Saturday, April 22, 2017

How to Take a Perfect Selfie

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Taking a selfie has become the latest trend in our society nowadays. Young and old alike, they love to take selfies. Others are very conscious with how they look that they really invest on perfect phone cameras that have special features intended for selfie addicts.

However, when taking a perfect selfie that could be a perfect profile picture for your social media account, you will only remember few important things before taking that pose. Make sure you don't look pale in front of the camera. Put on some make-up, giving emphasis on the color of your lips. Highlight the contour of your cheeks as well. Second, and perhaps the most important thing, let your crowning glory emphasize your natural beauty. But when you have some problem with your hair, try wearing wigs. Or, if you are tired of your current hairstyle but just cannot let go of it, wearing wigs is the best option. And just to ensure of real quality, try diva wigs. They have a lot of options to choose from. 
Motown Tress Wig – Amelia | COLOR: RT1B/CORALZury Sis Wig – 3B JettaBobbi Boss Wig – M740 Kim | COLOR: BUG

You can be glamorous with their shoulder-length locks, or be bold and be daring with their waves or just simply impress others with that long, shiny, straight hair. As you can see, they all look so natural because it is made from natural human hair. For more options, visit their website at and avail their discounted prices.

Lastly, choose the wig that will emphasize your natural beauty. Do not overdo. Always stick to what we already learned- SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY.

Whenever you get one, leave a comment below with your perfect SELFIE!

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Frustrated Chef

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See, what I am talking about?
When it comes to the area of cooking, I truly admire my Mom. From my favorite dishes down to my sweet tooth cravings for desserts, she almost knew everything. I could only wish passing down such skills could be as easy as learning the ABC's. Now that I am a Mom of three, I am actually trying to be that skillful Mom in the kitchen as I could be. I often watch cooking demo in YouTube channels, I also asked those colleagues of mine who are equally gifted about some recipes. However, during my attempts to become one good cook, I always encountered failures- though I have always been told that it is part of the process of acquiring knowledge, it really saddened me. Wish I could have my Mom's ability.

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My own version of macaroons
Nevertheless, no matter how much of a failure I could be, that feeling of being appreciated for my efforts by my children is already an achievement for me. When I hear my daughter says "hmm yummy" it somehow inspire me to learn more and to strive harder to really make it perfect next time. I know it's still a long way ahead. I just have to savor my motherhood adventure one at a time. 
Oh, by the way, what I have featured here is my own version of macaroons. When I asked my husband about the taste, he said it's okay. Good thing he didn't witness all those burned part of my macaroons LOL

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ways to Learn Playing the Piano By Yourself

Are you a music enthusiast who has always wanted to learn the piano? You are not alone in this thought. Playing the piano is a rewarding experience that can help in you in different areas of life. Honestly, not everyone is born with the ability to play the piano professionally, but that doesn't mean you can't get some enjoyment out of it. In fact, some might say that hobbyists enjoy playing an instrument more because there is less pressure on them to be able to perform well. They simply play for the pure enjoyment. 

Resulta ng larawan para sa piano lesson for adultIt is much easier to learn a musical instrument as s child. Because of this, many people shy from making the effort to learn as adults. It's not impossible for an adult to learn too, so why not at least give it a shot. You can even teach yourself if you are too embarrassed to go in front of a teacher or other students during the learning process. Here are a few tips to help you teach yourself music. 

1. Learn By Ear - Some people have a natural gift for learning music by ear. If this is you, the piano could be the best instrument for you because it is laid out so logically compared to how the ear works. If you don't have a great ear, don't be worried. It can be honed and developed like the muscles in the body when you work out. 

2. Just Sit and Poke Around - When you're getting started, sit at the piano and poke around. This will help you get more familiar with it so, when you are finally getting more serious about learning, you will have somewhat of a foundation to start with. Plus, it's just a fun thing to do. 

3. Stay Motivated - The reason most people fail is because they give up. Use any method you can to help you stay motivated to practice and stay involved with your quest to become a proficient pianist. Each person has a different way to motivate themselves musically and you should find yours as soon as possible.  

Ideally, you won't teach yourself. While it is a valid option, there are more effective ways to learn, namely taking private lessons. If you do decide to teach yourself, contact a company like C.R. Carole music. They have a wide variety of different music books designed to help you teach yourself piano. 

