Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Joy of Being A Mom

I am a Mom who wants nothing but the best for my baby. But I do have my limitations. I know if still have a long way to go. I wanna be an ideal Mom to my baby. Maybe not as tough as my own Mom nor as lenient as my granny. I just wanna be my son's best friend when he grow up aside from being a loving and considerate mother. I want him to feel how I will value him not only as my son but as a person as well. Jeush Gregory gave me that kind of fulfilment that is indescribable. His smile, his giggles, his tantrums and everything about him are worthy to be treasured. Lord, You knew the desire of my heart for my son. It is my prayer that he will walk his path in accordance to Your will. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dance With My Father

♫ Back when I was a child, before life removed all the innocence My father would lift me high and dance with my mother and me and then Spin me around ‘til I fell asleepThen up the stairs he would carry me And I knew for sure I was lovedIf I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him I’d play a song that would never, ever end How I’d love, love, love To dance with my father again When I and my mother would disagreeTo get my way, I would run from her to him He’d make me laugh just to comfort meThen finally make me do just what my mama saidLater that night when I was asleepHe left a dollar under my sheetNever dreamed that he would be gone from meIf I could steal one final glance, one final step, one final dance with himI’d play a song that would never, ever end‘Cause I’d love, love, loveTo dance with my father again Sometimes I’d listen outside her door And I’d hear how my mother cried for him I pray for her even more than meI pray for her even more than me I know I’m praying for much too much But could you send back the only man she lovedI know you don’t do it usually But dear Lord she’s dyingTo dance with my father againEvery night I fall asleep and this is all I ever dream ♫ ♪
Me and my sister love this song so much especially the version of Jessica Sanchez (Original by Luther Vandross). However, I just cannot relate with the song. How I wish I have such kind of a father. I grew up without him. I only find that father-figure through my late Tatay. My biological father has the time of his life when he was still on his younger years. He married my Mom at an early age, got separated few years after our 6th sibling was born, married again to different women, expanded his territory by having more offspring and most of them I don't even got the chance to meet.

I used to hate him for being him. I used to blame him for every fears and misery that I've been through.However, God's Words prompted me one day. I've been struggling much in the area of forgiveness. Yet I was reminded of myself, being imperfect. I may not get to choose my parents, but God uses them as an instrument for my existence. Then I resolve it to myself, I should not hate him anymore.

The other night, we have a very long phone conversation. I told him how I truly felt about him. He accepted everything. He admit all his mistakes then he asked me this one question, "Nak, do you hate me?". I told him frankly, that I don't dwell on it anymore. If I ever hated him then I would never dare to call him. Then he laugh. I can feel a sigh of relief on the other line. But i told him as well that hatred was no longer overwhelming me yet I cannot feel any real connection anymore with him. I explained it to him. He seems to understand. And the line was cut off. He warned me earlier that his phone battery was about to drain but he asked me to continue to talk. 

I really don't get to miss him anymore. But one thing is for sure, I am still thankful with him. For without him, I won't exist.And no matter how would i deny him, in the eyes of God, HE IS STILL MY FATHER.

I may have the chance to dance with him, if not now, maybe tomorrow or in the coming days... Maybe not in reality, perhaps in one of my dreams...Well, the song was the exact opposite but still how I wish that someday, my own daughter (if God permits to grant me one) will sing this song to his dad.


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Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Health Advocacy: Donate To Cancer Research

Health is wealth. This is already a common cliché yet it remains as the absolute truth. No one wants to get infected with any diseases especially those which are considered as life-threatening conditions such as CANCER. For me, cancer is not only dreadful to hear; it is also very disheartening especially if the one being affected is someone whom we know or rather close to us. Why do some cancer patients were not able to survive? It is because they lack medication or maybe because the cure wasn’t founded yet that is why they remain with such horrible condition waiting for the cancer cells to eat them up and finally lose the battle of survival.

With the growing development in medical research, cancer can be cured. It just needs ample time and enough resources to make such research. That is why we should be thankful for those medical scientists who spend their time, effort and skills in finding the cure of a certain cancer problems such as breast cancer which affects women worldwide. As a citizen, we could take part in finding that cure by giving our resources. We should be thankful that we are spared from this kind of disease and in our gratefulness; we can be of help to the medical scientist who pursue this cause. Why not donate to cancer research so that their finding will be hastened which could benefit all our affected brethren out there. We might not have that expertise in doing clinical research but we can still be a part of this life-saving project by being a donor. For more info, visit This website is designed to advocate for and fund clinical trials and medical research projects. Start making a worthwhile advocacy, join them now. 

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Trending Issue: "Amalayer"

At first I was totally clueless about this trending issue that swarmed my Facebook notifications.I thought it was just a local movie that hits the interest of the majority. As I went through those comments from one of my friends who post this topic, I just learned then that it was all about the rude female passenger who just have the best time of her life by being rude to the lady guard of LRT. 

Attitude do really matters but some just don't realized it. It's so disheartening to think that those who claimed to have achieve something are the same people who acted like they do not know the standard of behavior especially in public. This was the second time that an act like this was caught on video by some concerned citizen. Well, just like what happened to the man who bullied the traffic enforcer, it was now "Amalayers" time to face theconsequences of her untoward behavior.

Lesson learned: Always be kind to others, no matter what.

