Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NVIC: Effeciently Saving Mother Earth

 With the advanced technologies we have enjoyed right now, it cannot be denied that part of that progress is the devastation of our dear Mother Earth. Evident of that was the global warming that we have struggled for so long as well as  the unpredictable climate change. With the fast-pacing growth of our  industrial companies, their waste became our worst dilemma. More groups existed today were having a campaign on saving our Mother Earth.
This has been the advocacy of the N-Viro International Corporation (NVIC) which started more than a decade ago. The N-Viro Process is a patented technology process for the treatment and recycling of bio-organic wastes, utilizing certain alkaline by-products produced by the cement, lime, electric utilities and other industries. This process stabilizes organic waste thru pasteurization and complete disinfection. Their patented processes use lime and/or mineral-rich, combustion byproducts to treat, pasteurize, immobilize and convert wastewater      sludge and other bio-organic wastes into biomineral agricultural and soil-enrichment products with real market value.They are also promoting the use of alternative energy, renewable energy with their N-Viro Fuel Technology.They are both oiperating in Toledo, Ohio and Daytona, Florida.

To know more about this corporation check their website

See N-Viro video for a better and clearer grasp about their advocaies...

 Let's be a part of saving our Mother Earth!


TCP: The Count of Monte Cristo

Happy Tuesday everyone! Wow I'm back again... and I am joining the TCP for the week with it's BEHIND BARS theme...
What I am going to feature today is a movie which, for sure, most have seen this already... A story about friendship and betrayal and vengeance... Whew! Well, you just cannot judge the story unless you have really seen and understood the whole plot! The Count of Monte Cristo movie played by James Caviezel (the one who played the role of Jesus Christ in The Passion). This movie was once became popular in school that my colleague used to play this movie on his class and have his students write a movie review about it...
Here's the synopsis of the story:
"The Count of Monte Cristo" is Alexandre Dumas classic story of an innocent man wrongly but deliberately imprisoned and his brilliant strategy for revenge against those who betrayed him. Dashing young sailor Edmond Dantes (JIM CAVIEZEL) is a guileless and honest young man whose peaceful life and plans to marry the beautiful Mercedes (DAGMARA DOMINCZYK) are abruptly shattered when his best friend Fernand (GUY PEARCE), who wants Mercedes for himself, deceives him. Set up to be unlawfully sentenced to the infamous island prison of Chateau DIf, Edmond is trapped in a nightmare that lasts for thirteen years. Haunted by the baffling course his life has taken, over time everything he ever believed about right and wrong is abandoned and replaced by all-consuming thoughts of vengeance against those who betrayed him. With the help of an equally innocent fellow inmate (RICHARD HARRIS), Dantes plots and succeeds in his mission to escape from prison, whereupon he transforms himself into the mysterious and wealthy Count of Monte Cristo.
With cunning ruthlessness, he cleverly insinuates himself into the French nobility and systematically destroys the men who manipulated and enslaved him.
 Here's the trailer:

Hmmm... fantastic movie isn't it?
Consider this in your MOVIES-TO-WATCH list...
or you may grab a copy right here, right now


Barely two days and it's gonna be our camp!Whew! looking forward to another fun, reviving moments for this Lenten Season... What's more, it's gonna happen @ CMU! Whew!
For those who cannot make it with us, there's a lot of option that you can do... Watch inspiring movies like The Blind Side. I saw the movie and it was really great! Or maybe Avatar! I really do not know what made it to the Box Office since I haven't seen yet the movie but according to them it was really carefully done...
Find ways to enjoy this summer and start it with something cool and uplifting treat for your soul...
Advance Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WFW: John 3:30

For God is greater than I...

Friday, March 19, 2010

FPF: Sisters' Act

Taken almost five years ago with my dear younger sister... Having a good time together... I really do miss bonding with her.

Friday Photo Flashback

Getting a Better Vision With Style

Long exposure to computer can really affects our vision. Just like me, since encoding has been a part of my job, I usually get blurry vision when exposed to direct light. I cannot read smaller fonts anymore from a considerable distance. What is so disgusting then was the fact that once our vision will be affected it caused some headache. My mother advised me to wear prescription glasses but I do not personally like it because it may not look good to me at all. I visited some eyeglass boutique but I can't dare to wear nor try one. However, rather than sacrificing my work because of my eye condition, maybe it's high time for me to really have one.
Observing from my surrounding, wearing eyeglasses nowadays becomes a fashion statement considering that some prescription glasses today comes in fashionable frame. Wearing eyeglasses may not look good to some but as long as it is stylish it will be better then. Somehow it gives me the idea to try one from Zenni Optical.
They offer complete eyeglasses in various popular frames with a starting  cost of $8.00 only! Their complete eyeglasses comes with high quality stylish frames, thin and light 1.57 index lens, microfiber lens cleaning cloth and a whole lot more! For online orders, shipping and handling is only $4.95 regardless of the quantities. We will be assured of guaranteed quality eyeglasses. They also offered a lot of frames to choose from which will really suits our lifestyle.
Visit their website now and take your pick!
Have a healthy vision everyone!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

WFW: Rise Up!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For The Sake Of Supporters?