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Before Working On The Basement

Resulta ng larawan para sa basement workoutThe basement of the home is an area that usually doesn't see much attention unless you have designed it so that it's functional for the family. It's best to find a general contractor who can complete the remodeling of the basement so that you don't deal with the electrical work, the flooring and any plumbing that you want to add. Before any basement project begins, you need to walk around the space to make sure the area is dry. If there is any mold or mildew, you need to find the source so that it can be repaired before adding any kind of flooring or doing anything with the walls. 

Look over the codes for your area to see if there is any paperwork that needs to be filed before any remodeling begins. This is usually seen more if you are doing anything with the plumbing or the electrical components. Examine the foundation of the home to see if there are any cracks. You also want to look at the grading that is near the base of the home. If there are grading issues, then you need to get them fixed so that moisture and even animals don't get into the basement area. 

Most basements are made with concrete or another sturdy material as the base. The proper fasteners need to be used when working with the flooring and other components that are added to the basement because a simple nail won't go through concrete or brick. This is where the contractor will come into play as he will know the best way to fasten everything together. The basement also needs some kind of moisture barrier. This will help keep mold and mildew from forming. Even if you use the room as a game room or a den, it can still develop moisture easier than the rest of the home because it's underground. Insulation needs to be added to keep the temperature regulated so that the basement will stay comfortable as most basements tend to be a bit cooler. Spray foam insulation is often the easiest material to work with. 

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Getting the Mail Delivery and Package Forwarding You Need Anywhere in the World

The pace of the international business market does not allow industry leaders to conduct business at home.  You must be on the go and ready to meet with or serve your partners or clients at a moment's notice.  

Resulta ng larawan para sa mailboxThis hectic schedule leaves you little time as well to pick up your mail or forward packages to client awaiting word or products from you.  Rather than risk offending clients or losing money, you may find it better to rent a mailbox service that can fulfill these important mail and delivery tasks for you.  By securing services for mail correspondence and package apostille New York  City business leaders like you can travel with fewer worries and still maintain important contact with clients and partners around the globe.  

Rental Convenience

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to rent the mailbox for longer than an ordinary PO Box lease term.  You might need the services for months or even years before you can finally slow down and base your correspondence out of a single physical address.

The service is set up to accommodate professionals like you who are on the go and yet in need of long term and discreet mail and package delivery and forwarding assistance.  You can have access to the mailbox for as long as needed without the fear that the facility will stop receiving and sending out your letters and packages.  

You also do not have to worry that you will need to use the address of a relative or friend to receive packages and mail.  All of your correspondence can come and go from this facility.  It can then be sent directly to you as needed regardless of where you are in the world.

Notary and Privacy

The facility also offers notary public services that you can use at your disposal to validate documents for legal or business purposes.  Many mediators, trustees, and other third-party entities will not accept paperwork that has not been notarized.  Instead of looking around the city in which you are temporarily based for a notary, you can use the one at the mailbox rental.  The service is included with your rental fee.

Finally, you may want the highest level of discretion when conducting business.  You do not want people to know where you are or what kinds of letters and packages are being sent to you.  The facility ensures your privacy at all times.

Global business leaders do not get the luxury of staying home for long.  You can get letters and send out packages by renting a mailbox from a package and mail fulfillment service center.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

PF: Pink Water Bottle

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Thank God it's Friday!

It's been a long day, yes it is! I am thankful to God for a very successful Moving Up Ceremony. Congratulations to all my students who made it this far. And now, I can finally have my beauty rest (but not that much because we still have to report at school by next week and the week thereafter).

Since it is Friday, I am taking this post to Mommy Ruby's Pink Fridays! It's been awhile already and I am glad that memes like this still exists (Thanks to the Author!). So for this week, I will be featuring my water bottle! Why? Because it is Pink!

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Rainy Days and Mondays..

That line sounds familiar- a random thought actually. While writing on this, my daughter is at my back trying to fit herself on the chair I am using. She's my buddy for today here in school. Last week was a truly busy week because our school hosted the MTAP Regional Finals sponsored by Metrobank. And this week is another busy week because it is going to be our Moving Up Ceremony on Friday and a handful of things/tasks were delegated to me such as TArps, Certificates and Programmes. That also explains why I missed the two Fridays for Pink Friday of Mommy Ruby. Anyway, just wanna share to you the tarp I have made last week for the said event. Your comment and suggestion for improvement are absolutely welcome.

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