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Kitchen Basics You Need to Have

Moving out on your own is a daunting task. There are so many items to buy and so many expenses. One place that you really can cut down on costs, however, is in the kitchen. If you narrow down your list to items you really need, you can have a complete kitchen with cookware to do everything you need without spending a fortune. The key is focusing on basic Farberware® stainless steel cookware and ignoring all of the specialty gadgets in the kitchen stores. You would be surprised how many recipes you can make with just a basic steel pan.

Since you are going to save money by buying only the basics, make sure you buy decent quality pans. You do not have to buy professional cookware, but moderately-priced cookware does the job very well. Farberware brand stainless steel cookware is the natural choice because it has been around for decades and has a great reputation. A good set can last you for decades. You do not necessarily have to buy an entire set, either. Farberware stainless steel kitchen cookware comes in individual pieces. At the bare minimum you need a steel frying pan, a 2-quart saucepan and a covered skillet.

Putting together your first kitchen can be costly if you start buying individual gadgets for every task. Instead, focus on multi-tasking pans from good, reliable brands and buy only what you need. There is always time to expand your kitchen later when you have a larger budget at your disposal.

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How Much Are You Willing To Risk?

When I was still in High School, I really do not have an idea on what course to take for College. My mother advised me to take Accountancy, but I declined because by just merely thinking about it, I knew it deals a lot of numbers so I opt for an Architectural Drafting course

Having this course was an extra challenge for me. I know how to draw faces, but I just hate technical drawings that involves measurements and requires maximum precisions. But what other choice do I got? I want to pass all the requirement in order to earn my Diploma so I really have to learn to love this course. With God's grace, I was able to graduate without any failing marks. I was able to make it because I have goals in mind that I need to achieve and getting a Diploma is the only vehicle that I know in order for me to fulfill it.

How about you? How much are you willing to risk to finish your chosen course, or was it really your choice? Share your thoughts here ;)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

318/366 Mirror

See how he enjoyed much upon looking himself in the mirror? That's my baby Gregory!

Linking for BPC.

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Que Sera Sera... God Please Do Intervene!

I have known myself as a person who is so slow to patience. I easily get discouraged. When things aren't favorable with me, I whined. So disgusting but it's true. I really do not know how to tame myself . Every time I look myself at the mirror I take a minute to reflect and ask my very own self- Why on Earth I am so IMPATIENT.

Lately, I was expecting for a big change in my life yet it seems like God wouldn't allow it to happen. Yes, I've been praying to Him that He would finally grant it to me yet an update about it broke my heart... 

Que sera sera, God would You please intervene? If You have a different plan for me then reveal it to me. I am so sorry for being me. I know You knew the desires of my heart. And You knew for a fact that all I want is for the best not for myself but for my family... 

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Finding My New Love...

Subscribing to Post Paid plans may sometimes become pain in the ass especially if your bills is higher than your target budget. I've been through that kind of experience before on one of my previous jobs. So, when I stop my subscription, I settled for prepaid. However, things change when me and my Hubby visited Globe Limketkai yesterday. While waiting for the temporary plate to be printed (which took almost an hour) I asked my hubby to drop by at the Globe store. While browsing for their promos, I asked one of their attendant about their latest promos and there he showed me their brochure. What surprises me was that they are not very strict with their requirements! Imagine, they were just asking for my company ID, an advance payment of P300 and I went home with my new mobile phone, Huawei U8185 Ascend 100! What I like most about this phone is that it's Android and I can't wait to download helpful applications. Meanwhile, need to explore yet with my new phone! 

Curious about its specification: Check it here. By the way, Huawei is the maker of Broadband Tatoo and other digital device.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Movie Marathon: HUGO

During my idle time, there are two things on my list, read books or watch movie. Let me share with you one of the movies that I’ve watched. The title is HUGO. The story revolves around an orphan boy named Hugo, who lives within the walls of one of the train station of Paris. In Paris, orphans are no allowed to roam around. They must be sent to an orphanage and this is one thing that Hugo feared the most. He does not want to go to an orphanage simply because there’s an unfinished task that his father left before he died and he wants to finish. His father used to fix clocks and somehow he learned the same skills. You will surely felt pity for this boy. How he survives from starving and how he escaped from the hands of the police officer is something that you should watch for. At the end of the story, you will see how Hugo changes the heart of a bitter old man and a discriminating station police officer who always runs after him. Hugo was able to unlock the secret of the bitter old man with the help of his adopted daughter and he was able to melt the cold heart of the police officer. You will surely love this movie!

To feed your curiosity, check for its synopsis.

Enjoy watching!

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Unthinkable Destruction

Vast swathes of the eastern seaboard found themselves under water
Photo credit: 
All is fair when calamity strikes.

Barely a week before the most anticipated US Presidential election, Superstorm Sandy caused wreckage that devastated US  populace, specifically those who live within New York and New Jersey. This brought me to the memories of Sendong last year. Going through calamities wasn't easy especially if you are severely affected. The stress it may caused you won't be compensated by the relief goods that you will receive. Indeed, such experience was so devastating.

The land of milk and honey was not spared from Mother Nature's wrath. I just hope the said destruction has nothing to do with the so called eco-biological something that is manipulated by those who knew much about it. I just heard about it relating to what happened to Japan more than a year ago wherein a scientific methodology/processes was done to manipulate the abnormal weather condition that may cause massive destruction. Well, you can actually research more about it if you are interested.

I do not know what lies ahead for US. Will the people be governed with a new President or Obama will still prevail. Whoever wins, I could only hope that the President-elect will do something to restore the storm-battered country and will give hope to those who are severely affected and those who have lost a family to start anew.

After all, everything shall come to pass.

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