Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Son's Favorite Past time

My son belongs to the digital era. He loves to play on cellphone or tablets and even on our laptops. Just imagine how a 3-year old boy gets to memorize my alphanumeric password so he could have an access to my laptop. We are partly to be blamed of his "addiction" to gadgets because he was already exposed to it as early as his first year because that was used to be his pacifier when he was on tantrums before.

We were actually quite alarmed of his exposure to gadgets that is why we limit his usage now. Since he is the type who is very hyper, his father bought him a blocks for him to play on. We are also glad because he really loves playing blocks. In fact, that was what he usually watched on YouTube- Lego creations.
Favorite past time at home 

Favorite activity in school

Right now, he has limited time for movies, gadgets, and more time for physical activities. For Moms out there, be resourceful in providing your kids with something that will keep them busy- not with gadgets but with toys that will enhance their creativity.

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Suggestions for Dealing with Mosquito Infestations

For many people, dealing with mosquitoes is something that is just slightly annoying. They will be around in the evening when an individual would like to sit out on their porch and enjoy the sunset. They buzz around their head and cause annoyance. For other people, dealing with mosquitoes is something that is really scary. Mosquitoes transmit very serious diseases that can leave people ill for weeks or even months. Unfortunately, some mosquito illnesses have actually killed people. No matter if you are trying to get rid of mosquitoes because they are annoying or because you are worried about mosquito borne illnesses, there are a variety of mosquito control products as well as techniques that can be used to get rid of them.

The first place that you want to control mosquitoes is inside your home. This means that you are going to stake steps to make sure that mosquitoes cannot enter your home. This requires putting screens on windows and doors. You may want to purchase a bug zapper that will allow you to kill any mosquitoes that accidentally enter your home. There are certain things that you can do to make sure that your home is not a mosquito target. Make sure there is no standing water around your home where they can breed. Try to keep grass, shrubs, and trees cut back so they do not have a good hiding place. They prefer shade and areas that are not well ventilated since they cannot fly well.

When you are outdoors or in a situation where you cannot control the environment, wear long sleeve shirts and long pants. You want to wear clothing that is a light color. Use mosquito repellent. Take special care when protecting your children from mosquitoes. Also, it is important for you to realize that mosquitoes can bite your pets.

If you live in an area where mosquito borne illnesses are common, make sure that you know the early signs of disease. This will allow you to take even more precautions when your family members, friends, or neighbors begin to show symptoms of disease. Normally, mosquito borne illnesses start out with a headache, fever, and rash. Learn all that you can about mosquitoes, their breeding patterns, and the diseases they transmit. The more knowledge you have, the more prepared you will be to protect yourself and your family.

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Clearing Away The Pests

beeThe last thing that you want to see in the home is a string of ants or a nest of bees lurking on the porch. A Naples exterminator can get rid of your pest problem in a short time. It's important not to get around any pests that are dangerous, such as wasps or large animals that roam outside. The animals could pose a healthy risk if you are bitten. 

When you use products that you get at the store, you might use too many at a time. These can be detrimental to your health and the health of other family members. An exterminator will use just the right amount of pesticides to kill the pests that are in and around the home. Most exterminators use products that are safe for the family and the environment. 

After the exterminator kills the pests in the home, you will see that there are fewer illnesses as there are some insects that can bite you while you're sleeping or while you're sitting in a chair or on a couch, such as fleas and bedbugs. You won't spend as much time cleaning up after dead pests in the home. You might see a few dead bugs on the floor after the exterminator is finished, but once the pests are out of the home, then you will see that you aren't sweeping behind the refrigerator or under cabinets. 

At times, you might feel like there are bugs crawling on you while you're in bed. It could be your imagination, but it could also be that there are small bugs crawling on the skin at night. An exterminator can help relieve these feelings so that you feel better at night. This will also give you more time to spend with the family since you aren't losing sleep at night and since you aren't as worried about the bugs that you find in the home. You will save money that is spent on products that you get in the store that might not even work like the professional products that an exterminator uses when he comes to the home.

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Dr. P Endorser

In loving memory of my dearly departed Tatay. It's been four years now. How are you up there?

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

What It Takes To Be A Super Mom

Sad to say, I cannot qualify myself as Super Mom. I have so many shortcomings. With three kids at home, my time is not enough to attend to all their needs. I haven't able to attend to my son's school activities. Last activity that they have was the culmination for Buwan ng Wika. I was still on maternity leave by that time. However, it happened during the vaccination schedule of my youngest daughter and she was really in pain at that time that I just cannot leave her like that. My husband was also busy during that time and all he could do is to fetch our son to school. While his classmates was with their parents, my son was all alone.

That tallest boy on the group is my 4-year old son

Sad life.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Living a Comfortable Life is Now Affordable with Groupon Goods

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine

Are you having this kind of bed at home? If that so, your bedroom is such a heavenly place and for sure you wouldn't want to go somewhere else to rest. However, with the crises we are facing in our economy, living comfortably comes with a price.

Good thing there is Groupon Goods available that will provide us comfort for less. In fact, we can achieve that look of a perfect bed with its accessories for only $69.99 (the original value is $309.99), just make sure you will avail it before their promo expires. Other than bed accessories, Groupon has a lot of discounted goods and services to offer. Indeed, Groupon allows you to live comfortably without emptying your pocket. They never run out of things to offer and you can be assured of their legitimacy.

After giving birth to my daughter last month, I was quite worried about the future. I was asking myself if I could afford to give my three kids a comfortable life that they deserve. Well, of course, I should be positive that I can. With the help of my husband, enough patience and perseverance in our work, and being practical plus wisdom and guidance coming from God- I should be calm about the future.

And what's more? There's Groupon that would back me up. For updates of their latest offers, check their facebook page and follow them on Twitter

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