Friday, September 4, 2015

Organization Works to Help Abused Children

Recently, news from Bob Parsons GoDaddy founder, reported that the foundation he and his wife operated, the Bob and Renee Parsons Foundation, had donated to an organization that few people may have heard of, but one they found to be critical to healing those who had been abused. The Free Arts for Abused Children of Arizona organization helps heal homeless and abused children through artistic expression.

History of Organization

In 1993, Elda Unger and Margaret Beresford, both art therapists, met to discuss a program that Ms. Unger had founded in California. The program, Free Arts for Abused Children, used creative arts as a tool for healing in children who had been abused. Ms. Beresford, along with Stephanie Small, who became the Executive Director of the Arizona program, gathered others who with a passion for the arts as well as healing and children. With an initial $30,000 budget and five volunteers, the program began with 60 children, the two women launched the Arizona program.

Significant Growth

Since that small beginning, Free Arts for Abused Children in Arizona has grown to 13 paid staff members, more than 550 volunteers and a budget of more than $1 million. More than 8,000 children receive therapy through four core programs. In 2015, the organization was awarded the National Society of Arts and Letters Arts Advocacy Award. In 2011, they were given the Governor’s Arts Community Award and named the Arts Organization of the Year by the Arts and Business Council of Greater Phoenix. They are the only group to win that award twice and is the only non-profit organization in Arizona to bring therapeutic creative arts programs to homeless and abused children.

Benefits of Art Therapy

The creative process required in artistic self-expression can help individuals physically, emotionally and mentally. In addition, art therapy has been used to resolve conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, reduce stress and manage behavior. There have been studies conducted that indicate that art heals by changing attitudes and physiology. As the individual expresses themselves through art, their physiology changes. They become more relaxed, less fearful and more in control. Science has shown that art and music can change brain wave patterns, affect the autonomic nervous system and balance hormones. Children, in particular, respond well to art therapy as it helps them with problem-solving skills and increases cognitive ability. Students who are exposed to art classes in school are often more successful academically in some areas of math and reading.

Group Therapy

In addition to individual therapy, the organization also promotes community-based art programs to provide socialization to those who may be isolated. These community programs provide an outlet for those who need to work through every day problems without feelings of judgement. For lower income children, art offers them the ability to express themselves while also increasing positive relationships with adults, developing motivation and helping them create their own identity.

Free Arts for Abused Children in Arizona’s core values are that art heals, that every child matters and that mentoring works. They believe that creative arts transform lives, that children have every right to be respected and cared for. They also believe that mentoring builds self-esteem, social skills, trust and the ability to express feelings in a positive way. Their vision is to be the premier resource for healing children through art.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

In the Arms of the Almighty

As a College Instructor for almost a decade now, I met lots of students with different personalities. There were those students who leaves a lasting imprints in your life, those who made , in one way or another, a difference that somehow made me, as  teacher, to become more humble and genuine. 

I do learn a lot from my students. I gained much lessons in life from them. It's varied but somehow unique in their own little way.

That is why, when one of my best students passed away, I really can't help but cry. It's a great loss but knowing the fact that he is already at peace in heaven, it lightens the burden within us, somehow though at the back of our mind we could only hope and pray and wish he could stay a little bit longer. But again, it was written in the Bible, Many are the plans of man but it is the plans of GOD that SHALL prevail.

To you, Jake, thank you for making a difference in our lives. We'll surely miss you and your unique but awesome personality.

Enjoy your day with the Lord always.

Rest in peace.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

That Thing Called PERSEVERANCE

Things are getting complicated lately, so does my responsibilities as a teacher, a mother, a wife, and a blogger! Honestly, with so many things in my mind, and so many tasks to be done, I am quite confused how to begin and what should come first. Of course, you might say, as a Mom and a wife, my family should be on top of my priority. As the breadwinner, I might say, I should prioritize my job. Well, by strength coming from God, I was amazed how I could get things done simultaneously.

Maybe because PERSEVERANCE is the key. For me, I could define this word as doing things slowly yet surely. God never failed to amaze me with the strength and wisdom that He bestowed upon me. He is simply amazing 

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ensuring Your Safety and Working Better with Quality Equipment

A job that requires you to cut into very hard materials can be dangerous if you do not have the right tools for this work. Tools made from poor quality materials can slip and cut you, leaving you seriously injured or maimed. Rather than bank your safety on parts made from materials that you may question, you may fare better to choose those that have tested and approved parts like carbide core bits. These components allow you to carry out your work without fearing that you will somehow get hurt or permanently injured during your workday.

When you want to make it your priority to have these parts on hand, you may wonder where you can find the most thorough selection available to consumers like you. You may be unable to find a local dealer in your area that has such components on hand. Instead of looking at local dealers, you may find it better to shop online through this website. The site is set up so that you can check out the parts you need and understand the level of quality that comes with them. You can also learn about why it could pay to have access to such elements for your tools.

If you work with both wet and dry materials during a typical workday, it also may save you time and money to invest in components that are suited for both types of materials. Rather than switch bits repeatedly during a shift, it may serve you better to have a single part that can stay in your tool and be used regardless of the material into which you are cutting. You could find such a part when you shop online. 

If you need resources and tools for more than just cutting into concrete or tile, you likewise can use this website to filter your search for other work items as well. You can find demolition tools, tools for sawing, and more using the links on the left of the page. If you or your company prefer one brand over another, you can also filter your search using the manufacturer link at the top. Staying on budget may also be a priority for you. You can find sale items available on the website. These discounted items let you save money on the tools that you need to work safer.

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Radiating Positivity

To begin with, I hate being pessimist... I hate dealing pessimistic people and I have low tolerance for such kind... Maybe because I hate my own kind.

Yes, I used to be so pessimistic in so many things. I never run out of negative comments in almost everything- from personal to work-related issues.

But as I grow older, things change slowly. As I was exposed to the open, I met some people who has always negative things to say. In my workplace, in particular, you can never expect professional teachers behaving professionally at all times because they too have their share of negative thoughts and ideas. Well, I choose to ignore every time I encountered one. I was just so glad that I am surrounded with positive people in my station. I draw positive ideas from them. Whenever I felt busted with one colleague, there's always one person who can pacify me and I am so glad for their presence (better not to mention a name here though).

I just notice that whenever there's brainstorming of ideas, there's always one or two who will opposed for not so justifiable reasons. They're just overwhelmed with their negativism. Or maybe, it is just a common scenario when brilliant minds collides. But for me, whatever is their reason, such people should learn to weigh things out carefully, they should consider the positive effects over the negative one. After all, being a teacher, we were thought once how to be flexible, we should live by it.


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