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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#143/366: Irresistible FB

I don't have any idea as to when Facebook (FB) will become obsolete because based on observation, the number of FB users grows rapidly each day. Even those who are below 18 years of age got an FB account (with fake birth year of course LOL!). My grade schooler nieces and nephew already had an account and even the four month old baby of my colleague got one too! Now, who can resist FB? As for me, I thank FB because it makes the world smaller, allowing me to get an update from my siblings abroad.

In our office, we've got lot of things to do especially when we have projects on the line. Computer tasks are plenty but just like what the picture below says, FB is like a REAL TEMPTATION. And with approval, there goes my colleague who's always been updated with the latest happenings of his friends through FB!

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cafe World...

It's Saturday and I am supposed to stay at my boarding house to do some laundry, however, I still need to finish my report from the Annual Evaluation and Planning Conference which is due on Monday. I arrived at school more or less 1PM since I have my toe nails pedicured before going to school. It is always my habit to check mails from my Yahoo inbox and what caught my attention was the special delivery from Zynga for my Cafe World. I opened it and was delighted with what I got... And do you know what happened next? I realized later that I was glued to Cafe World waiting for my 15-minute Ranch Beans menu to cook! Wow! Indeed, I accomplished nothing as of this moment. Ate Rhea was right, she opted not to play nor open her facebook account since it will just consume all her time. I played lots of games from Yahoo but it is only Cafe World that I truly enjoyed the most. I am still at Level 50 and I am working too hard (lol) to get to a hundred level. A certified Cafe World addict?  

Well, I choose the other way around and the consequence? I'll be starting doing my reports late and that's it... By the way I need some parts for my lightning stove... Can you give me? (lol)

facebook, facebook...

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