Friday, September 30, 2011

¿Qué es SEO?

I've been writing an articles with SEO content and I tell you it is not that difficult as long as you know your topic very well. However, there are some key words that I have encountered that would really give me a headache because I knew nothing about it. Recently, I encountered about Posicionamiento SEO. For cases like this,I always ask Mr. Google for his assistance. However, when I found the site, I cannot understand the language (Spanish). All i knew is that they are also specializing in Search Engine Optimization. Anyway, I should not dwell on such kinds of key words so as not to get stressed lol!

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Missing my Pencils...

I used to sketch a lot before. I even tried charcoal rendering also and I really enjoyed it as well. But as of now, things changed... I seldom use my pencil anymore and I haven't tried using charcoal again. I do not know if it is that passion in me that was lost or am I just having difficulty finding a time for it anymore. Or maybe because this pregnancy demands much of my time. Whatever is that temporary detachment that I felt for sketching right now I knew from deep within me that such passion already lives in me and it will never get out of my system. This is just another case of get-back-to-me-soon.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Need To promote Your Business?

Nowadays, it is no longer difficult to earn more credit in promoting your businesses because you can successfully do it with the help of blogging and social media marketing.  The rapid growth of internet users becomes an easy market for all those who are using cyber space as medium for business marketing. Check some helpful blog that will give you more ideas in engaging business in the world wide web.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WFW: The Doer

Blessed are the doer of God's Words, they knew what lies ahead of them because God already foretold it on His Words... Don't be the last to know...

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Got a Payment From Postnjoy

Click to enlarge
This is just to inform everyone that is a legitimate paying website. As a matter of fact, the recent amount that I won from them was already credited to my Paypal account. Their mechanic is very easy. Just simply sign up and they will email you with their latest opportunity. They don't mind if your blog is old or new as long as you will just participate on their opportunities. If you follow all their given requirements, you will be paid according to the number of hits that your entry post will be receiving.  The result will be ranked from First to Fourth and all those who were able to follow the given requirements but got only minimal hits will receive $2. You need to earn $20 in order to cash out. Recently, I won $50 for the second rank on post about KES 2011. I already earned $13 on my previous post. Because of my excitement, I cashed out the said amount. The latest post that I made for them only earned $8 but it is really okay. I am already so thankful for it. I need to earn $12 more in order to cash out lol! Indeed, you could never go wrong in joining because they really give importance on your effort. If you are diligent enough in optimizing your entry post it will really pays off! So what are you waiting for? Join now and start receiving campaign from them.  

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Monday, September 26, 2011

How Early Should You Save for Retirement

For individuals who are new in the corporate world or those still climbing the corporate ladder may think that retirement is still at a far distance. This could be true but the question is, how early should you start planning for your retirement? A common mistake that lead a number of people into financial difficulties is the thought that retirement should only be considered once you are getting the retirement age. In the end you’ll wind up with not enough savings for your days ahead. As early as your first day in the job, you should already start thinking of ways on how to save up for the future. It is very important to secure your life after you stop working and making sure that you’ll have enough funds to pay for your bills and expenses. Keep in mind: you may have stopped working but the bills won’t stop coming. The younger working class should know the concept of retirement planning. Start off by monitoring your expenses and keeping your credit card debt at a minimum. It is also ideal to start talking with an investment banker and discuss the options available for you. Determine the type of investments that you can afford with your salary and then go from there. Those in the middle-age group and already with families to support should re- evaluate their priorities while still making sure that their current obligations are satisfied but at the same time, they’re able to save a little for the future. There is actually no set date on when you should start thinking of retirement. But it pays to be ready for the future. Once you are retired be careful and smart about how you spend your money. 

 Diane currently works as a freelance writer. Among her favorite topics include travel, current events, technology and fashion. She's enjoying her current task writing for lån penge a project which is all about loan money.

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Do You Know...?


I was just being tagged on this picture on my facebook account and I just can't help but laugh... How about you, do you know what IDK means? Comment back! Lol!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Penny auction at

I have stumbled one site which offers penny auction for almost everything. The good thing about this site is that the merchandise that they are dealing for auction is at a very affordable cost. All you have to do is to bid for your price and wait if you will get it. Their awesome deals includes iPad, iPhone, Kindle Laptops, LED Tvs, PS3, Watches, Jewelry, and Toys. Many are getting crazy about it. Check complaints if you can find some and see for yourself if it will really work for you. Enjoy bidding!

