Saturday, May 30, 2009

Type A

God brought me here for a reason...
One of the reasons:
Save Lives, Donate Blood!
Wow today I've done something heroic... I saved lives...
With my 450cc Blood I donated, for sure it can really be of help.. :)
This was my first time... I love it (except for the needle pain)
According to my soon to be RN Julie Tan, aside from saving lives, donating blood will somehow helps your body(?) to produce a new (fresh?) blood! The 450cc being lost will be replenished by a new one! I'm also glad to undergone such thing because i got to know my blood type which is TYPE "A".. hheehehe (after almost 28 long years...)
Got to post more pics about this soon.. Gbu

Friday, May 29, 2009

One Week Later...

Wow I hardly noticed, one week had passed since my Huggy left...
I remember those first few days that I fought back my emotion...
But as of now, I fully recovered... not because I forget him (of course not!)
But simply because I do trust God that in His time
He will fulfill His promises for both of us...
I am hopeful and very much happy now...

Under Control

May 29, 2009 a little over 8:00 am, a commotion outside the office catches our attention... That was just a few seconds after there was a power failure...When we went outside to check what was it all about, this was what we have found...
Black smoke came out from the top of the gymnasium...

Few minutes has gone by before one fire truck came... then the others follow...
The blazing fire was so huge that in less than an hour, this is what the interior of the gymnasium looks like...

The said gymnasium existed for about 30 years... It is actually scheduled for renovation but there was a bidding failure... It is supposed to be rescheduled for rebidding... But well, as we can see, what it need is no longer a renovation, but rather a total reconstruction...
We're just thankful enough that nobody was harmed...
What a fateful Last Friday...
But nothing to worry, everything is under control... by God! :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Being Real...

Sometimes we tend to hide our real identity...
It's not because we're hiding something,
we're just reluctant to let others know the real us...
or to simply put it... we're just avoiding the possibility of offending them

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All By Myself...

There are point in our lives when we became dependent to others that working without them is quite difficult... Dependency is one thing that I need to overcome... I used to decide things not by myself but with the help of others... When we are used to be with somebody almost everyday, we get used to them and maybe too attached to them that it can be hard for us to adjust our daily routine without them... (Well it doesn't really apply to everyone)...
Well, adjustment could never be that easy... but one thing is for sure, it takes two weeks to form a habit, same thing as it will take few more weeks and I'll be able to develop the habit of being alone... All by myself :)
Gracias everyone!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


just a simple note to remind ourselves that once in a while we need to RELAX...
Let us not be overwhelmed with our busyness....
A lot of things may need to be done early but, hey! why not sit back and relax
then get back to work later when you're done unloading many unnecessary thoughts from your mind... Remember,the best thing to overcome pressure is to simply relax and then refocus!
Have a relaxing Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Sister...

This is my sister... my bestfriend...

we used to fight about nonsense things just for fun

we used to watch movie together

we used to hang out together

i have my first trip via plane with her

she's the youngest yet she thinks bigger things than I do

She's strict yet so sweet

I miss her so much

I am anticipating for her return next year

I miss my bestfriend, my sis...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Overcoming Emotions....

Indeed, God is my strength... He calms my heart with His promise of a hopeful future...I have already slowly accept the reality that true love needs a little sacrifice in His name... Yes, my Junie was right when he told me before he left that we need to seek God first... We need to do His will... We need to prioritize God's agenda... and everything, yes literally EVERYTHING will be added unto us... for both of us...

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Moment of Truth...

Wow... as I gathered the words to write on this blog, I just can't hold my tears... then i asked myself, why do I cry? I should be happy after all... God has been so faithful with His words, indeed, His plan is to prosper us and NOT to harm us...But why do I felt this kind of emptiness, this kind of feeling that I never felt before...This has something to do with the previous blogs I've wrote... YES, this is the moment of truth... Separation Anxiety, that's it.. i have this anxiety within me now... But I guess this is normal after all... Everybody would feel the same way if given the same situation... Yes, it's not that easy... I should have known this before... I know God will comfort me, as He always does... As of now, I don't have the courage to say that I'm feeling okay because I just can't lie to myself, neither to my heart... This is between me and God... He brought me into this situation for a reason... Everything will work out just perfectly fine... Yes, He is not finished with us yet... This is my waning period, i need to get used to this... but this shall come to pass... Soon, God will reveal His entire plan not only for me but for both of us... I will hold on to God's promises... I can bear all these things through His strength... Yes I Can!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Separation Anxiety

What is Separation anxiety? google tells that Separation anxiety is a developmentally normal characteristic in infants and toddlers younger than 4 years upon separation from their primary attachment figure. Mild distress and clinging behavior are anticipated for short periods of time when young children are separated from their primary caregivers (attachment figures)oops...but i'm not a child anymore then why do i felt this way? hmmm... can somebody give me a warm and comforting hug please......................

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Sister's Wedding

Wedding... isn't it every woman's dream? that's what my Ate told me ... She finally took a vow just recently, on the 25th day of April... As I watched her walked down the aisle I can really tell how happy she was... her smile, her eyes... indeed it's a dream come true for her! As for me... God has a plan, not too soon... not too early.. In His time, His perfect time, i'll be declaring my "I DO" to the only man whom God has set for me... :)

Once Upon A Time...

