Thursday, September 30, 2010

TT: Being Contented

In this world, most of us never stop complaining about almost all things. We never have enough for anything. There are things that we want but whenever we got it, we want for something more, we clamor for something better... We sometimes failed to be grateful of the blessings that we received in life. We always wanted the best of everything. Well, there is nothing really wrong with that if we have all the good ways and means in achieving that.

May the following presentations enlightened our mind and spirit and be resolved that no matter how great or small the things that we received was, we must learn to thank God because not all of us are equal in opportunity.  Watch and learn...

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September Fever

Our office was flooded again two days in a row! For the month of September alone, we experience a total of three minor floods. A real September fever, so to speak. Well, like what I have said, we are still thankful of the experience that once again we were able to flex our muscles early morning. But see? we were able to do the job early too because all of us cooperate. The spirit of unity was there and it was good. Nobody complains but remain positive of the situation. However, we already started working out the transfer of location... We'll just hope that the President will gonna approve it. I cannot see the smiling face of the sun... well well well... Good bye El Niño, here comes La Niña  :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Communication Gap

What is communication gap? The web defined it as " a state that occurs when what is being said is not been communicated to the addressee properly and completely"Bridging communication gap is quite difficult especially if the other party will not cooperate. There are people who have experienced this kind of dilemma simply because some people just don't allow that opportunity to happen. What I am trying to say was that, there are some people whom we cannot get along really well. They are those people who do not know the value of open communication. Some people are hard to please with, in short, they are not approachable. I hate to think about it but usually, this people are in the higher authority. Instead of maintaining and building good rapport, they tried to build a wall that hinders the others to approach them so easily. Well, I could only hope that someday, these people will realize the value and art of open communication.

Keeping The Faith

Today is such a wonderful day. Our office was flooded because of yesterday's heavy downpour and the creek beside our school overflowed. I am not being ironic, it's just that in the midst of this kind of situation, we are still thankful to God for His unfailing love. We know that He is in control. We successfully had our Pre-bid Conference for the Production of the Blue Gear Yearbook project. What's more, our lunch together with our boss is so full of insightful discussions about the realities of life. 

The Bible is very clear that in all circumstances, we should give thanks to Our Almighty God.

Well, as of now the clouds is getting darker again :)

We'll just keep the faith that nothing worst will gonna happen.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Want To Look Good In Your Nursing Scrubs?

Nursing is one of the sought-after course today. Every school year, the enrollment for Nursing increases as the demand abroad also increases. Getting this course is not easy, it is quite costly and really demand much of your time especially if you are on the actual training. For those who went through an actual training, one of their basic requirements is to be on their uniform. Mostly, they are required to wear nursing scrubs especially if on actual duty.

I have seen some nursing scrubs that looks like an ordinary pajama suit. Well, that was just my observation and I am pretty sure that some Nursing students have also notice this. However, students who were on a tight budget never mind this and remain contented on wearing cheap scrubs. If you are wondering where to buy cheap scrubs, that is not really a problem. You can actually have it via online at Aside from their available cheap scrubs, rest assured that what they have is something that you do not need to compromise your taste of fashion. You can still look good in your nursing scrubs  with  their various design available. Check it out now!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Racing Against Time

I often mentioned on my previous posts about how time flew so fast. Yes, I can still vividly remember how lonely our New Year celebration was, only me, my parents and huggy was there watching the fireworks display prepared by our neighbor (My Mom discouraged any fireworks to be initiated by us). My other siblings celebrated the occasion on their respective homes. Now, barely 88 days and its Christmas!  As I look back, I can only say that only few significant things happened, the rest were all the same from the other year. Well, I am still glad that God remains to be faithful that he sustained me throughout the years. It was still fresh on my memories that I moved to a boarding house near our school on the later part of January. On February, my huggy went back from Bukidnon for good. On March, my big sister left for Canada to join with her husband. On April, we had our Family Camp at CMU, Bukidnon, where I grew up. On May was the National Election. On June, PNoy was inaugurated as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines, Huggy turned 29, and I finally got hired as an Executive Assistant.  On July, was our Youth Month and it was my sister- in- law’s birthday. Also, I’ve been through a lot during this month emotionally. On August, it was Mom, Tatay and my only nephew’s birthday and some of my church mates.  I just turned 29 this month, and we just celebrated our church’s Thanksgiving and Anniversary and one of our church mates finally tie a knot…
As for the days to come, well, who knows what really lies ahead. We can plan, we can set our schedules but none of us are certain of the future. All I know is that, the year almost end and still, I can say that, I haven’t done too much and I do not know why. So many things have yet to be done… so little time to be able to accomplish it… Aren’t we racing against time?

