Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ditch the Label, Be Real!

This video caught my attention big time. This is the reality. This is us. We are so accustomed to the lie we created on Social Media. We rather pretend because we are overly conscious of what others will think and say. But for how long shall we tolerate this kind of lies?

Isn't it the right time to, indeed, DITCH THE LABEL!
Let's be REAL!

Video credit to Ditch the Label.

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How an Interior Designer Can Help You

Every person who owns a home wants it to look good. You might be one of the many people who are not that gifted when it comes to interior design. Therefore, it would make sense for you to hire a person who has gone to school for interior design and does it professionally. There are many companies that specialize in interior design. You can have an interior designer come to your home and take a look at every room that you want to have decorated. He or she will put together some ideas that you can approve or have changed. Here are a few of the many advantages of hiring an interior designer.

1. A professional interior designer will be able to come up with interesting ideas.

One of the main reasons you are hiring an interior designer in the first place is for their ability to come up with fun, innovative and interesting ideas that you would have never been able to think of on your own. These people spend their lives taking a look at the interiors of homes and listening to the tastes of their various clients. They then use this info to come up with design ideas that will blow you away. A company that handles Dubai interior design will come up with several ideas for you to choose from.

2. An interior designer can make your home look great while you do other things.

You might be a very busy person. You do not have time in your life to sit around and come up with interior design ideas. You might not have the skill or desire to do the interior design work on your home. Hiring someone to do this task for you will allow you to focus on things in your life that are more important to you. 

3. The task of designing the interior of your home can be finished very quickly by hiring a professional.

Many people want to get the interior design work on their home completed as quickly as possible. You might have a deadline that you need this task to be completed by. If this is the case, a professional interior designer will be able to meet your demands. He or she will put together a plan that will get the design work finished by the date that you have in mind.

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Trusting No One But God

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In this very chaotic world, it's hard to entrust our life to anyone. Even relatives have the tendency to break one's trust to each other. Clearly, God's message tells us that we can simply put our trust on Him with all our hearts, mind, and soul. However, we are sometimes overcome with our doubts. And with that, we need more faith in entrusting our life to Our Creator.

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Cheap Ways to Prepare Your House for the Summer

With summer right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how you'll turn your home into a safe haven against all of the heat and humidity. Luckily, this guide will outline just a handful of ways in which you can effectively and, perhaps more importantly, affordably alter your home into a cool wonderland for your friends and family. 

Invest in Air Filtering Plants

By strategically placing certain plants around your house, you can dramatically improve the air quality and ensure that your family won't have a hard time breathing properly. For the bets results, try to use plants like spider plants and snake plants, and then place them near places like your bathroom where better air flow will be most welcomed. 

Look for Repair Opportunities

AIR ON TIME ACAlthough you might be worried about the cost of replacing outdated or old air conditioner units, there are better alternatives. For instance, companies like Air on Time AC can help with AC repair Tomball Texas and actually save you money in the long run. Instead of buying a completely new air conditioner unit, repairing an existing one can potentially save you a considerable amount of money, all while still providing your family with the same refreshing air that you've come to expect during the summertime. 

Similarly, you should keep an eye out on your refrigerator now before any serious issues develop. Try cleaning out the condensing coils before the summer rolls around, so that you can ensure your family won't have to worry about cold refreshments when it gets particularly warm out. 

Pay Attention to Fan Settings

As useful as air conditioner units may be, fans can also provide a relaxing atmosphere on a hot day. If you play around with the settings, and make sure that the fan is set to rotate counter-clockwise, then you can actually develop a nice temperate environment throughout your house. When the fans rotate counter-clockwise, it causes the hot and cool air to mix, which results in the enjoyable effect.

The summer is all about enjoying time with your friends and family, so don't let dealing with the temperature bring you down too much. As long as you stick with these ideas, and maybe even pursue some of your own, you'll be sure to have a great time throughout the summer.

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Mother's Day- My Day

Messages for Mother's Day are now flooding my Inbox, as well as on Social Media. Yes it's my day- and day also to all mothers in the world who gave their life selflessly for their family. It's my Mom's Day and I know she won't be able to read this immediately because she's having an early Mother's Day celebration with her friends. She's currrently on her well-deserved break from her nerve-breaking job. 

Resulta ng larawan para sa mother's day message

Just like my Mom, my great respect and salute to all mothers in the world who are willing to give up their own happiness for their kids, who are willing to take all the burdens for their family. Above all, I would like to thank God for creating such kind of people with such exceptional abilities. Kudos!

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

How to Take a Perfect Selfie

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Taking a selfie has become the latest trend in our society nowadays. Young and old alike, they love to take selfies. Others are very conscious with how they look that they really invest on perfect phone cameras that have special features intended for selfie addicts.

However, when taking a perfect selfie that could be a perfect profile picture for your social media account, you will only remember few important things before taking that pose. Make sure you don't look pale in front of the camera. Put on some make-up, giving emphasis on the color of your lips. Highlight the contour of your cheeks as well. Second, and perhaps the most important thing, let your crowning glory emphasize your natural beauty. But when you have some problem with your hair, try wearing wigs. Or, if you are tired of your current hairstyle but just cannot let go of it, wearing wigs is the best option. And just to ensure of real quality, try diva wigs. They have a lot of options to choose from. 
Motown Tress Wig – Amelia | COLOR: RT1B/CORALZury Sis Wig – 3B JettaBobbi Boss Wig – M740 Kim | COLOR: BUG

You can be glamorous with their shoulder-length locks, or be bold and be daring with their waves or just simply impress others with that long, shiny, straight hair. As you can see, they all look so natural because it is made from natural human hair. For more options, visit their website at and avail their discounted prices.

Lastly, choose the wig that will emphasize your natural beauty. Do not overdo. Always stick to what we already learned- SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY.

Whenever you get one, leave a comment below with your perfect SELFIE!

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