Monday, August 30, 2021

Happy 21st Kuya Jeush!

To my beloved nephew, aim higher but keep grounded. Being the eldest among your cousins, they will surely look up to you with pride. We love you so much!

Happy 21st!

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Happy 64th Mama Cora

This is one of the reasons why I so love August, so many birthday celebrations. However, unlike the old times, what we could only do now is a virtual celebrations. 

To my beloved Mom who immersed herself in the land of milk and honey, Happiest Birthday!

I truly blessed the day that God created you, we love you so much and hope to see you soon!

Monday, August 16, 2021

Reclaiming the Zest and Joy in Teaching

Teaching is a challenging job, much more this present day that we are embracing this new normal education. Honestly, I don't like this kind of scenario. I preferred face-to-face teaching. I believe that learners will learn more if you are just within their reach. But we are left with no choice other than to get used to the modular distance learning approach.

If you are a teacher of core subjects like Math, English, Science, and Filipino, teaching using the modular method would be great. However, if you are a teacher handling technical subjects like Drafting- then you're innovativeness and competence in computer manipulation are a must. 

But the real challenge is not really about how good we are at delivering our lessons. The real challenge is how our learners respond to our way of teaching. Truth be told, the majority of those who enrolled in public secondary schools are less fortunate, in fact, they could not even afford to buy a mobile phone. 

The previous school year was like a baptism of fire for both students and teachers. There are so many lessons being gained from that one academic year. Teachers tend to become too lenient for some students who failed to comply or complete all the requirements. 

The previous year was also the year where there are so many teachers who applied for that teacher exchange program with other countries. Whatever their reasons, one thing is uncertain- do they lost the joy in teaching here in the Philippines? 

Speaking of joy in teaching. I would admit that I am one of those teachers who planned to teach abroad, but not as early as now. Financially, emotionally, and technically I am not yet prepared. But mentally? Yes, I am somehow quite excited. But it's a tough decision considering that I have  3 younger kids who still need my care and attention.

I was really thinking that I have lost that passion, the passion to teach with all my heart. However, this pandemic taught me something else. When our city was classified to undergo Enhanced Community Quarantine in the mid of July, many have lost their jobs. One day, while passing by a fast-food chain, I was saddened by the fact that the hub that used to be so jampacked with diners suddenly becomes empty. Only those food panda riders were busy waiting outside to take orders. That scenario made me realized that no matter what, I should be grateful that I still have a job, that I should learn to love it all the more.

Many teachers might be losing that passion, many might have that urge as well to look for greener pasture, but hopefully, they will also realize the things that I did.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Scammer Alert!

In just a span of 3 days, two scam stories were on my feeds and getting viral online and it has something to do with food businesses. Nevertheless, it made me wonder, how on Earth scammers do exist in this already aching world? I mean, how do they do that? Where did they get the guts to do such a thing?

Does poverty make them do it or they were just too bored that they love to prank people selfishly?

May their souls be forgiven.

Friday, July 2, 2021

Am I Aging or What?

This year will marks my two scores of existence if God permits. I still have more or less 70 days to grind before I will bid goodbye to 30's and yet I have manifested the signs of ageing already. 

First, I've started taking Losartan 50mg to regulate my blood pressure;

Second, I have so many things in mind that I I would like to do but got less energy to fulfill it;

Third, I easily get tired!;

Fourth, I'm easily get irritated;

Fifth, I am so (with emphasis) forgetful! 

And the lists could go on.

Was this only me or everyone else of my age got the same progress?

Please lift me up by sharing your thoughts below


Friday, June 25, 2021

Why Do We Often Get Stressed With Our Work?

As a public school teacher, I was not assigned to solely teach my students, I have other vital functions to perform. Currently, I am the Learning Information System (LIS) Coordinator in our school where I was tasked to monitor our enrolment, dropouts, moved-ins, and moved-outs, facilitate school form requests, and the like. I was also tasked to submit the  Monthly Enrolment Report to our Division Office. Indeed the role was pretty tasking and oftentimes it drained my energy and eventually affects my teaching career. Aside from being a LIS Coordinator, I was also given the tasks to write a communication letter, edit a video, layout a tarpaulin, and troubleshoot some of my colleagues' ICT-related problems. The task itself wasn't that stressful, what makes it become stressful was when deadlines are coming and not everyone is cooperating. Stress is manageable so long as you are not all by yourself. 
In an organization, teamwork is totally important in getting the work done on time. If one fails to cooperate, it could affect the majority. And if everybody is helping, things will go on smoothly. When it is always the scenario, stress is just an expectation but never a reality.

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