Monday, November 24, 2014

Rekindling Passion

"I saw you once, I doubt if you knew it but somehow I am quite bothered with what I saw. It has nothing to do with your outfit,because the truth was, I barely noticed what you wore that time. I am greatly bothered with your companion. Yes, I am pretty sure he's with you because he was standing next to you with intimacy. Yes, that's right- you're so close to him that time as if you were whispering something that is why you didn't get to notice me. In fact, I am just few steps from you that time anticipating your attention. But both of you just simply walk away, completely ignoring me"... 

Hmmm... here I go again, with all those scripts on my mind. The frustrated writer and her frustrating stories- that's me. I used to do comic strips and short romantic stories during my high school years. But all those passion suddenly vanished. Maybe because I lost some inspirations, or maybe because, I was too preoccupied during my college years. But I truly find it so amazing watching movies whose story lines are all seems too familiar to me. In fact, I can predict some future scenes on prime time movie shows. Oh, well. Maybe I have to rekindle this passion once more so that someday maybe I will be able to do the best scripts of my life.

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Planting Seed of Hope

I just realized, I've been teaching for a decade already. It is such a great fulfillment to see some of my past students living a kind of life that they truly deserves, in the same manner, I also felt sorry for those who were not able to make it to their dreams.

Until now, I am still doing the business of meddling with their lives. Just like a concerned mother, I never run out of tested and proven pieces of advice. However, not all of them are receptive enough in heeding because they want to live their life according to what can make them happy. Honestly, I also came to a point of giving up on reminding them, nurturing them because for me, it's just another case of vain effort.

But how can I just neglect them when it is very evident that there is a greater need for teachers who can empathize with them. After all, not all of them are playing deaf to all my reprimands, reminders and warnings. As a matter of fact, there are few who will just approach me unexpectedly to thank me for the gesture of concern when they were still with me. It brings me joy somehow. And these are the kind of students who will then be a living example to others. I use their stories for others to learn.

I am a teacher indeed who must continue to plant the seed of hope even if others will just simply ignore it because I am equally hopeful that within the four corners of the classroom, there is at least one soul who will heed my call and become successful someday.

I'll just wait for them to see me, and perhaps, to thank me that once in their lives, there is this school teacher who spend a minute or two of her time reprimanding them, scolding them and punishing them with tons of activities for them to grow and realized that indeed going to school is an investment for their future and no one should declare total bankruptcy. 

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

One Year Is Over- Wazz Up with Yolanda Victims?

One year is over since the horrific Yolanda killed thousand of lives as well as hope of many Filipinos. As far as I could remember, tons of help came from foreign countries in a form of goods and cash. There are also many NGO's who took the effort for relief operations. However, not all victims were given financial assistance. In fact, many of them were not able to regain from total loss. Has the government helped those in dire need, there will be no rallies that could be seen in the commemoration of the tragedy right now.

I could only hope that the government will be serious enough in answering their needs.

#Yolanda Commemoration

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