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Thursday, February 3, 2011

GT: Stupid L♥ve?

If I will be asked what is the most stupid things I've done in the name of l♥ve, well, can I just keep it to myself? Instead, allow me to share with you the story of a friend of mine who can truly relate of the thing they called as "Stupid Love".

Let's call her Nicole (not her real name to protect her privacy). She's pretty, slim but somehow she's so vulnerable. She easily falls for whoever shows interest on her. She often falls for the guy who is already into a relationship. I knew it all because she never hesitated to share everything to me. There was this guy who lets her fall for him even if he was already engaged. Call it stupid love, my friend gave in in spite of my opposition. Yes, she allows herself to be just the other girlfriend of this guy. I knew the guy because we were friend (were?). Their relationship were already known among her circle of friends (including me, of course) until such news reached to the real girlfriend. Without hesitation, the real girlfriend confronted her telling her to avoid her boyfriend because they are about to get married. Helpless as she was, she considered it as the most painful experience of her life. Why? because she was so in love with the guy. She tried to forget the guy by entertaining suitors and more suitors until she falls again for  another guy. Unluckily, this guy was more than naughty that he impregnated her and left her. She gave birth out of wedlock. I don't really call it stupidity. She was just became a victim of false promises... She admitted she was too stupid to believe the guy. Good thing now that she finally found somebody who is more than willing to love her and accept her regardless of what she went through from the past.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

GT: Final Resolution

I cannot clearly made up my mind as to what should be my final resolution. The truth is, I am not just good in keeping any of those. As far as my memory is concerned, I stop making any resolutions, instead, I just simply thought of doing this and that for a change. I just don't want to add any pressure to my already pressured life (lol!).

I know my shortcomings. I can really assess myself well. I know myself better than others did. I know when to stop those bad habits and I know when to lie low on things that are overwhelming me. I admit that I cannot simply rely on to myself if I really want to make a paradigm shift of the way I think, say and do. My friends used to describe me as "stubborn". Yes, I am stubborn in the sense that I go for what I believe is right for me (though not all is really right for me). I insist on the things that I want regardless of any objections. But don't get me wrong about this. I can be easily influenced by others decision and opinion, that is one of my pitfalls. And that is exactly one of the main reasons why I want to think independently as much as possible, relying to myself for whatever is good and right for me. Well, I am not saying that my door is close to others opinion. I can listen to them but I don't want to rely much on them. However, if after weighing things out, they seems sound practical and logical, I am very much open to take it wholeheartedly.

Perhaps the most important thing that I should do right now is to ask for God's guidance that I may have the right discernment on things that I will be dealing everyday. ;)

By the way, since our host is planning to change the GT button, I made a GT badge that needs her approval... How about you? How do you find the badge below? Post your comment so that I will know...

Thank you and God bless!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

GT: What We Most Love

I am a certified shopaholic but not with apparels... Every time I went to the mall, I always go to footwear section, not for heels but for flip flops. I do have lot of slippers. I love to wear flat footwear.

I also love to go to cosmetics section. My latest craze for now was treatment for my hair. I am desperate enough to revive my hair the way it was a decade ago... Due to chemical treatments it became damage. Anyway, I was able to manage it (though I've got a lot of falling hair now). I am still hoping the most suitable hair product for me. I am using L'Oreal with anti-frizz formula as of now, hopefully it will work this time. Speaking of L'Oreal by the way, have you tried their Super-blendable blush on? I did, and I can guarantee that you will really love it! it's price plays around P 850.00 -900.00 but it's for long use! It comes with a compact mirror and a brush.

When I am in the mood of buying apparels, I always go for jeans. I love to buy those petite type. I seldom shop for bags, I just borrowed from my Mom (she's a collector anyway).

See that slippers on the upper right side of the mag? That's one of my favorite!

Well enjoy shopping for this GT Thursday!

It's so nice sharing it here anyway... 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

GT # 1: Domestic Diva

T'was my first time here to share with the Girl's Talk...

For this week's theme: Domestic Diva. I cannot really relate that much. The truth of the matter is that- it was only my Mom who has the heart to shop for our home kitchen utensils. Well, actually, I did brought home once a set of decorated glasses which I really found to be so attractive, however, my Mom didn't like the color that much. She opted for clear glass design while I go for those somewhat with abstract design. I am more particular of the design really. What I commonly purchased on the kitchenware section is coffee mugs. I love coffee, and I specifically love big mugs. The mug I am frequently using right now is from Avon. It was actually owned by my sister but she gave it to me before she left. What I love most about it is the spoon and the cover. However, the spoon got broke. Another thing that I love buying on the kitchenware section is the water bottle. How about you?

my kind of coffee mug...

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