Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#143/366: Irresistible FB

I don't have any idea as to when Facebook (FB) will become obsolete because based on observation, the number of FB users grows rapidly each day. Even those who are below 18 years of age got an FB account (with fake birth year of course LOL!). My grade schooler nieces and nephew already had an account and even the four month old baby of my colleague got one too! Now, who can resist FB? As for me, I thank FB because it makes the world smaller, allowing me to get an update from my siblings abroad.

In our office, we've got lot of things to do especially when we have projects on the line. Computer tasks are plenty but just like what the picture below says, FB is like a REAL TEMPTATION. And with approval, there goes my colleague who's always been updated with the latest happenings of his friends through FB!

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Jessica said...

social networking is amazing...FB is one of them :-) I see my old friends thru FB and pictures of their families :-) Nobody can resist FB and even if you are working kuk :-) Dropping by from BPC

AdinB said...

FB can be good and FB can be bad if done the wrong way. :) There is always good and bad that comes with technology when one does not use it well. hehehe... And yes FB can be very addicting. :)

""rarejonRez"" said...

Hahaha! Call that FB addiction! I hope lang nga dili makadaut sa mga minor nga nag-FB na sila at such an early age. :(

BPC hop!

PL said...

i agree, 100%! sometimes i would tell myself to steer away from FB even for just a couple a days, nahhh! could not do it! addicting!!! bpc hop here

kimmyschemy said...

if FB is a disease i am one of those very few who aren't afflicted, lol! i'm not much into it, though i check it every day because it is the easiest way i can communicate with my husband abroad.. :D

a visit from kim!

JonaBQ said...

Hahahaha! Kahit busy di pwedeng Hindi magfb e noh! What I do is I close my FB tab when I'm finishing tasks coz its really tempting. And once you pop you can't stop!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

Facebook has become a part of my life, sorta...Nice thoughts here

Emzkie said...

haha my kids have FB account too. I made them an account para lang sa games! haha.. thanks for joining BPC sis! we are not back in, hope u can join!

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