Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Que Sera Sera... God Please Do Intervene!

I have known myself as a person who is so slow to patience. I easily get discouraged. When things aren't favorable with me, I whined. So disgusting but it's true. I really do not know how to tame myself . Every time I look myself at the mirror I take a minute to reflect and ask my very own self- Why on Earth I am so IMPATIENT.

Lately, I was expecting for a big change in my life yet it seems like God wouldn't allow it to happen. Yes, I've been praying to Him that He would finally grant it to me yet an update about it broke my heart... 

Que sera sera, God would You please intervene? If You have a different plan for me then reveal it to me. I am so sorry for being me. I know You knew the desires of my heart. And You knew for a fact that all I want is for the best not for myself but for my family... 

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