MYM: The Philippine Flag

Just this morning, while I'm on my way to the office, I passed by to some government offices who have their Monday Flag Ceremony. I was reminded then of my childhood memories. Before, while the flag was raised, everybody, including moving vehicles, must stop to show respect to the symbol of our country. However, such an act of respect was slowly forgotten by many of us nowadays. 

This Mellow Yellow Monday, I am featuring our Philippine flag just to remind my kababayan that this is the only country we have, therefore, we must love all things that symbolizes or sumasagisag sa ating minamahal na bayan.

I am proud to be Pinoy!

Smuggled Pinoy

Have you heard about Smuggled Pinoy? 

Last Saturday, GMA-7's Imbestigador featured a very heart-breaking,heart bleeding episode featuring Filipina who were victims of human trafficking/prostitution. All they knew was they were being recruited by a Filipino recruiter for a job abroad only to end up in a Casa where flesh trading was the main business. They were employed as sex slaves.  This happened in Malaysia. As one victim revealed, they were given a daily quota of 120 customers!

This is the irony, by all means, some people earned money even to the extent of deceiving others. What happened to our fellow Filipino who committed such crime? How could they afford to be a part of this kind of business?

Bottom line, for the love of money. tsk tsk tsk...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Online Job

Nowadays, people grab all the possible opportunities just to earn an extra income. Why? Normally, for financial stability. It is quite difficult to meet both ends when you know that what you get is not enough to sustain all your needs and those who depend much on you...

As I learned little by little on how to generate income via online, the more I desire to focus and reach my goal. As of now, my first goal is to have my own laptop which will be my buddy in realizing my goal... I do hope and pray that i could acquire that the soonest possible time. My first (supposedly the answer to my prayer) employer did not continue on giving me his assignments because there was a delay and my time is limited during day time... :(

Friday, September 24, 2010

TT: Book of Knowledge

I am very much thankful for the God-given wisdom and insights to those author of books who brought inspiraton to their million of readers. I am currently reading three books right now but due to a busy schedule, I wasn't able to finish yet with the two books:

The Purpose Driven® Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?1. Purpose- Driven Life by Rick Warren- this is a very familiar books with million copies already sold. I used to own two books, both were just given to me and another one from my Ate's collection. I shared the contents of this book with my two former students,in fact, we are continually working on it right now. I am actually finished reading this book but every time we have our session, it (the content of each chapter) became a new revelation to me and I really love the experience. We have a one chapter per session and we are half way to the last chapter.

The Confident Woman: Start Today Living Boldly and Without Fear2. The Confident Woman by Joyce Meyer- I can only read this book if I still have enough time. I am still on the first three chapters. Joyce Meyer aims to bring the best of every woman in the world. The book is very inspiring and uplifting especially for women who experienced the worst in life. Joyce Meyer, a gifted writer, draw strength from God and from her experience. Grab this book for yourself or to the woman whom you think need this the most.

3. The Gift of Work by Bill Heatley. We just started reading 
this book. We because I am referring to my Bible Study group (The Navigator Ministries) headed by Kuya Ed. The book was solely intended to all men and women who are now earning a living by working in a particular job. How do you view work? And for what mean reason you are working? This is a spiritual disciplines for the workplace book. If you think your boss need some spiritual advice but you cannot tell it straight to his face, grab this and have this given to him as your perfect gift.

For this Thankful Thursday, I just want to thank God for using the talent and concern as well as wisdom of other people in educating and uplifting others and for emphasizing the perfect plan of God.

