Monday, November 24, 2014

Rekindling Passion

"I saw you once, I doubt if you knew it but somehow I am quite bothered with what I saw. It has nothing to do with your outfit,because the truth was, I barely noticed what you wore that time. I am greatly bothered with your companion. Yes, I am pretty sure he's with you because he was standing next to you with intimacy. Yes, that's right- you're so close to him that time as if you were whispering something that is why you didn't get to notice me. In fact, I am just few steps from you that time anticipating your attention. But both of you just simply walk away, completely ignoring me"... 

Hmmm... here I go again, with all those scripts on my mind. The frustrated writer and her frustrating stories- that's me. I used to do comic strips and short romantic stories during my high school years. But all those passion suddenly vanished. Maybe because I lost some inspirations, or maybe because, I was too preoccupied during my college years. But I truly find it so amazing watching movies whose story lines are all seems too familiar to me. In fact, I can predict some future scenes on prime time movie shows. Oh, well. Maybe I have to rekindle this passion once more so that someday maybe I will be able to do the best scripts of my life.

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