Sunday, July 3, 2022


It's past the middle month of the year, and here I am still losing the vibe to writing about anything and everything under the sun.

I've been quite disturbed lately about a lot of things. I am even confused about my priorities. I've been hustling in between jobs and pursuing my Master's degree. Plus, motherhood and wife duties were added to the list.

I am even wondering how long will my patience runs, or my strength and energy. I felt like I have worked a lot yet accomplished nothing. My life is a mixture of doubt and fear, yet still thriving, thanks to God. 

I even experienced having a rough day and just told myself to go on come what may. Did I lose my will as well? I just can't figure it out yet. 

But as long as I still have my sanity, I couldn't care less. Life must go on, even when the future for me is still clueless.

Oh God please help.

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