Friday, May 30, 2014

Lighting and Interior Design

Lights are an important aspect of interior design. It changes a room’s mood and perceived size. Your light choices work in conjunction with your color and furniture selections. Generally, they enhance your home’s natural light.
Modern fixtures are ideal for contemporary homes, and you can find a vast array of choices online. Crescent Harbor is a good example of an online store for modern lighting. With the right lights, all the design elements come together to transform a room. Here are three things to consider when you choose lighting for your home.

Color Management

Your choice of lighting can add to or subtract from a room’s colors. Dark colors make a room appear smaller, and light colors have the opposite effect. Lighting can give the room a cozy look or the illusion of space.

Functionality is a major role of interior lighting. If your lighting choices do not serve a purpose, they simply waste energy. Consider your lighting for its functionality as well as mood and design. While some options work for overall illumination, your desks and other work areas need task lighting.

Space and Size
Natural and man-made light work together to create an illusion of space. Use full-spectrum, natural light for dark rooms. Natural light shows off the colors better than man-made lighting. Central lights and corner lamps brighten a room and make it feel larger.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Doing it the Eldermark Way

 Service Minder connects the front line to the bottom line

Nowadays, there are already existing companies that run their business transactions via online. Others simply refer it as paperless transaction. I am pretty sure only few are adapting the online securing of data. For me, this is very reliable but I guess this can only be done if the national ID system will be fully implemented. However, there are private companies who are into this kind of business. They are using assisted living software which will enable them to retrieve files quickly and securely. Eldermark, in particular, is adapting this kind of business and I totally salute them. They specializes in clinical records. As we all know, hospital transactions are a little bit complicated and this process will really be of great help.

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Because I Feel It So

Days keeps unfolding and the things that I have been waiting for doesn't come yet. I started to worry as in literally but I should not let this feeling to overwhelm me. Few days left and classes will have to start. I am so excited for the coming school opening but I would be more excited if I will be there on the first day of school. I am really praying and hoping for it. I know God is in control and eventually He will let things ad cause it to happen. Amen

I should breathe for relief.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Go Fab and Healthy at the Same TIme

Amethyst & Imperial JasperAre you experiencing joint pains? Well, it's not really a problem anymore. I chanced to browse at superior magnetic website and was surprise to see that a magnetic bracelet can heal joint pains in just a matter of seconds. Well if you cannot believe it,try browsing magnetic bracelets from this site and see for yourself if what I am saying is indeed true. If you want to feel good while relieving that joint pains, why not try it? Go fab and healthy at the same time! 

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I am, the Legal Wife

Many have reacted, many have commented, many can really relate to the premier TV drama in ABS-CBN channel: The Legal Wife. Am not even a fan but when I was in Bohol, television is the only past time for all of us that is why I managed to watch the show for the whole straight week! Now I understood why many viewers hated the character of Nicole. As for me, I didn't hate her character, it's the husband's character that I hated the most and the mere sight of him really made me mad! Seriously, in a relationship, it is the husband's role to avoid any form of temptations because once they give in, everything will be shattered: the relationship, emotion, and personality. I cannot really say if I can still forgive him if, God forbid, I will be in Monica's shoe (the legal wife).

Legal wife is showing every night, Mondays trhough Fridays. Watch for more upcoming revelations.

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Find The Most Reliable Car Exporter

If you want to get cheaper cars, try finding it online. You can have lots of options via online. Just make it sure that you are dealing with a legitimate car seller before closing the deal. If I get the chance to open a  business on my own, I want the car selling and car export business. I know it entails a great deal of cost but having this kind of business is indeed a worth of fortune. If you are exporting a car internationally, always find the most reliable car exporter. Do not rely on frontal propaganda. Only trust those car export companies that has been tried and tested with their reliability and honesty. Check their testimonial page. search them deeper until you will be satisfied with all the information that you got.

