweet tooth, there’s a cookie that is    rich in Omega 3

Well, the list could go on and on but the bottom line is, there are a lot of foods available that is rich in Omega 3. Search for it and surely you will find it!

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Answered Prayer

I am so happy that all my hard work pays off. Earlier this year I applied for DepEd-Secondary Education. The teaching demo was really challenging so does the English Proficiency Exam. I also go through interviews which I dreaded the most. All these things have finally given a justification when I got the result. I earned 83 points and was ranked number ONE under the Category A. Honestly I never thought there's a category. I am so thankful to God because I never expected to get the first rank. I just want to give Him all the glory and honor for making all these things possible!

An answered prayer indeed!

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wedding Talk

Hubby and I just celebrated our 3rd Anniversary and I am so glad that we were able to get through the first three years of adjustment period. Since it was our anniversary, I made our wedding picture as profile pic on my FB wall and guess what? I can still vividly remember how I felt that day.

Wedding preparation was never that easy. We do not have a wedding organizer that time so it was just the two of us who do and plan all the things that needs to be done. We were both glad then that one of our church mates gave us a checklist on what to buy and what to prepare thus we are guided all throughout. One of the things that really took our time, aside from deciding about the entourage  is finding the best wedding band. We found a wedding band from a local store. We both decided to spend more on it considering that it symbolizes our unity as couple. 

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Rotational Brown-out!

The rotational brownout that is happening here in Cagayan de Oro is really disgusting. Before,it used to be just three hours but now it is already four hours! Because of rotational brownouts there are lots pending computer works, missed classes and super sweaty afternoon! I am quite worried now because my summer class was constantly interrupted by this power outage and I am already running out of time. :-(

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Need to Sell Your Watch?

watch buyer LADo you know that you can sell your vintage watch and other timepiece that you found to be valuable yet you just want to dispose it for some reason? Or do you want to buy a second hand vintage watch but you just cannot find it in your area? Well, it's time for you to know that there's an online site wherein you can sell or trade-in your precious timepiece for good amount of cash.Just choose those site that offers higher appraisal. If your watch has some defects do not worry because as long as it has value, you can still sell it.

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Summer Hot-terrific!

The scorching heat of the sun is inevitable. It is not advisable to linger outdoor without using any protective gear. Always wear sunblock wherever you are especially if you cannot avoid to stay outside. Do not forget to bring water also. The best place to stay for vacation is in mountainous places where you can enjoy fresh air even if the sun shines so brightly. 

Have a hot-terrific summer!

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