Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting Too Emotional...

Love… at its worst

Getting into a serious relationship is not just a piece of a cake… you need to know where you are going… you need to be aware whom you are dealing with… you need to realize where you are leading…You just need to know everything. We need to take precautionary measures to avoid possible damages in the end.

But these things are much easier said than done. There’s a point in our relationship where we just can’t let go even if we’re hurting. This is the case where what we really feel is more than what we can express. I would say, true love? But the sad thing about it was when we are expecting for the same intensity in return but to our dismay it never happened. All we’ve got are frustrations, false hopes, white lies, a blank stare and a sigh. How pathetic it may sound for somebody begging to be love in return… it’s not suppose to be that way. Love should be a two-way process… well everybody is aware of that basic truth though others choose to ignore. It’s just hard to accept.

But somehow we need to deal with our “too strongly attached” emotion. We need to justify our feeling. We need to stand up and be ready to fight. If it’s not meant to be so let it be! We have to let go! We have to learn to do so. We should be fair with ourselves. After those many chances that were given to them, it has to end! Getting hurt is just a normal thing, time heals. We need not listen to what our heart tells us all the time, let our mind speaks. Again, I may stress that these things are easier said than done. But it is possible! We need to justify ourselves. We are somebody who deserves the best of what we expect to happen. We deserve to be love. If we believe that we have done our best yet remain unnoticed, let go! It’s not our lost. There must be somebody else who needed our love the most so we should not linger to someone who doesn’t even know the essence of relationship, someone who cannot spell out and describe love profoundly. And who knows, the one who needed our love the most is just around the corner waiting to be noticed.

Tip: Find a God-fearing partner and you will really feel blessed...

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