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Just a Thoughtful Thoughts

PowerPoint Background using Romans 8:25 

Our vacation to Bohol was never in vain. I got the chance of bonding with one of the most admirable women in the world, my granny. She's past 80 years old yet her hope and dedication as well as her faithfulness is beyond compare. Lola (our term for granny) and I may not share the same denomination, but her faith in God is so commendable. Despite her age, she managed to wake up as early as 4AM to attend the early mass. She never goes to church late. When the church is done, she willingly do the kitchen chores. You can never hear her complaining. She is, indeed, one of a kind. My Lola's well-being made me realize one thing. I can never be compared to her. I am her exact opposite. She's the lovable type. I really cherish the day with her. I am hoping against hope that I could go back in Bohol and see her. IF I have to ask God again, after granting my other prayers, it would be for my Lola's health. I am praying that she will live longer. I just so love this woman. My Lola is simply awesome and amazing!

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Looking for a Place to Stay in Miami?

If you are from Miami and want to settle there for good you can opt to live in Condo or own a home in there. Investing on real properties is not a waste of money. Instead, it's a worth of fortune. I am not talking about business here, I am talking about the comfort and pride that it brings when you can own a home or condo at Miami. Try contacting sothebys in miami. They are the most well-known realtor in Miami so you could never go wrong with them. Where specifically in Miami you want to stay for good? Try contacting them for professional advise and assistance.

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Souvenir Items

I used to travel a lot before during my early 20's however, I didn't get to have lots of memorabilia simply because I am not really fond of taking pictures as well as buying souvenir items. But my latest trip to Bohol was an exception. I bought mats, t-shirts and bag for my little boy. Souvenir items from Bohol are exceptional because it is made of handicrafts and you can really feel the added love to it by the one who made it. 

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Want to Add Volume to Your Hair For Real?

Most shampoo commercials made us believe that regular use of their product will give volume to our hair. Well, for me, it really doesn't work at all. I've been switching shampoos after shampoos but I was never satisfied of the results. I got limpy hair and I really want to add volume into it to make it look fuller. Good thing I found this hair pieces available online which can really give us the desired volume that we want.

See these models? At first look, you will really thought that its just natural but actually, it's not. They're using hair pieces that is so realistic and very ideal to use specially for those women who got the same problem as mine. Wanna try it?

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Dolphins at Bay!

Travelling by the sea is indeed a very exciting experience! While on our way home from Bohol I finally saw a dolphin while looking outside the vast ocean! At first, I thought it was just a shark but my hubby corrected me that it is a dolphin! Wow, such a lovely creature. So unlucky though that I didn't get the chance to take a snap of such a lovely sight! 

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The Big Reality

There's one thing about myself that I need to accept- I am getting bigger and bigger and that's the big reality that I have to face. Honestly, I don't feel good about myself anymore. I do not know if stress can really make us big, I am almost on the verge of believing such thing. Honestly, I only have two pairs of jeans left that really fits on me, and I still have to give away all those other pants that won't fit me anymore. I know I need to lose a lot of weight, not only to feel good but to be healthy as well. When my Mom asked me if I want to go swimming, of course I said yes but at the back of my mind I realized that when I have to go swimming, I need to wear plus size swim wear already! Where else can I find extra large swim wears? I wonder if wearing a thing like on the picture here will looks good on me. I found this plus swim wear at Oh my, how to shred fats so easily, any suggestion?

Plus Size Swimwear Tankini
QuikEnergy Scoop Neck Princess Tankini
with Racerback

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Bohol Escapade!

Until now I can't still believe that indeed I've been to Bohol! But so sad that time just flew so fast and now I am already back to the world of reality. By next week I have a class to finish, the last week of my summer class. One thing that I won't forget in Bohol is their deep blue sea, I mean, their very clear blue sea! So bad we didn't have the chance to go swimming because of time constraint and transportation problem. You cannot easily roam around to the place that you want to go not unless you have your own vehicle. Hopefully, the next time that I will go back there, everything will be set and planned carefully!  

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Shop with Love!

