Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Once Upon A Time...

As I hurried my way to the office this morning, a wailing ambulance caught my attention... It was so fast that the loud noise of its siren can really hurt one's eardrums... then it reminded me one tragic day of my life...

nOvEmBeR 2, 2005 mOre oR LeSs 10:30 am @ d ImpaSug-Ong Nat'l Hi-Way nEaR atUgAn bRidge.....@#$%^&*<+?>~!!!!

whEw! it'S bEeN more than 3 years yEt eVeRythiNg wAs stiLL fReSh oN my miNd! aS i rEminiSce thAt sCenAriO, it waS rEaLLy vEry sCary! i CaN stiLL rEmembEr thE bLoOd oN my eYeliD rUnNing thRoUgh my fAce dOwn tO my shiRt... tHe pAiN oN my sHoULdEr, on my forehead.. my broken nose.. the bruises on the coRneR of my lips and on my neck! i cAn stiLL reMember hOw my mOthEr reActEd whEn shE sAw mE...t'Was a piCtuRe of aNgeR aNd pity, gOod thiNg my bRothER cAme tO cALm hEr..tHeN tHerE waS thAt x-Ray, thE ct-sCaN thAt i've gOne tHroUgh.. tHe paiNfUL iNjEctiOn fOr tHe deXtRosE, thE pain reliever UG ANG PINAKAGAHI SA TANANG PINAKASAKIT NA ANTI-TETANUS!!!! oUch!!! pLuS ANG PiNAKAHaPdOS NA PANTOLOC NGA GIAGI SA DEXTROSE!!!!! tHeN thEre were tHe dOctOr's oRdeR nOt tO giVe mE a sOLiD fOod fOr oBseRvatiOn puRposEs, the teSt fOr skiN aLLergiEs...aNd thE fiNdiNgS thAt thEre'S a sLight fRactUre On my skuLL! oOopS, bUt iM pRetty mUch okAy! nO fuRtheR damAged hAs bEen fOunD..(waLay bRaiN dAmaGe uy!) iN spitE of aLL thAt paiNS, iM stiLL veRy vEry mUch thAnkfUL.. fOR thE pRayEr, Love aNd sUpPort of aLL thOse peOpLe wHo were thEre (nAv's fAmiLy, my OwN fAmiLy, fRieNds aNd eVeN tHosE wHom i'vE jUst met)...iNdeEd, im thAnkfUL tO GOD! eVerythiNg hapPeNed fOr a reASoN! i stiLL hAve sOmethiNg tO aCcompLish tHat's why He gAve mE aNothEr chAnce tO liVe... whEw whAt a mEmory!!!

after all... it's not really that tragic.. God isn't finished with me yet...

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