Thursday, February 15, 2018

Looking at Gender Equality According to Some US Concerned Citizen

Since its beginnings, the United States has lived a strange dichotomy. Though this country was founded on the ideals of equal treatment for all, the reality is that the southern states kept people as slaves at the time the constitution was written in 1776. The founding fathers were unable to resolve the problem of slavery at the time the nation was founded, and they ultimately left the issue to be resolved later, by other leaders. 

As we all know, the US finally entered into a Civil War over the issue of slavery and “state’s rights,” and the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated by those who were unhappy with his policies. In the 1960s, Dr. Martin Luther King lead the Civil Rights Movement, in the hopes that finally people of color would be freed from the dark legacy of slavery and would be treated equally in all sectors of society. Obviously, the long struggle for equal rights for all people continues on to this day, and has yet to be resolved. 

The Issues of The Trump Administration

Today, our country seems in some ways to be as backward as ever as far as civil rights and the legacy of that great movement goes. One doesn’t have to be an expert on civil rights or able to write a racial equality essay to know that today we are living in an unequal society. With the advent of the Trump administration, the United States has sadly taken several steps backwards, as far as real progress goes. What’s sadder still is that currently, the Republican members of congress are supporting the foul and bigoted policies of Donald Trump and his supporters, which is helping Trump to do even greater damage to the United States.

Looking Forward?

The only sign of hope happening for progressives these days is in the spirited resistance movement that is taking place all over the country. The Women’s March has continued to rally people all over the United States who want to see real change in our society, and the hope is that this movement will inspire many people who believe in real civil rights for all to run for office and work to create a better society for all the people, everywhere. 

By the way, this isn't my opinion though.

Happy Hearts Part 2

Love should be celebrated everyday, but today is just a special day. It is special because it is during this day that all you could think of and want to think of is L-O-V-E!

I just want to thank God for the successful couple dinner's event hosted by our church. And yes, I didn't get flowers, instead I got CAKE! Thanks hubby for your sweetness-it seldom happens though so I have to cherish this moment! LOL!

Anyway, to the other side of the Earth, to my Mom and sisters-Happy Hearts!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Caring For Your Cat

If you have a cat that isn't feeling well or if you want to manage your cat's health so that it receives the vaccinations it needs as well as the overall health check-ups that it needs, then consider a cat care clinic. This type of clinic offers services that are comparable to what a veterinarian would offer, but most of the patients are cats instead of a combination of cats, dogs, and other animals. Most clinics provide an atmosphere that isn't stressful since there aren't other animals. Your pet will be in a relaxed setting where the staff can focus on providing the proper care that is needed. 

Workers at a cat care clinic Washington location, as well as other cities, understand that a cat can be a part of the family and that it should be treated as such. They understand that a cat has needs just like a person does. Whether your cat needs surgery or yearly checks to monitor the overall health of the cat, the workers at the clinic will do everything possible to make sure your pet is taken care of and has a healthy life. Services that are often offered by a cat care clinic include spaying and neutering, rabies vaccinations, and emergency services. Advanced treatments are also offered if there are health issues that you're concerned about. Various treatments are offered instead of only one or two solutions so that you can make the best decisions about your cat's health. 

Clinics provide care for every stage of your cat's life. They will see kittens, juniors, adults, and seniors. Each stage of the cat's life requires a different type of skilled treatment. There are physical and emotional changes that the clinic can help you understand about your cat so that the proper care is provided at home. Allergy testing is often offered as well as cancer treatments, behavior therapy, and imaging services to determine if there are any issues going on inside the cat. The goal of a cat clinic is to provide the healthcare that your family member needs to live as long as possible. 


By tradition, most people around the world celebrates this day coz its Valentines Day!

Well, for me, a true love should be celebrated everyday and not just once a year. What do you think?
Right now, our school also celebrates our 8th Founding Anniversary! Too bad I cannot join with them because I am in a 2-Day Seminar. Anyway, happy Valentines!

Just love love love and love!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How to Diffuse an Argument in Your Committed, Long-Term Relationship

Some people labor under the misconception that committed, long-term relationships are immune to big arguments or fights. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, familiarity breeds contempt, as the saying goes. This means that, often times, the longer you’re with someone, the harder it is to deal with that person’s little quirks without some kind of argument. And most of those fights are petty, useless, and pointless. So, here are a few methods to diffusing an argument in a long-term relationship. 

Sleep On It

Some people say don’t go to bed angry. But, honestly, you might be fighting BECAUSE both of you are tired and taking it out on the other. Adulthood comes with stress and exhaustion. So, you might not be directly mad at your sweetheart. You both may just need some sleep before you say something you’ll regret. Sleep on it. Get comfortable on your organic mattresses and catch some deep shut-eye. If the argument was petty and pointless, you’ll feel better in the a.m.

Argue in the Buff

When you and your love feel an argument coming on, strip. It’s hard to argue when someone else’s nakedness is staring you in the face. You might crack up, hop on the chance to be intimate, or just decide the argument topic is too ridiculous to broach. 

Look at Yourself from the Other Person’s Perspective

What are you really like? If your sweetheart constantly brings up the same flaws about you, then maybe it’s time to look at yourself from their perspective. Think about what you say before you say it. And aim to delve deeper into an actual conversation, instead of erupting in a stream of words that could be a detriment to your relationship. 

Try to Remember What the Argument Was About

Often times, couples get so caught up in yelling and bickering that they forget what the argument was about in the first place. If you’ve been arguing for so long that you can no longer pinpoint the cause, it’s time to drop it. Walk away, give yourself time to collect your thoughts, and calm down. 

Hug It Out

If you feel the urge to start an argument, hug it out instead. Breathe in your sweetheart’s scent, linger in their embrace, and feel yourself relax. Try to remember that you love them, want them around, and have no reason to fight in the first place. 

This article isn’t saying that people long-term relationships don’t have problems or reasons to argue, because they do. However, 9 times out of 10, couples argue over things that shouldn’t have been argued about in the first place. So, if you ever find yourself trying to diffuse an argument before it starts with your long-time honey, take the aforementioned advice to heart. 

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