Monday, November 19, 2012

Trending Issue: "Amalayer"

At first I was totally clueless about this trending issue that swarmed my Facebook notifications.I thought it was just a local movie that hits the interest of the majority. As I went through those comments from one of my friends who post this topic, I just learned then that it was all about the rude female passenger who just have the best time of her life by being rude to the lady guard of LRT. 

Attitude do really matters but some just don't realized it. It's so disheartening to think that those who claimed to have achieve something are the same people who acted like they do not know the standard of behavior especially in public. This was the second time that an act like this was caught on video by some concerned citizen. Well, just like what happened to the man who bullied the traffic enforcer, it was now "Amalayers" time to face theconsequences of her untoward behavior.

Lesson learned: Always be kind to others, no matter what.

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Aileen said...

That's true, kindness should be a way of life.

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