Saturday, March 11, 2017

PF 01 s. 2017: Welcome Back Pink Friday!

I am glad Mommy Ruby hosted back the Pink Friday memes. I truly miss this meme and hopefully other daily memes will also return to give another life to our blogs (especially mine who is quite in a hiatus for awhile.)
So, my entry for this week will be this one:

Til' next Friday!

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Yes to Death Penalty!

"walay mabitay kung walay magpabitay" 

Yes indeed! No one will be hanged or will be sentenced to death if one will only behave according to the law of men and law of God.

The debatable issue about the implementation of Death Penalty was a hot seat topic in our society right now and giving an eerie feeling to those so-called "Pro-life" individuals.

I am happy to the fact that Death Penalty was discussed again by our legislative bodies. However, I was saddened by the fact that they limit the criteria to drug-related cases only.

Well, well, well so be it. But how about those other heinous cases? Rapist who raped a 2-year old baby? Kidnappers who beheaded a German national because a ransom was not given? How about that cold-blooded animal who brutally killed a man because of a nonsense traffic fight?

What's the reason for delimiting it by the way? Fear of objection from the Human Rights advocates? The fact that those heinous crimes were committed, the human rights of the victims were already jeopardized thus the perpetrators should face the consequence that they rightfully deserve- face DEATH SENTENCE BY HANGING!

Giving a chance to change for these merciless beings only mean giving the greatest insult to the victims. After all, they won't face DEATH PENALTY if and only if, in the first place, they give premium to the life they jeopardized.


Do I need to enumerate them all?


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Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Options in Lending Support Surge in Real Estate Investment

 realty estate investmentMore people in California are figuring out that now is the time to make money selling real estate. The popularity of many television shows may have helped to push some people into the so-called "flipping" business. People are buying homes, putting in a little bit of work and selling those homes for a profit. It's easier to do today given that the real estate market has made a recovery over the last few years. What is really driving this growth in investment, though, is the availability of more convenient credit. When it comes to hard money lenders California has plenty to go around.

Hard money lending is ideal for people who need to move homes in a hurry. There are two different ways to buy a house, it seems. One might go through the traditional process, checking out homes, surveying lending options, and closing on a home after a few months of hard work. The red tape is everywhere, and that is by design. The average first-time home buyer needs to jump through some hoops so everyone involved can be sure the person is ready to make that purchase. What about professional buyers, though? What happens to them when they need to get a home off the market in a hurry? 

Those buyers have been looking for solutions to make the process easier. Hard money lending is the answer for most. With these loans, the process is quick and simplified. People are able to purchase homes quickly so they can get to work and sell while the market is still hot. More than that, this type of lending works well because professional home buyers don't have the time to sit around cutting through the red tape. They need to be in and out with the process, using their time to add value to the home. Hard money lenders understand that. They provide funding in California and elsewhere for people who know they are going to make a profit on a home purchase and sale. 

It's well documented that when credit is more open in an economy, that economy has a tendency to flourish. This is true whether one is talking about banking  or real estate. Hard money lenders have seen a rise in popularity as traditional lenders have been less willing to hand out money to average people. It is this ability to fill in the gaps that has driven some of the growth in the real estate market. 

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Embracing Summer... Sooner!

Time flies so fast, indeed, and in one month, Summer will officially start. I am quite excited for the coming days- am not sure why but I just can feel some positive vibes within me. Well, what excites me so far is the fact that I'll be spending most of my time with my babies! I am hoping against hope that there will be less school time and more of family time because as DepEd teacher, it cannot be avoided that there are some school summer activities that our presence is highly requested. I am planning to enroll my son in summer clinic for a music lesson, probably a ukelele lesson so he will be able to learn just like his dad. He has actually a ukelele at home but he never used it because he didn't how to play with it. I am wondering if there is a guitar center near me.  I know his dad can somehow help him the basic but given the time limitations because of work, enrolling him to a music school is the best option.
Oh summer, I am so excited to welcome you this year!

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