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Boost My Blog Friday

Wanna meet new friends in the blogosphere? Then link up and be a part of the Boost My Blog FridayThe rules are quite complicated to follow! (Just kidding) Absolutely, there's no rules to follow! The easiest way to build traffic!Just follow the host so that they will be informed that you have joined them and leave a mark on her comment page! hmmwah!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dealing Irresponsibility

In my entire career as a teacher, dealing students who cannot understand a simple instruction is no longer new to me.Sometimes being too lenient in our class will likely result to being abused by your abusive students (what a term). I am just so disappointed today in my class. I gave them a video project which was supposedly due two weeks ago. However, due to some technicalities I wasn't able to check their work. Last week was University's Intramurals so I extended the deadline today so as not to spoil their week. To my disappointment, all of them were not able to accomplish the task that I gave them. I was really totally dismayed with their attitude that I dismissed them early before I could not hold on my temper. I truly felt disgusted with their irresponsibility. I told them not to tolerate such attitude or they will be the one to suffer in the end.I just hope they will give me positive results by next meeting.Grrr!

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The Importance of Printed Labels

One who engage in product manufacturing needs also to invest in product labeling. Products without labels is not salable considering that people will be hesitant to buy such thing if they cannot see any printed labels that reveals the name of the product as well as the manufacturer. If you have a business like this but you do not have any skills to make your own, then why not avail the services of those companies who can offer it for a minimal cost?

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WW: Raging Fire

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Jesus' Ministry

Jesus, the King of all kings with all humility leave His throne in heaven and step down to Earth to be with the Jews who persecuted Him later on and also with the Gentiles whom His mercy was extended. Indeed, by all means, God do everything to win our soul yet some of us hardened our heart as if we have the full control of the life that He just lend to us. 
During Jesus' ministry here on Earth, He did not choose those who are on the elite group. He chooses ordinary men to become His disciples. He chooses the likes of you and me to honor Him and to show to the whole world that He can make an extra-ordinary things through us, the ordinary people. No, He doesn't show any favoritism. He was just being denied by those in authority, by the "knowledgeable" (the hypocrites) and during His ministry He made such a great impact that the Pharisees were so envious that they plotted to kill Him...

Jesus' death is not just an ordinary death. It paves the way for us to be saved. The blood that He shed cleanses us all from unrighteousness. If we lack the faith in believing everything that Jesus did for us, it's gonna be our great loss!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jail Break!

I was bombarded with the news this morning from our local radio stations about the jail break in our local provincial jail. Right now the police and other authority are in full force for manhunt operation. There were six who were able to escape but two of them were being caught back by the Police. When interviewed, one jail breaker said that they were just compelled to escape because of the delayed judicial process on their case. Well, as for me, it's no longer new. Justice delayed, justice denied as the famous quote goes. I really do not know what causes the delay but one thing is for sure: Not all of those who were imprisoned deserves to be there. Some were just being set up or framed up. They just don't have any money to post for bail. That's one of the sad realities that our society is adapting nowadays. I do not know what should be done about this. With those heavy files of cases piling up, specially those involving lowly citizens, perhaps, only time can really tell. 

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

MUST Intramurals 2011

taken from the FB album of my student
Today is the last day of the University Intramurals. But I never get the chance to enjoy the event because we just cannot procrastinate all the transactions at the office. However, we could hear the shouts from the students since our office is adjacent to the basketball court. If I am going to compare the Intramurals this year to the previous years, it's really different. I mean, something is just lacking. Before, faculty and staff were involved with the Fiesta Games unlike now that all the activities were just focused to the students. the right of the faculty and staff to enjoy is being deprived? Well, nevertheless, the event is still successful. Intramurals is also one way for the students to unwind and to free themselves from the pressures of academic requirements. This is also a chance for us, teachers, to relax (with my self as an exemption lol!)

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Blessing from postnjoy!

I am more than happy today for a very unexpected blessing. I ranked 2nd (with other fellow bloggers) on the recent result of postnjoys advertising campaign about Korea Electronic Show 2011. I am so happy because I never expected to win. My previous post only got $5 and $8 respectively. Since I need to earn $20 in order to cash out the amount, I participated two of their campaign ads hoping to win at least another $8, but by God's grace, He gave me more than what I have expected. I am now waiting for the result of the other campaign ads which will be announced next week. Looking back, I almost did not join the campaign for some reason. But since I am quite desperate to earn more, and upon checking my dashboard that I have to earn at least $8 in order to cash out, I took effort to join and such effort paid off!

Thank you to postnjoy. The campaign was still extended, don't fail to join. By the way, just to share with you my happiness, here's the proof of my victory:

===  THE WINNERS OF 10TH OPP.  ===

"Korea Electronics Show (KES) 2011"

Congratulations, everyone!

All participants not on list were credited $5
 (*except bloggers who did not fulfill the requirements)

Aren't you convinced? Don't be late, join now!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WFW: Are You Willing To Go?

Can you hear God calling you right now? Are you willing to be used for his greater glory? How far are you willing to go?

You don't need to go to far places in serving God. Just simply look around you and feel the need of reaching out to others. Allow God to use you within your territory. Being a missionary doesn't have to be traveling to the mountains for others can do that. Just be willing to do God's will.

Listen to that still small voice- God is calling you.

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