Friday, November 13, 2015

That Thing Called #SELF-CONFIDENCE

When I was still, I always have that fear within me. I am so afraid of many things. I am afraid to face people, I am afraid to enter to the faculty room of my professors during college days, I am afraid to face the entire class when making a report, I even on the brink of dropping my Internship Subject or Student Teaching because I m not so sure if I could make it.

When time goes by, as I already held a teaching position in my dear Alma mater, I somehow manage to overcome my fear. I was able to face my students without shaking my knees (unlike the first day of duty as a teacher). In fact, I already manage my insecurities when I had my last minute teaching-demo. My profession taught me to be strong and, well, confident so to speak. However, when I was already in public secondary school I realized I haven't fully overcome my fear yet! I have fear in facing those in higher authorities. I have fear in being observed while having my class. Another fear was when I was given the task to take the lead in one of our school activities. I'd rather be asked to make certificates, tarpaulins and any other task than taking those bigger leading roles. 

Then I realized again, I think I need more dose of Self-confidence.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Perfect Gift Ideas for Christmas

In few weeks time, it's going to be Christmas, my favorite season of the year. I just love the feeling of playing the role of Santa Claus for my family. It's already been my tradition to give gifts even if I have no gifts in return. 

For this year, I want to be different. Last year, I gave ready-to-wear apparels. This year, since most of my nieces and nephew are on the Secondary School, I will be giving them school items. I already have gift ideas from the internet and one of the items that I love to have and to give is The Cutey Pen at take note, it's not just like your ordinary pen. One of my favorite among their pen products is the CandleWood (with image below). It's a metallic pen with ribbed gripper and it comes in various colors. Aside from the fact that it is colorful, it is also very affordable at 0.35 USD each. For US residents, there will be free shipping for order above 100USD. This can be a good business ideas too specially for those who are into school supplies retailing. 

So, I have now perfect gift ideas, all I have to do is to save money for the said purpose.

Merry Christmas!

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

That Paranormal Thing...

Comes Halloween, all you can see on TV shows are horror-themed and frightening movies. But what was really the essence of this All-Souls and All-Saints celebration? Is it really necessary to unearth the memories of those who are already dead through this paranormal activities?

I respect those who believe in this "scary activities" or how may you call it. But as for me, and I will stand firm on this: After we die, we will all face judgment. There's no way we can return on this earth as scary-looking creature.

just saying. 

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