Thursday, May 31, 2012

#152/366 BPC: Flawless Face You Want?


Wee I just miss those time when pimple breakouts is not yet haunting me. Well, this was taken when I was still single. See, unlike the present time, I do not have acne marks and many were asking about my beauty regimen. But since I got pregnant, acne breakouts was inevitable. Anyway, slowly I am recuperating from those bad marks. 


See the difference? Thanks to the BB Cream I am using and thanks to Tupperware Brands, it pays to be a dealer. LOL!

My BB Cream

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WFW: Are You Truly Released?

Romans 7:6 (52 kb)

People who are bounded with the law still exist today. They are those who haven't fully realized yet with what Jesus Christ have done for them on the cross.They still follow the old traditions when it comes to foods, clothing, and manner of worshiping. 

However, there are still some who claimed to have complete faith in Jesus Christ yet they are still bounded not with the old law, but with their old, selfish ways. They claimed to have Jesus Christ in their lives yet it does not manifest. Many were still stumbled with their attitude, with their ways of dealing other people and their manner of speech.

How about you, are you really released or still slaved with your old self which Jesus Christ have supposedly ransomed more than two thousand years ago.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#149/366 BPC: 4+1

Time flew so fast indeed. This young boy holding my baby is my nephew. He is the first apo of my Mom. I can still remember almost 12 years ago when I used to carry him and babysit him. The girl on his left side is his little sister and the other two on his right is my other nieces, they are siblings too. Now that Gregory was added on the list, they are all so eager to babysit my baby. They take turns in carrying him (in my great advantage). And that big bee on the back is their babysitter LOL!

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Garage Sale, Anyone?

Are you bored this summer. Are you a student, a full time Mom, or an individual who just want to have fun and earn at the same time? Why not try for a garage sale!

Yeah, garage sale! and I tell you it is so effective specially if you are situated in a crowded place. If you are in a similar situation with us, grab that chance to sale those slightly used, overly used but still usable clothing (LOL), old but still functional gadgets, and old accessories you've got there in your home. This is exactly what me and my hubby did last Saturday. Out of boredom and wanting to get rid of those unused things we have at home, he started to de-clutter and segregate those functional gadgets like chargers, cellphones, flashlight, binoculars. He also include his pants, shirts and shoes. The experience was really fun. And guess what, out of that items we sold, we're able to buy our needs!

Well, we're able to de-clutter and earn at the same time. Isn't it such a rewarding summer experience? If we have only known this idea earlier this summer, then it would be great! LOL!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

PF #117: Baby Gregory's Pink Lampin :)

I was the one who took this picture and I really love it. See how he enjoyed lying on his tummy!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kudos, Jessica Sanchez!


Though Jessica Sanchez wasn't able to make it for this year's American Idol 2012 but for me she have gone so far already and fame is just within her fingertips.I have seen some of the videos of her superb performances and I truly appreciate her talent. Young as she is, she has an edge over her counterparts. Congratulations, Jessica! 

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#143/366: Irresistible FB

I don't have any idea as to when Facebook (FB) will become obsolete because based on observation, the number of FB users grows rapidly each day. Even those who are below 18 years of age got an FB account (with fake birth year of course LOL!). My grade schooler nieces and nephew already had an account and even the four month old baby of my colleague got one too! Now, who can resist FB? As for me, I thank FB because it makes the world smaller, allowing me to get an update from my siblings abroad.

In our office, we've got lot of things to do especially when we have projects on the line. Computer tasks are plenty but just like what the picture below says, FB is like a REAL TEMPTATION. And with approval, there goes my colleague who's always been updated with the latest happenings of his friends through FB!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Oh Decisions!

They said, life is how we make it... What we are today is what we have decided yesterday.
 I completely ignore this truths before because I am over confident of myself when I made one of the greatest decisions in my life. I thought everything will fall in complete order. I thought everything will be okay. But the present truth indeed opened my eyes trying to point fingers on me while saying "I told you so...". 