Indeed, as it was written "Many worship me with their lips but their hearts are far from me..."
So disgusting...

Who would have thought?
Who would expect?
The message is clear...
Compromise... compromise... compromise...
Selfish interests...
I thought he is the one...
WOW MALI... tsk tsk tsk...


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This Is For My Ate...

Sometimes, we are so negligence of the fact that we tend to ignore people who had immediate contact with us... We are sometimes more close to others than to our own blood... Ate and I shared the same thoughts and feelings.. She had her own circle of friends and I have mine... We seldom talk seriously. We do have some nonsense fights (as some sisters usually do) We oftentimes argued on things which we just simply drop when seems irreconcilable.

Now that she's gone to reunite with her husband in Canada, only then I realized that we both missed so much time spending with each other... Reality bites, we only recognized the presence of our dear one when they are already far from us...

This post (with our good times being together)is specially intended for her...

One of our finest moments together...

During her wedding...

Miss you!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Learning Piano...

Music has been a part of me since I was just a little kid. I love to sing and I love to play musical instruments. I tried guitar and I also tried playing keyboard. But there’s one musical instrument that I long to play but I just do not know how. It’s the piano. I always admired those people who are gifted enough with this kind of talent. I truly find them so amazing. Soulful music accompanied with piano will really penetrate down to our soul.

There are many piano lessons today offered within our locality but time at work is so in demand that I cannot fit piano classes on my schedule. Surprisingly, piano lessons can be learned through online! It is truly amazing for those who took the initiative of giving online lessons. IThanks to Miss Yoke Wong. Indeed, there’s no reason for those piano enthusiast like me not to learn since it was already provided. At  her website on http://www.pianomother.com/, we can learn musical rhythm using online Piano Rhythm course. It has 296 rhythm exercises and more than 30 video clips available. With these, learning how to play piano wouldn’t be that hard anymore.


In http://www.pianomother.com/ they offer various course, from the newbie to the trainee. For me, the greatest challenges would be reading notes. Aside from beginners, they also offer special course for the composers. For those who do not have a daily access to the internet, they also offer a home study lessons at a very reasonable price. Piano lessons in DVD is also available for those who want to excel more in piano!

So pick your choice or better yet, visit their website right now for more info.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WFW: Alpha and Omega

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gear Your MP3 With The Latest/Oldest Music

Every one of us can feel the scorching heat of the sun... Why not just enjoy the comfort of our home (for those who are not working) Play with your computers or better yet download cool MP3 music! For a list of choice, MP3 Search Engine can be of great help! From your grandma's favorite down to the latest hits, everything is in there. Just simply type the title of your choice and get ready with your mobile stick or phone memory so you can have it ready anytime you wanted to listen to it. Plus, you can also share the music with your friends or have it embedded in your social network profile so others may also able to download it. You can also download the other songs of the artist of the song you have downloaded. It’s just like having it all with just one track from their album. Music can be a good way of relaxation from our daily chores. So, avoid the direct heat of the sun, don't take the risk of getting heat-related problems. Best way of doing that is just by simply indulging yourself to the latest hits that will cool you down and gives you real satisfaction. To all music lovers out there, enjoy the beat! Happy summer!

Monday, March 8, 2010


EMPOWERMENT. This was the theme of last year's FAMILY CAMP! Few weeks from now we'll be holding another one at Musuan Bukidnon! Whew I am so excited! The place where I learned to love so much since my younger years... It is the place that teach me how to value simplicity and contentment... A place where I learned to be independent for awhile...A place that taught me how to trust people and how to value real friendship...  A place where each day is a survival... A place where I had my first crush... my first climb on top of the Musuan Peak! How I miss the fresh cow's milk! the first taste of pili nut! and so much more! Wow indeed! I'm looking forward to another exciting, reviving, reminiscing and enlightening experience!
I'm excited!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TCP: Freedom Writers

Hi I'm back! I am having my early (blog) vacation... Got a handful of work... stress becomes inevitable. But I am happy to be back and excited as well for this week's episode School Is Fun. I would like to feature Hilary Swank's performance in FREEDOM WRITER! Such a wonderful movie! A challenging movie and somehow I can relate to this... I am handling different kinds of student with different attitude.
Here's the synopsis:
Hilary Swank stars in this gripping story of inner city kids raised on drive-by shootings and hard-core attitude - and the teacher who gives them the one thing they need most: a voice of there own. Dropped into the free-fire zone of a school torn by violence and racial tension, teacher Erin Gruwell battles an uncaring system in a fight to make the classroom matter in her students lives. Now, telling their own stories, and hearing the stories of others, a group of supposedly "unteachable" teens will discover the power of tolerence, reclaim their shattered lives, and change their world. 
And the trailer:
Have fun and just ENJOY THE SHOW!

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