To God be the glory!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

One Way Of Getting Productive Work Output

Work efficiency can be attained if we are provided with all the things that we need in order to make the best output. Well, that is how I view it. In our line of duty, we need to ensure that we are comfortable with our work. Being comfortable means having the complete facility that we need. In the office setting, one can work comfortably if the environment is conducive enough for working. There should be office chairs furniture and tables that we can work on to. In choosing office chairs, one thing to consider is the kind of chair that we can be benefited of like high back type and with arm rest for comfort. There is also a posture aid chair that we can rest upon if we feel the need to relax after a long day work in the computer. It is also a plus factor if the office looks good and has complete facilities. This will attract more clients for some consumer- related businesses. There are so many available office chairs furniture that will suit one’s budget and with great quality. It also comes in different colors and style. Of course, the kind of chair that one must consider should match the interior design of the office. Remember, a comfortable chair may likely result to a good feeling of working hard and aim for a productive output.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Simple Halloween Costumes Ideas

Few more months and it is Halloween! Care to find Simple Halloween Costumes. Maybe right now you are quite busy sketching your desired costume that would surely catch everybody’s attention. Well, it is not really a problem as long as you have that skill. However, you might find it hard to find the exact design. There are many available resources wherein you can get the idea as to what to design will best suit you. In considering a simple Halloween costume, one must see to it that it really fits him well or else Halloween Costume Party might turn out your worst nightmare. Of course, you do not want that to happen. The costume must go along with your choice of accessories like mask and head dress. There are actually awesome Halloween costume ideas that you can find via online. Some reliable writers who knew a lot of things about Halloween concepts can give you the best advice for you to follow. Halloween Party comes once in every year. How you want it to happen depends on your concepts for the year. It is nice to note that each year should be unique compared to the previous year, otherwise, same concepts may mean boring party and monotonous as well. It feels good to be varied when it comes to ideas so do the best planning ahead of time. Act now, look for simple Halloween costumes ideas that will surely capture the lenses of your camera.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rustic Furniture You Wouldn't Want To Miss

Bedroom sets
Furniture adds beauty to our home. However, it still depends on the quality of the furniture. Just recently, my Mom and I plan to have new furniture set for our home since the old one was already dilapidated. It is quite hard to decide as to which furniture and what quality should be considered. I used to browse through the internet for the designs and my attention was caught by the designs available at What they have are a lot of rustic furniture with elegant style. Their prices are so reasonable and in fact they offer reasonable cost too for shipping to all their available items. 
Rustic Lighting
Their designs speak for quality assurance. From bedroom furniture to bathroom, they just got what we need. You can never say no with their craftsmanship.  All their designs are built for functionality without compromising the beauty. As a matter of fact, many have attested as to how satisfied they are with their products. I am specifically fascinated with their bedroom sets. They have all the designs that would surely suit the interior design of your house whether in antique or modern finishes. I also love their rustic lightings because of its exceptional design. With their wide range of choices, you will surely get what you want.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Significance of A Business Cards

The significance of a business cards cannot be just taken for granted. Every businessman must not start their business without considering a business card of their own. Why? Judging from the fact that the world of business is a competitive arena, and being known is a great advantage, then having our own business card should be considered first and foremost. Regardless of the nature of business, a novice businessman of any kind should prioritize this. Even those whom we thought are small enterprise or a sole proprietorship kind of business, still, business cards are of great importance. Even make-up artist s are ought to have their own makeup artist business cards

If your primary concern is the design or its layout, that won't really be necessary anymore. There are many experts who are capable enough of doing it for you. Even online store can offer that. A little knowledge in some computer applications is also of great help especially for the starter. A simple business card does not really have to be designed so artistically. Simplicity is still the rule of the thumb provided that it has all the necessary information like business name, location, proprietor and the contact number. Just have it customized the way you want it.

With business cards, television or newspaper ads won't really be necessary anymore.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

TT: God's Unfailing Love and Goodness

I just want to thank God for His faithfulness and enduring love. He never failed me...  
I am so hard-headed... yet He still loves me...
I disobeyed... He still with me...
I procrastinate... He remain patient on me.
I was so down, He comforted me...
I was hurt, He healed me.
My future seems uncertain but in His hands, I don't have to bother anymore.