If you are fond of shopping around, refuse using plastic bags for your shopped items. Instead, be eco-friendly by using non woven tote bags. You can find such kind of bag anywhere-on the shopping malls near you or through the net for a very affordable price. What's good with this kind of bag is that it is reusable. You can also help in protecting our environment even in such a little way. The next time you shop, think about the environment! Be an advocate, shop with love!  

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Meeting my GrandMa again

My vacation in Bohol was really a very worthwhile experience. I got the chance to meet most of my relatives whom I've never meet yet the last time that I was there. I am also very happy for seeing my grandma again. I really really miss her so much. I am so blessed to have such a caring grandma like her. I simply appreciate how she woke up so early in the morning to prepare a hot chocolate for us, my favorite ever! All I can say is that I want to go back there anytime soon and hopefully this time, I will get the chance to talk to my grandma for long. That parting hug that she had on me this morning was the sweetest that I ever have so far. I begin to miss her already.

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Save More On Wholesale Handbags

While I was in Bohol, I was fascinated with all the handbags being sold in the nearby stores. They are all made from handicraft and was sold at lower price. For simple woman like me, I can live with all its designs. However, such design is in appropriate enough if being used in special occasions like parties or social gatherings.

Black and Hot Pink Chevron Wristlet WalletIn every occasion, one should know how to dress properly and what are the appropriate accessories to use. If you will be going in a party, consider using handbags that is made of high quality and with elegant designs. Unless you are in informal gatherings, you can use informal designs of handbags as well. While it is true that handbags with elegant design can be costly, why not try buying wholesale handbags so you can really save.

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No Signal!

I am so glad that finally I came to visit the province of Bohol after seven long years! I just love the serenity of the place. One thing that I love most about there was the hospitality of most people that you will meet there. However, there's just one thing that really pissed me of while I was there, there's no network signal on my phone! I do not even have an access to the Internet because you can rarely find an internet cafe there. I cannot also rely on my Mom's broadband because there was no signal at all!

Nevertheless, there's one thing that I realized- life in the absence of technology is still quite okay after all. I survived the whole week without cellphone!

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Finding Foods That Is Rich in Omega 3

At my age which is still on my early thirty’s, I already felt excessive joint pains on my knuckles. At first I thought it was just because of too much computer usage but then a friend of mine told me that I probably lack Omega 3. I wonder how does Omega 3 helps in getting rid of all those discomforts on my joints. If I have some questions that needs an immediate answer, I always seek help from the web and this is what I found from
  1. 1.    You do not need to go through the deepest           ocean to catch a fish that is    rich in Omega 3
  2. 2.    Taking Omega 3 is not only through pills or          capsules.
  3. 3.    Omega 3 can be added on the foods we eat.
  4. 4.    We can enjoy Omega 3 without compromising        our sense of taste
  5. 5.    If you have sweet tooth, there’s a cookie that is    rich in Omega 3

Well, the list could go on and on but the bottom line is, there are a lot of foods available that is rich in Omega 3. Search for it and surely you will find it!

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Answered Prayer

I am so happy that all my hard work pays off. Earlier this year I applied for DepEd-Secondary Education. The teaching demo was really challenging so does the English Proficiency Exam. I also go through interviews which I dreaded the most. All these things have finally given a justification when I got the result. I earned 83 points and was ranked number ONE under the Category A. Honestly I never thought there's a category. I am so thankful to God because I never expected to get the first rank. I just want to give Him all the glory and honor for making all these things possible!

An answered prayer indeed!

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wedding Talk

Hubby and I just celebrated our 3rd Anniversary and I am so glad that we were able to get through the first three years of adjustment period. Since it was our anniversary, I made our wedding picture as profile pic on my FB wall and guess what? I can still vividly remember how I felt that day.

Wedding preparation was never that easy. We do not have a wedding organizer that time so it was just the two of us who do and plan all the things that needs to be done. We were both glad then that one of our church mates gave us a checklist on what to buy and what to prepare thus we are guided all throughout. One of the things that really took our time, aside from deciding about the entourage  is finding the best wedding band. We found a wedding band from a local store. We both decided to spend more on it considering that it symbolizes our unity as couple. 

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