Sunday, June 19, 2016


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Friday, June 10, 2016

Gregory's Summer Scool Adventure

Tutoring toddlers on how to read and write requires ample amount of patience.

Thanks to Teacher Ems


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Jerusha's Version of ABC Song

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Friday, June 3, 2016

LEarning How To Read Chronicles

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Enjoying Excellent Lifestyle for Less with Groupon Coupons

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Discipline from the Lowest Level

Great thing starts from small beginning.

That is why, when one of the TV personality made a comment regarding the plans of President Duterte in the area of discipline to which she described as "should be within the local level only and the President should focus on the bigger issues" it really made my brows arching in disgust.

There are many areas that the President have already implemented on his very hometown and he wanted such areas to be applied to the entire nation simply because he found it to be really effective.

What are those issues and concerns that the President wants to deal with to the entire archipelago?

First, the Anti-smoking ordinance. Actually, this is one of the ordinances here in CDO that seems to be neglected, or ignored. Smokers are not supposed to smoke in public places and utilities like in the waiting area, terminals, public vehicles, and any open spaces where the crowds are there. However, this has been ignored completely. The ordinance did exist but it was never justified. I could only hope that by this time, such ordinance and its corresponding sanctions for violators will be finally imposed. Who would like to waste their money and pay a penalty fee of Php 10,000.00 for violating this ordinace nowadays?

Second, the Liquor ban. I know many business establishments, particularly clubs, night hang-out areas, cafes, and the like are not happy with these. Well, I felt sorry for them but this is just right. Being in the influence of alcoholic drink can bring someone to his untimely death or could even break a family. The simple reminder that says,"When you drink don't drive; when you drive, don't drink" is not enough anymore. Though the liquor ban is just within a specified period of time, not totally banned for the entire day, but still it has negative impacts tot he society.

Third, eradication of drug users/pushers that brought menace to the society. I thought only the rich people can afford to buy drugs but I was absolutely wrong. Most of those who were raided, captured, caught in the act pushers are those people who don't even have a decent job. I know they're operating as front-liner of those filthy rich drug syndicates but I am so sad for them because they allow themselves to be used. When they were caught, most of them do not admit being used as instrument for fear maybe of the life of their family- in short, most of them were made to promise not to divulge, otherwise the life of their family will be in danger. But who's to blame? No one else but their very own self. Like what the President said, Poverty should not be used as reason for involving in drug syndicate. Imagine the lives of those who were become their victims.

Fourth, the curfew for minors. Well, as of this writing, it was already wee hour in the morning yet I can still hear minors yelling, talking on the street. I wonder where their parents are. It cannot be denied that sometimes, parents do not know how to control their children but then it's not a valid reason for them to allow their children to wander around because accident could happen anytime to them.

Well, so far, these are just among the "MINOR ISSUES" that the President has to implement. But these minor things once implemented fully will make a difference in the society. I can sense it. People, (that's us) will become more cautious, more discipline and most of all, will learn how to respect other people. 

By just merely thinking the effect of all these things, it made me smile.

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