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Friday, March 11, 2011

FPF: Graduation Picture

Batch 2002
I'm back! And today I am going to feature our graduation picture.

Yes, that was me with my classmates almost ten years ago...  I miss them so much. I don't have even an idea that this photo existed. Good thing Giljun (wearing white at the back) uploaded this on his facebook photos. I wonder where are these guys right now. We had our last reunion way back three or four years ago.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

7CC/ FPF- Endangered Memorabilia?

Wow, I've been keeping this pic for long and have it pasted on my scrap book but unfortunately, when the flood came (earlier this year) this was among those things that were soak on the water, too bad. I left my scrapbook on top of my table but still the flood water was too high that it reached above it... Anyway at least the damage was not that much. I was still able to save this rare memorabilia. Why rare? These are my parents on their wedding day, the only pic that was left so far. Their marriage never lasted for long...:(  Or maybe, they're  just not really meant for each other.  The picture itself seems to  prove the reality that they are not happy?  I can see no hint from their faces. I chose to feature this for Friday Photo Flashback and to Seven Clown Circus so that I can preserve this almost torn, almost lost picture of the two people whom I owe my life with despite the fact that they do not have a successful marriage. They said, what the Lord has bind together, let no man separate- I wish it will always be the case. But this is beyond my control, it happened already. I'll just hope and pray to God earnestly that this will not happen to me nor to my other siblings. After all, God predestined us even before we are born and I do firmly believe that everything happens for a reason even if it is beyond our comprehension. As for me, God has a wonderful and perfect  plan a way too far different from my parents... Something that I will look forward to. Amen!

Friday Photo Flashback

Friday, October 16, 2009

FPF: My Dear Grandma

Friday Photo Flashback
My first time to join this meme... i tried to scan our old family album for a really retro pics but sad to say, I need to scan those pics first... So I opted for the pics that I uploaded on my pc a couple of months ago...this picture was taken last year with my grand Ma before their scheduled departure back to Bohol... I really love my lola and badly miss her!

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