Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Three Wellness Techniques That Promote Holistic Health

These days, the health movement appears to be growing as more and more people become aware that wellness is the key to optimizing productivity and facilitating mood stability. If you've recently decided to get on the wellness train, it's time to adopt a systematic approach that will help you enhance results and stay on track to looking and feeling your best. Here are three strategies you can deploy to make it happen: 

1. Develop A Comprehensive Exercise Routine.

One of the best ways to facilitate and optimize holistic health is through the implementation of a comprehensive exercise routine. Exercising consistently and effectively helps optimize the functioning of your mind and body, so physical activity is not a maybe. It is a must. To get the most out of the physical activities you engage in, it's important to ensure that your exercise routine incorporates all three of the following components: 1. weight-lifting 2. cardiovascular activity and 3. stretching. To ensure that you actually adhere to your program, it's a good idea to attain an accountability partner. This could be anyone from a personal trainer to a walking buddy. 

2. Enhance Your Diet.

Outside of exercise, diet optimization is one of the most powerful strategies you can deploy to enhance your health. There are several ways that you can get this process started, such as by removing processed foods from your refrigerator and cupboard. You should also be sure to place healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables in a conspicuous place. This increases the likelihood that you will actually eat them because, as research studies have indicated, we consume the foods that are most accessible to us. 

3. Meditate.

If you're serious about leading a healthy lifestyle, get serious about meditation. This practice can do wonders for your mental health while also generating several positive benefits throughout your body. Some of the major health benefits of meditation include:

-enhanced self-confidence
-improved memory
-better sleep
-enhanced respiratory function

It's also important to note that meditation can play an integral role in limiting your experience of pain. However, if you are experiencing pain in your body but don't know where it's coming from, it's important to know that you may have an undiagnosed disease. Companies like Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc can help you diagnosis the condition by providing you with a wide range of testing kits for diseases like cancer, HIV, and diabetes. The company also offers elisa kits.


If you want your life to be as productive and powerful as possible, it's important to focus on health optimization. The tips listed above can help you take your level of wellness from average to awesome, so be sure to implement these strategies synergistically and systematically. In so doing, you'll likely find yourself leading a more fulfilling life!

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Kind of Leadership

It is the responsibility of the parents to bring and implement discipline at home. But this is only achievable if there is great command of leadership among the heads of the family, usually the father.

Rearing a child is not that easy. Like a joke that I’ve heard once, teaching a child is like a walk in the park- only that it is in the Jurassic Park. But kidding aside, one of the reasons why there are some children who are a problem in the society is that they never find real leadership at home.

I grew up in a broken family and a very strict mother. I can say that my Mom has that greater command of leadership because she made us all obey to almost everything that she told us to do out of fear. It is only when I became a mother myself that I fully understood her way of “leadership”. She just wanted us to be more disciplined especially in our studies. It was her ultimate dream that we will earn a degree.

Right now, as a mother of two (and soon, three) it is also my ultimate dream to see my children realized their dreams with flying colors. As a submissive wife to my husband, it is also my dream to have a lifetime relationship with him. My husband is the youngest on his family. But then he has exceptional skills in dealing with his other six (6) siblings because every time his family needs to make a greater decision, his siblings relied on him. That is why he is also our leader at home especially in the area of decision making.

Whenever my little boy insists on something, or my little girl is having her tantrums, it is my role to pacify them otherwise, they will be facing the wall at their father’s command. There are also cases that I am their disciplinarian and their father is the rescuer. I can say that we are doing perfectly fine in injecting discipline to our children. It just need cooperation between me and my husband. I am also teaching my children to pay greater respect and obedience to their father being the head of the family. They may not yet understand it fully, but the way they respond to our style in disciplining them is somehow promising enough that these kids will grow up being aware of what is good from bad and the other way around.

As parents for four years, we know that we still have a lot of things to learn in rearing our children. It is not that easy but we are determined enough to guide them to choose the right path always. It would be a great achievement for us someday seeing them living their dreams. And it can only be realized if right from their formative years, they were already taught of the right discipline, quite strict but with care.

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