Thank you Lord for your unfailing love.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Introducing: New Domain

Just got my new domain and I need to re-install my badge. Please bear with me. As soon as I can have the luxury of time I will make some adjustments for my blog. thanks for visiting.

God bless ♥

Monday, September 13, 2010

Searching for the Right One?

On the early stage of an individual, being single is not really a bad idea at all. However, as time unfolds, one can feel the necessity of having a lifetime partner whom he or she can share with the rest of his/ her lives. Of course you cannot just build such kind of relationship without going through dating stage. Dating is very vital in considering a lifetime partner. No one wants to have a miserable married life, therefore, a careful matching should be done. Marriage is designed for a lifetime   and not just for a considerable period of time. 

One of the greatest challenge that an individual may encounter is searching and choosing for the right one. This is one of the reasons why there are some individual whom at the prime stage of their lives, they still remain single. It is so sad to imagine getting older without a partner, though there are some who really contented to be alone. But for me, this is not the original design of God.   If you are the type who wants to have an inter-racial marriage, one of the best races to consider are Canadian. There is one particular online website that caters senior men and women who finally decided to find their best match whom they want to be with for the remaining days of their lives. Senior match canada dating is a free dating site. Who knows, the type of person whom you want to be with are just right there waiting to be noticed.

After all, love knows no limit as to time, boundaries and standards.

MYM: Camera Addict

This is what usually happens after the Sunday Service....

janice, janet and me!

Aiming higher!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thanking God for the 348 Months and Beyond...

God's faithfulness and love for me never ceases... I just want to thank God for everything. I've been through a lot for the past 348 months of my life, but by God's favor, I am standing still. I know and I am confident that God will give me more strength to win the battles in life, wisdom to conquer all the challenges, and patience to overcome the imperfections of the world where I live in... 

I just want to thank God for all His people whom He entrusted to be a part of my life to guide me, love me and to understand me...

Life on Earth is not a piece of a cake... or a bed of roses... My sensitivity tells me to be tolerant... I realized long time ago that without God, I cannot go on living in this world where people are prone to hatred, resentment, immorality and confusion. I am not even spared by it. It is too hard to overcome hatred and resentment without knowing the Sovereignty of God. If we happened to forget our stand before Him, we are likely to fall. I am not perfect on this area, I am just like any other human being who try to live in accordance to His will but failed to do it sometimes. Nevertheless, I will continue to give God all the praises and honor and majesty the best that I can.

All I know and what I believe is that God allow me to continue to live for a reason.  

Monday, September 6, 2010

Experiencing God's Faithfulness

The 24th Thanksgiving and Anniversary Celebration of Blessed Hope Christian Community Church ended with a blast. The highlight of the celebration was the BHCCCI Got Talent Lighthouse Edition. By God's grace, Liponan Lighthouse (where I belong) won! woh! perfect... thanks to Ma'am Mye and the team! 

The PAKA group!

Oops! I almost forgot to mention that finally I met my co-blogger Karen Chayne "Kaye" Sanches of My Daily Notes

me, che, t.nelg, kaye, t. grace and joey!
Certified CDO Bloggers

Friday, September 3, 2010

Halloween Ideas

cannot find Batman?
It is September already and there are a lot of events that people are looking forward to. This coming Sunday our Blessed Hope church will celebrate its 24th Anniversary. As most of us noticed, time flew so fast that we are even racing against it. And by next week, it is going to be my 29th birthday! We are on the end part of the third quarter and soon, before we notice it, It's Christmas season already! But of course, Halloween comes first before Christmas time! Trick or Treats and Halloween Decorations are the highlights every November. 

Speaking of Halloween decorations, one has to be creative in conceptualizing a theme. Of course, not all can afford to have new decorations every year, thus, most of us has to make use of the old decorations. Nevertheless, it really does not matter as long as the decorations are still in good shape and very usable. As early as now, one must plan on what to do and how to do it in order to make a memorable Halloween. I just remembered back in the good old days wherein I was asked to draw a witch for the decoration and it was used for the next two successive years. It is on the proper way of keeping the deco that last my drawing for long.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love it?

Originally, this was it...


after careful evaluation...


Love it so much... edited by tidkapa Principal Altonks! :)

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