No I am not complaining. However, if I should  only have paid attention with it, I should have a better results than what I have right now. I felt like a complete failure with my own decision. But this is life. I have decided for it therefore I should take it. I once consoled a friend who viewed life as so unfair with her. I gave her all the best encouragement that I could just to comfort her. But right now, I saw myself on her but with no one else to console me. Ironically, it's so funny.

Indeed, we should be careful what we have decided for. Think not only twice but for a considerable time. Weigh things out before engaging yourself with that decision. Once decided, you have to live for it. 

Decisions, decisions, Oh decisions! Do not decide out of strong emotion. Do not decide because you feel like doing it. Do not decide because you are compelled to do so. Decide only when you have thoroughly think about it, prayed for it and ready for its outcome.

The bottom line? Discern and Decide wisely.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

An Invitation for Sponsorship

My Jeush Gregory
Second quarter is almost over and I am still thinking of the right date for my son to have his dedication. He is turning four months this 23rd. As much as possible I want that day to be extra special. Out of wisdom, I should say, a bright idea suddenly came out and I am hoping this will really work. I am opening an opportunity for Blog Review in exchange of sponsorship for a minimum of $10. I am not really sure if this is amenable to everyone but I just hope that everyone will cooperate. Aside from blog review, I can also make a badge for free but that is optional for those who have already an existing badge. My target date is within the third quarter. 

Yours for FREE! Check the details HERE
So, if you are interested please signify your entries here. Aside from comprehensive blog review, get a chance to grab a copy of one of the helpful digital blogger's tools that will enable you to ping your blog to known search engines automatically. 

I am praying to get a support from you. Please fill up this form. Please don't hesitate to write your comments below for some clarifications. By the way, this is my PayPal address:

Thank you very much.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WFW: Guard Over Your Mouth

Psalm 141:3 (29 kb)

It is undeniable that one of the factors that leads us to sin is what comes out in our mouth. We became too tactless with what we utter that we caused others to get hurt or be offended. It is Biblical that our mouth is only a small part of our body yet its capacity can either bless or cursed other person.

It is then advisable for us to let our mind process first what we are going to say before blurting it out. In this way, we can somehow avoid to utter those words that are inappropriate. Let us be careful, extra careful. Let us ask God for wisdom. We should consider our mind over our emotion because sometimes it is our emotion that provoke us to say those words that should be left unsaid...

Have a blessed Wednesday everyone! Be encourage to join Word-Filled Wednesday blog hops.

God bless.

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# 137/366 BPC: Firmoo Baby

Who said Firmoo Glasses is for adults only? My son proves us wrong! LOL!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GPS Tracking

The issue on kidnapping was so rampant right now. It is so scary to think that your child who is just playing outside your home could be the prey of those kidnappers. As parents, we need to give utmost priority to our children's safety. Learn to use gps tracking devices. You can track your child's whereabouts through text. You can get one by just simply visiting Personal GPS Tracker website.

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Try Pinoy Tiangge Online Auction

I love to shop online using my PayPal or AlertPay account. However, most of the things I want are so expensive and I just cannot afford it. And when I already have enough funds on my account, it was diverted to more important emergency expenses. Thus, I seldom have an opportunity to get what I want to have online.

Then I learn about Online Auction. I signed up with almost all of them however, the bidding price minimum is quite high and so thus my frustration. I really want to try to purchase via online but it seems like fate is not into me. Then I was introduced to Pinoy Tiangge. Unlike other online auction website, you can really appreciate on how they make our PISO count. Imagine getting a gadget for less than TEN PESOS? 

Who don't want to save a lot? Do you want to own gadget for as low as 99%off? Then go for an online auction at Pinoy Tiangge! By the time you signed up, you'll get the chance to bid five times.

Check this out: 

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Online Marketing Tools

The best thing to do when you do an online marketing is to give all your best in promoting it. I have here a Digital Products that will only cost you for $25.00. But, this is just a bonus products. With this amount, you'll get the chance to earn as well!


 If you are interested, just log on to The Next Millionaire Maker website. If you have inquiries, please do not hesitate to email me at

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

#132/366: Morning Fresh

After taking a bath

Oops... censored! LOL

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