Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Joy of Being Real

I've said this before and I would like to reiterate it now: I am who I am.

I am not whom people expected me to be. I am ME. Being real to ourselves is by far much rewarding than being pressured of becoming what you are because that's what people wants you to be.
At school my students really know who I am because I am showing to them the real me. They knew when I am not in the mood, they knew when I am game for their crazy jokes and they knew when not to disturb me. Even to my colleagues. My mood for the day is very evident. They knew when I am mad, they knew when I am really happy and gay and they even knew when I am sad because I am not good at hiding my emotions. I am not an expert in pretensions. 

Nevertheless, I may not be good in hiding my emotions but I know how to control it. I know my limitations. When I am upset, I'd rather keep my silence.

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

RO RO for the WIN

RO RO as in ROdrigo ROa Duterte finally have triumph the presidential race with a landslide victory. For me, he totally deserves it. He's my bet and I am so proud of him. Some may contradict with me but I can sense that indeed change is finally coming. Change as to the government system. Change in terms of policies. There are actually lots of changes that we could expect under his 6-year term. I am just hoping that all Filipinos will learn how to cooperate and abide by his rules. I am really excited to see the changes that will unfold before us. But of course, changes start with each one of us. 

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Who Are We to Judge?

In few hours, Election will start and I am pretty sure, none of the candidates, particularly the presidential candidates, was having a good night sleep. Maybe right now they are wondering what could be the result a day after tomorrow. Obviously, the pressure does not solely rely on them alone because even our local candidates have their share of anxieties as well. Up to this writing, many people in our neighborhood are still busy even at the middle of the night waiting for their "share of blessings", this sounds illegal but it is very rampant wherever you go. This has become a customary in the Philippine politics. Too bad for those who were caught in the act and was detained  by the police for possible criminal charges as what I have seen on the news.

While they are busy waiting for their turns, I am also busy browsing the net about some updates especially about my presidential bet on the social media. Then a certain comment of a page that I belong to caught my attention. She was explicitly showing her disinterest on my presidential bet citing on his ill-mannered personality. It was a page of a religious ministry. She might just merely expressing her opinion because she's entitled to it but I just cannot stand this attitude of being so self-righteous that we tend to easily judge other people. Yes, she's probably right that my bet (obviously you know whom I am referring to) has this bad attitude but who are we to judge his capacity? Have we forgotten our heroes in the Bible? Those whom the society has considered as murderer, womanizer and unbeliever? Aren't God use them mightily for His cause? We cannot really foretell what a person would become because we all know that with God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Yes, it is true that we need to have that kind of leadership that is worth following- a kind of leader that is worth emulating by our children. But I guess, imparting values to our children is, first and foremost, a parents responsibility. So we need not to worry if we can have a foul-mouthed President because I do believe that people can change, people can be tamed and much more if you are holding the highest position in the land. In spite of his "bad attitude", the support that the people have showed upon him is beyond compare. I don't think so that it is just a pure charisma- it is all about the legacy and accomplishment that he had with him along with his other credentials. His accomplishments are very remarkable and we just cannot blame why there are so many people who vouched for him. These are the people who are sick and tired of our present government system. These are the people who wanted a radical change for this country. Besides, as a Technical Instructor, attitude is just 10% of my student's grade because the big weight lies on their performances/project outputs and the way I see it, you cannot accomplish something if you have no right attitude at all. Same thing happened when we are seeking for a job, EXPERIENCE do really matter, don't you think?

So before I end up, let us pause for awhile and say a little prayer for an honest, orderly and peaceful election.

God bless the Philippines.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Can't Help But Notice and Comment

With barely two days before the National Election, black propaganda against the leading Presidential candidates is getting worse causing his loyal supporters to really react. News on campaign sabotage were also reported on FB but not on television news. Not only that, political ads that clearly and directly or shall I say blatantly shows antagonism was shown, which said to have violated the law. Then there was these numerous cases being filed by one of the VP candidates who seems to do everything just to demoralize the leading candidates.

Given all these scenario, indeed, Philippine politics is nothing but a game of deception, defamation and sabotage. Why sabotage? Because, the present administration is willing to run an extra mile just to have his presidential bet be ahead of others. However, it seems like all his efforts won't paid off unless there will be a massive cheating (God forbid) that will take place this Monday (Election day). What is more threatening are the news that was being spread that the machine was being manipulated as what was took place in one of the precinct in Mindanao when the machine was being tested. Then I remember earlier this year about the news that there was a problem about the source code. And to think that these machine were just being programmed by some intellectual programmer therefore manipulating it is as easy as ABC. There are also images posted in FB wall that some of these machines were transported to a place not being specified using a PRIVATE VEHICLE. Thus, we can never blame the voting populace if they will speculate about massive cheating. There was also a sudden changes in the surveys making the presidential bet of the admin to the top (in less than a week before the election). Surveys too can be easily manipulated. Not to mention their confidence in expressing to the public during interviews that they will surely win- How sure?

Oh God, help my country please.  I could only hope that the one whom I will vote for in the Presidential seat is the one that God really wanted for our country.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

That Dirty Dance Called POLITICS

I am just wondering, where in the world can we find a place where election is done without those dirty tactics? 

Politics here in the Philippines is not only demeaning to our country but degrading to our values system as well. Why can't all the candidates just simply lay down all their platforms and credentials during the campaign period and never throw bad impression to their opponents? Could that be possible?

Those dirty tactics not only cause damage to the one involve, it also cause broken relationships. But then, most of the politicians never mind hurting other people, throwing lies and compromising their principles as long as they could have an edge over other candidates. What a shame!

Can we do something about this?

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Aren't Elders Supposedly Be Our Role Model?

I was totally pissed off this morning while reading an FB post from one of my students before. She's a minor age and was still in Secondary School She narrated that there was this old man who just simply chat with her. At first their conversation was doing good until the old man offered her a phone (she didn't mention the brand) followed with an indecent proposal.

For heaven's sake, what happened to some of our old men right now? How could they even think of doing such thing just to satisfy their lustful desires? This is such a threat to our younger generations-especially young women. So sad because there are some young women who will just simply cling to the ideas and accept the proposal without even considering the possible outcome and before they knew it, there were already trapped to the evil scheme of this kind of men.

To all parents, never allow this thing to happen to your daughter or any of your children. As parents, it is our primary goal to protect our children from the immorality of this world. This is such an alarming issue. Bribery is one of the schemes that these men are using. They offered expensive gadgets or even large amount of money just to trap their victim. Too bad for those who easily get caught. Too bad for those who lack parental guidance, and too bad for those who thought that money and pleasure is everything in this world.

I could only hope that our government could do something to protect our children because they are too vulnerable to this kind of situation. May the law protecting them will totally be enforced and life sentence should be accorded to those who will violate it.

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