Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Oh Decisions!

They said, life is how we make it... What we are today is what we have decided yesterday.
 I completely ignore this truths before because I am over confident of myself when I made one of the greatest decisions in my life. I thought everything will fall in complete order. I thought everything will be okay. But the present truth indeed opened my eyes trying to point fingers on me while saying "I told you so...". 

No I am not complaining. However, if I should  only have paid attention with it, I should have a better results than what I have right now. I felt like a complete failure with my own decision. But this is life. I have decided for it therefore I should take it. I once consoled a friend who viewed life as so unfair with her. I gave her all the best encouragement that I could just to comfort her. But right now, I saw myself on her but with no one else to console me. Ironically, it's so funny.

Indeed, we should be careful what we have decided for. Think not only twice but for a considerable time. Weigh things out before engaging yourself with that decision. Once decided, you have to live for it. 

Decisions, decisions, Oh decisions! Do not decide out of strong emotion. Do not decide because you feel like doing it. Do not decide because you are compelled to do so. Decide only when you have thoroughly think about it, prayed for it and ready for its outcome.

The bottom line? Discern and Decide wisely.

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