Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Embracing Summer... Sooner!

Time flies so fast, indeed, and in one month, Summer will officially start. I am quite excited for the coming days- am not sure why but I just can feel some positive vibes within me. Well, what excites me so far is the fact that I'll be spending most of my time with my babies! I am hoping against hope that there will be less school time and more of family time because as DepEd teacher, it cannot be avoided that there are some school summer activities that our presence is highly requested. I am planning to enroll my son in summer clinic for a music lesson, probably a ukelele lesson so he will be able to learn just like his dad. He has actually a ukelele at home but he never used it because he didn't how to play with it. I am wondering if there is a guitar center near me.  I know his dad can somehow help him the basic but given the time limitations because of work, enrolling him to a music school is the best option.
Oh summer, I am so excited to welcome you this year!

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