Friday, August 26, 2016

Living a Comfortable Life is Now Affordable with Groupon Goods

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Are you having this kind of bed at home? If that so, your bedroom is such a heavenly place and for sure you wouldn't want to go somewhere else to rest. However, with the crises we are facing in our economy, living comfortably comes with a price.

Good thing there is Groupon Goods available that will provide us comfort for less. In fact, we can achieve that look of a perfect bed with its accessories for only $69.99 (the original value is $309.99), just make sure you will avail it before their promo expires. Other than bed accessories, Groupon has a lot of discounted goods and services to offer. Indeed, Groupon allows you to live comfortably without emptying your pocket. They never run out of things to offer and you can be assured of their legitimacy.

After giving birth to my daughter last month, I was quite worried about the future. I was asking myself if I could afford to give my three kids a comfortable life that they deserve. Well, of course, I should be positive that I can. With the help of my husband, enough patience and perseverance in our work, and being practical plus wisdom and guidance coming from God- I should be calm about the future.

And what's more? There's Groupon that would back me up. For updates of their latest offers, check their facebook page and follow them on Twitter

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Extrajudicial What?

Who wouldn't love to live in a peaceful environment? I am sure, all of us dreamed of it. However, for as long as there are individuals with bad intentions who wouldn't have a second thought to harm others in one way or another, that peaceful environment would just remain a thought. 

To be honest, the news about killing nowadays involving drug menace were alarming indeed, but to consider all those incidents as EXTRAJUDICIAL KILLING is an exaggeration. Well, we cannot deny the fact that some of those in authority abused their power and their fear of getting caught with their involvement compelled them to kill those pushers and users that may jeopardize their career. But those case are now under investigation.

The recent Senate Probe led by Senator Delima to discredit the war against drugs because of the so-called EJK was, for me, her way of diverting the issue that she was facing right now, delaying tactics, so to speak. Or maybe she was just trying her effort to save her "friends from NBP" from possible "laglagan" moves that would justify her involvement. Well, whatever was her motives, I just hope that this war against drugs will be successful. Sorry, but I am not sorry for those who were killed, with clear evidences, because of drugs. In the first place, they should be aware that by the time they got their hands dirty, they could get themselves killed. I am more than sorry for those who were murdered by those drug addicts.

Indeed, Senator Peter Cayetano's opening statement on one of the Senate's Probe about EJK on August 22, 2016 was an eye opener. You can view that in YouTube

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Modern Ministers Don't Just Tackle Spiritual Needs

Some church leaders have figured out that if they want to effectively serve their population, they have to do more than just encourage people to pray or read Bible verses during church. More and more, the modern ministry is about serving the full needs of the people. This is particularly important because of the way that many people view the church today. For many people, the church is a place where they go to get all their needs met. This means that pastors like David Taylor are learning to account for the shifting needs of their members. 

Many pastors are learning that physical healing is a critical part of being a pastor. While pastors cannot do what doctors can do, they can provide the necessary support that will help individuals get the most out of their treatment. Modern pastors are disavowing the old ministry methods of healing. They aren't making big promises to their church members about being healed from cancer in a matter of minutes. Rather, good pastors have learned that the best thing they can do is provide the sort of atmosphere where people feel supported. Those individuals can then go and fight cancer and other diseases with the help of a good team of medical professionals. 

In addition, modern ministry leaders are learning that church members need support in their personal and professional lives. People come to church today not just to learn about the Bible, but to learn how to get the most out of themselves. Some church leaders have learned to tailor their messages toward these particular needs. Each and every week within churches, there are people who are looking for a word of encouragement to help them get through a tough time at work. They are looking for a confidence boost to help them maximize their work performance. Pastors do not have to be silent about this. Rather, they can play an important role in helping people achieve these particular goals. 

Modern pastors are doing more than they ever have before. While pastors of old might have decided that spiritual needs were the only needs that mattered, modern pastors have started to learn that their success in the church depends heavily on their ability to meet all the needs of the people who choose to come to their church.

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70th Birthday of Nanay Alice

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Four Things You Can Do to Improve Your Patio Area

If you have a backyard patio that simply consists of a concrete slab, you may have thought about doing something to improve it. There are many things you can do that range from simple to complex. The following are four ideas for you to consider. 

Have an awning installed

This is a relatively low cost way to improve your patio. You will have less sun during the daytime, and you will also be able to sit outside during the springtime when there is a light rain. You can store things outside without worrying about the sunlight damaging them as well. There are different types of awnings available, some are more complex than others, offering more options to the homeowner.

Enclose the patio with screens

Instead of an awning, you can have a more permanent structure built. This will be something that is far short of an expansion of your house, but you can have something more akin to a roof than an awning. You can also have three sides attached to the roof that rise up a few feet, then have screens installed the rest of the way up. They can be permanent or a removable screen. The latter will give you more options. 
customized  screen door

Create a greenhouse

Short of actually building a room addition, you can convert your patio to a greenhouse. This is perfect for a person whose loves gardening, but doesn't have the room in their yard, or perhaps the seasons are such that you can't grow what you want to grow, when you want to grow it. There are different ways to convert your patio to a greenhouse, but the fastest is to use prefabricated panels. 

Convert your patio into an outdoor room

This is the most expensive thing to do with your patio, but if you want more room in your home, but don't want to build an additional bedroom, you can create an expansion area using your patio area. You will need to have both design and construction work done on your home, but when you are finished, you will have a larger living room to enjoy. 

The ideas listed above are only four of the possibilities that you can consider for the future of your patio area. Some of these ideas can become expensive, but there are often low cost designs available for each of the four items list above.

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