Saturday, April 18, 2020

Happiest Birthday to a Dear Sister...

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ODB Series: Anchor Our Strength to God

Our Daily Bread Reflection

For what trials are you depending on God for strength? What Bible verses help you?

This pandemic surely brought more knees to prayer. So much more that nobody knows when will this end. The economy is down, the death toll is getting higher, many of us are suffering. But knowing that God is able to calm the storm somehow should encourage each one of us that this, too, shall come to pass and we should not lose heart in facing this challenges. This may not be  true to all but for those who lost someone due to this pandemic shall have the assurance that their dearly departed one  are now back to Our Creator. Easier said than done, but this is the best time to anchor our hope and strength to God.

Let's just pray that God will be able to sustain us throughout this situation. God bless everyone.


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Thursday, April 16, 2020

ODB Series: Finding Joy and Claiming God's Promises in His Words

Our Daily Bread Reflection:

When have you experienced joy in reading the Scriptures? What can help you regain your hunger and thirst for God?

We experienced real joy when we put into our heart what we read in His Words. I am somehow have that guilt feeling today in my heart. When other people have been spending their time reading the Scriptures and fervently asking God for this pandemic to be gone, I find joy in spending my time doing the things that I love to do- more of movie marathon, mobile browsing, eating, sleeping and less of praying. No wonder I easily get stress, becoming more irritable and very anxious of what's been happening now because I failed to surrender my time to God. But then God never allow me to fall continually to Satan's bait. Right this instant He reminded me. Out of the blue I have this realization. I'm totally grateful to God's faithfulness in my life even if I failed Him for countless times.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Government and its Fault-Finding Citizen

I no longer watch TV (yup,since  the quarantine period)
I no longer listen to the radio
It's only here in fb that I get updated. 

I salute those people or community that really did something TO FLATTEN THE CURVE.

At first, I don't understand what it means, and fb taught me.

The increasing number of cases, the mortality rate-all of those are alarming and all the more alarming because it cost the lives of some of our main frontliners, our great doctors. 

The doctors are asking us to abide by the rules
-social distancing, disinfecting, and the likes.

And yet...

Some citizens with  'high order thinking skills' (higher than that of our PHILIPPINES PRESIDENT RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE (PPRRD), so they thought) express their LAMENTS, SENTIMENTS of the failure of the government in fighting this pandemic without even realizing that they, themselves, are the GREAT FAILURES of this country because they could not even abide by the rules. 

And there are still more who shows their dissatisfaction towards PPRRD and they brought their cases here in fb. These are the people who couldn't take the President's incompetence. These are the people who supported the call for PPRRD to step down. These are the people who cannot tolerate sarcasm, and the same people who thought highly of.themselves- perfectionist, so to speak.

But I wonder if these people knew how does the three branches of the government works. I remember such lesson back in my college days and I thought it's not that easy after all. I believe the role of the President is VERY DIFFICULT considering the scope and complexity. And he's not the sole authority in and of everything. Some, if not all, of his projects, plans, procurement, etc are subject for approval from the Senate though he has discretionary power but I guess he's not that powerful after all. So why these people blame EVERY lapses of.this country only to him? 

And maybe, it would be a whole lot better if these bunch of perfectionist people will convene and converge their brilliant ideas in making a better Philippines then present it to the legislative body instead of ranting their sentiments and call to oust PPRRD or blaming us for voting and rooting for him.

Then, we have this fault-finding media who forgot about responsible journalism. Headlines matter my dear writers so be careful because we have lots of quick thinking Pinoys who based their comments on the headlines, alone. Reading comprehension should be reinforced once again because it seems like we're all good in reading but not comprehending. I wonder what's really the role of the Editor-in Chief nowadays. 

And so, for those who find our government embarrassing, Netherlands say hi to you. Yes, it would be a whole lot better if you get rid of yourself from this embarrassment and flee from it. So please do our country a favor- say goodbye to Philippines and welcome yourself to Netherlands and send my regards to Other 'significant' Filipinos there.

Hey, I'm not defending PPRRD (though it seems like doing so), of course he's not perfect, he's old you know and older people at his age are full of sarcasm, they talk straight to the point, they are sometimes misunderstood actually (Hello to my Grandpa in another realm). How do you treat your old pop by the way? I felt sorry for those people who even dropped the politeness in addressing the President. Try doing that to your Manager or CEO or even your local government like your Brgy Captain calling them by their first name if you won't get reprimanded. What happened to RESPECT? Has it lost it's vigor as well? 

We can not win this battle and other battles to come if we will all act in accordance to what we believe. We only have one government so we should unite as one. If you don't like PPRRDs personality, at least just trust his governance. Let's respect him because he deserves it. If he fails, let's suffer together (of course you still have the option to migrate), and if he will win this challenge because we're all in it together, then let's celebrate together.

Let us all remember what values our.ancestors have taught us- and BAYANIHAN is what our country badly need right now, not your ranting  braincells.

Peace and love everyone!

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