As I hurried my way to the office this morning, a wailing ambulance caught my attention... It was so fast that the loud noise of its siren can really hurt one's eardrums... then it reminded me one tragic day of my life...

nOvEmBeR 2, 2005 mOre oR LeSs 10:30 am @ d ImpaSug-Ong Nat'l Hi-Way nEaR atUgAn bRidge.....@#$%^&*<+?>~!!!!

whEw! it'S bEeN more than 3 years yEt eVeRythiNg wAs stiLL fReSh oN my miNd! aS i rEminiSce thAt sCenAriO, it waS rEaLLy vEry sCary! i CaN stiLL rEmembEr thE bLoOd oN my eYeliD rUnNing thRoUgh my fAce dOwn tO my shiRt... tHe pAiN oN my sHoULdEr, on my forehead.. my broken nose.. the bruises on the coRneR of my lips and on my neck! i cAn stiLL reMember hOw my mOthEr reActEd whEn shE sAw mE...t'Was a piCtuRe of aNgeR aNd pity, gOod thiNg my bRothER cAme tO cALm hEr..tHeN tHerE waS thAt x-Ray, thE ct-sCaN thAt i've gOne tHroUgh.. tHe paiNfUL iNjEctiOn fOr tHe deXtRosE, thE pain reliever UG ANG PINAKAGAHI SA TANANG PINAKASAKIT NA ANTI-TETANUS!!!! oUch!!! pLuS ANG PiNAKAHaPdOS NA PANTOLOC NGA GIAGI SA DEXTROSE!!!!! tHeN thEre were tHe dOctOr's oRdeR nOt tO giVe mE a sOLiD fOod fOr oBseRvatiOn puRposEs, the teSt fOr skiN aLLergiEs...aNd thE fiNdiNgS thAt thEre'S a sLight fRactUre On my skuLL! oOopS, bUt iM pRetty mUch okAy! nO fuRtheR damAged hAs bEen fOunD..(waLay bRaiN dAmaGe uy!) iN spitE of aLL thAt paiNS, iM stiLL veRy vEry mUch thAnkfUL.. fOR thE pRayEr, Love aNd sUpPort of aLL thOse peOpLe wHo were thEre (nAv's fAmiLy, my OwN fAmiLy, fRieNds aNd eVeN tHosE wHom i'vE jUst met)...iNdeEd, im thAnkfUL tO GOD! eVerythiNg hapPeNed fOr a reASoN! i stiLL hAve sOmethiNg tO aCcompLish tHat's why He gAve mE aNothEr chAnce tO liVe... whEw whAt a mEmory!!!

after all... it's not really that tragic.. God isn't finished with me yet...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Song...

Strumming for God
Meet the Composer, the Singer and Museikcaj



Lord, i've been calling you

in the wilderness

Seeking for Your comfort

In midst of tears

My life is of constant struggle

filled with emptiness and trouble

Please hear me my Saviour!


Oh God, Our Sovereign God

Your love,

unfailing love

Take me back to Your arms

and Hold me close

Never let me go!


You've been so faithful to me

Yet i neglect You

I'm so carefree...

I thought the world is mine

but it's just a deception on mind

It's You i needed most!


iT'S You alone

wHo can Love me!

despite the things i've done

You still care for me

It's You alone

whom I should serve

I will love You eternally!!!! :)

(this was my original composition-as to the lyrics)

Music by einuj

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting Too Emotional...

Love… at its worst

Getting into a serious relationship is not just a piece of a cake… you need to know where you are going… you need to be aware whom you are dealing with… you need to realize where you are leading…You just need to know everything. We need to take precautionary measures to avoid possible damages in the end.

But these things are much easier said than done. There’s a point in our relationship where we just can’t let go even if we’re hurting. This is the case where what we really feel is more than what we can express. I would say, true love? But the sad thing about it was when we are expecting for the same intensity in return but to our dismay it never happened. All we’ve got are frustrations, false hopes, white lies, a blank stare and a sigh. How pathetic it may sound for somebody begging to be love in return… it’s not suppose to be that way. Love should be a two-way process… well everybody is aware of that basic truth though others choose to ignore. It’s just hard to accept.

But somehow we need to deal with our “too strongly attached” emotion. We need to justify our feeling. We need to stand up and be ready to fight. If it’s not meant to be so let it be! We have to let go! We have to learn to do so. We should be fair with ourselves. After those many chances that were given to them, it has to end! Getting hurt is just a normal thing, time heals. We need not listen to what our heart tells us all the time, let our mind speaks. Again, I may stress that these things are easier said than done. But it is possible! We need to justify ourselves. We are somebody who deserves the best of what we expect to happen. We deserve to be love. If we believe that we have done our best yet remain unnoticed, let go! It’s not our lost. There must be somebody else who needed our love the most so we should not linger to someone who doesn’t even know the essence of relationship, someone who cannot spell out and describe love profoundly. And who knows, the one who needed our love the most is just around the corner waiting to be noticed.

Tip: Find a God-fearing partner and you will really feel blessed...

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